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Archival description hierarchy

# Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions
1 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(1) Soldat Hans Stumpf Dramat [before 1957] None
2 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(2) The American Boots None
3 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(3) Interview with Woman in Montreal for CBC None
4 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(4) The Value of Fifty 1959 None
5 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(5) The Scorn of Fate 1960 None
6 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(6) The Choice radio play 1961 None
7 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(7) The Choice 1961 None
8 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(8) The Gates 1962 None
9 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(9) The Leave Taking (published in the Gates) 1962 None
10 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(10) Support for the Left-The Only Hope for Latin America 1962 None
11 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(11) Saturday Night magazine (South America: Where Politics Smell of Poverty) 1964 None
12 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(12) Fate of a Poet 1964-1972 None
13 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(13) Fate of a Poet 1964-1972 None
14 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(14) Fate of a Poet 1965 None
15 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(15) Montreal Playhouse 1965 None
16 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(16) Joseph Haydn in London 1966 None
17 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(17) Two Faces of Love 1966 None
18 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(18) The Spanish Civil War 1966 None
19 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(19) People and the Economy 1980 None
20 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(20) The Unique Case of Professor Talentire (Published in the Verdict of Fate) 1988 None
21 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(21) Tod Fur Alle Ferfluchte Yuden (Outlook magazine article) 1994 None
22 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(22) The Battered Man 1995 None
23 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/001(23) The Battered Man 1995 None
24 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/002(1) The Gates by Marion Andre None
25 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/002(2) Inscape, Summer 1972, Volume X, No.1 Department of English University of Ottawa None
26 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/002(3) Maria B. a novel by Marion Andre None
27 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/002(4) Verdict of Faith by Marion Andre None
28 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/002(5) The Battered Man a novel by Marion Andre None
29 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/002(6) Awards None
30 CA ON00370 F0177-1999-013/003(1) Theatre Plus Poster Collection (consisting of 67 framed posters)(Files 1-67) None
31 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(1) Marion Andre Biographical Records [ca. 1988] None
32 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(2) Letters of Reference for Marion Andre Nov - Oct 1985 None
33 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(3) Essays about Marion Andre 1994-2002 None
34 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(4) Articles on Marion Andre and Theatre Plus 1977-1982 None
35 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(5) Articles on Marion Andre and Theatre Reviews 1976-1985 None
36 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(6) Theatre Reviews 1975-1985 None
37 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(7) Brief Pertaining to the Founding of Theatre Plus [ca. 1972] None
38 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(8) Agreement between Marion Andre and Theatre Plus 1977 None
39 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(9) Theatre Plus Reports 1973-1975 None
40 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(10) Theatre Plus Production and Actor Lists [ca. 1985] None
41 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(11) Theatre Plus Fundraising Packages [1977, 1980] None
42 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(12) Theatre Plus Commemorative Production Posters [ca. 1985] None
43 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(13) Submission to the Federal Cultural Policy Review Commmittee 1985 None
44 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(14) Script of 'The Snob' and Correspondence 1976-1983 None
45 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/001(15) Transfer Agreement with York University Archives May 10, 1999 None
46 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(1) Script of 'The Eagle' [after 1957] None
47 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(2) Script of 'The Sand' 1979 None
48 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(3) Script of 'The Invented Lover' 1982 None
49 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(4) Script of 'Capture of Yesteryear' [1994] None
50 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(5) Script of 'Skinny Dip of an Aging Professor' [ca. 1998] None
51 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(6) Script of 'A Road to Freedom' 2000 None
52 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(7) Man in the Glass Booth - Letters 1972-1974 None
53 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(8) The Aching Heart of Samuel Kleinerman 1981-1999 None
54 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(9) The Aching Heart of Samuel Kleinerman 1981-1999 None
55 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/002(10) Saidye Bronfman Centre Calendars 1967-1972 None
56 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/003(1) Scrap Book 1979 None
57 CA ON00370 F0177-2003-032/003(2) Scrap Book 1957-1966 None
58 CA ON00370 F0177-2004-013/001(1) The Invented Lover by Marion Andre and Martin Bronstein, Theatre Plus [ca. 1982] None
59 CA ON00370 F0177-2004-013/001(2) The Aching Heart of Samuel Kleinerman by Marion Andre, Theatre Plus None
60 CA ON00370 F0177-2004-013/001(3) The Sand by Marion Andre, Burton Auditorium, York University [ca. 1979] None
61 CA ON00370 F0177-2004-013/001(4) Savage Storm by Marion Andre, The Man in the Moon Theatre, London, England None
62 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(1) The Lark : script 1964 None
63 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(2) The Living Room : script 1959 None
64 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(3) Tiger at the Gates : script, cast list, review, house program 1958 None
65 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(4) Mrs. Warren's Profession : script 1958 None
66 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(5) Antigone : script 1958 None
67 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(6) Season plays : Saide Bronfman Centre 1970-1972 None
68 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(7) Season plays : Saide Bronfman Centre 1968-1970 None
69 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(8) The stage in Canada May 1968 None
70 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(9) Scene changes January 1980 None
71 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(10) Performing arts in Canada Summer 1982 - Winter 1984 None
72 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(11) Horizon May 1984 None
73 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(12) The Financial Post July 1981 None
74 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/001(13) Drama contact September 1983 None
75 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(1) Gideon : script, cast list, house program and sound cues 1966 None
76 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(2) The five Bugs : script, notes 1966 None
77 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(3) Between Two Thieves : script 1966 None
78 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(4) The Queen and the Rebels : script, agreement 1964 None
79 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(5) Everybody loves Opal : prompt, script, costumes, and prop list n.d. None
80 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(6) The Au Pair Man : daily box office reports 1974 None
81 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(7) The Au Pair Man : schedules, company list, props, notes, research notes, and prompt script 1974 None
82 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(8) The Au Pair Man : house program, reviews, and 2 black and white photos 1974 None
83 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(9) The Little Foxes : Theatre Plus 1974 None
84 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(10) The Philanthropist : Theatre Plus 1974 None
85 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(11) The Rehearsal : Theatre Plus 1974 None
86 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/002(12) The Freedom of the City : Theatre Plus 1974 None
87 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(1) The House of Blue Leaves : script, rehearsal, scedules, cast list, and prooduction report 1971 None
88 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(2) The House of Blue Leaves : house program, reviews, photos 1971 None
89 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(3) What the Butler Saw : scripts, props, costume, and sound plot 1971 None
90 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(4) What the Butler Saw : house program and reviews 1971 None
91 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(5) The French Man : script, budget 1970 None
92 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(6) Entertaining Mr. Sloane : 1 black and white photo 1970 None
93 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(7) The Dutchman/Indian Wants the Bronx : reading script, rehearsal and schedule 1969-1970 None
94 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(8) The Dutchman/Indian Wants the Bronx : house program, review, and photos 1970 None
95 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(9) Slow Dance on the Killing Ground : script, review 1969 None
96 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(10) Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs : script, house program 1969 None
97 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(11) The Killing of Sister George : script, research notes, and review 1969 None
98 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(12) Gideon : script, cast list, rehearsal, review, and photos 1968 None
99 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/003(13) Andorra : script, house program None
100 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(1) Awake and Sing : newspaper article, house program and review 1971 None
101 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(2) A Doll's House : black and white photos, reviews, and house program 1970 None
102 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(3) My Three Angels : script n.d. None
103 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(4) The Trojan Women : director's script, schedules, house program 1972 None
104 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(5) Poet of Passion : review, house program 1970 None
105 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(6) Play Stringberg : review, house program 1972 None
106 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(7) Man in the Glass Booth : review, house program, and a March 1972 Canadian Zionist magazine 1972 None
107 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(8) Boesman and Lena : script, reviews, schedules, lighting console, and production report 1972 None
108 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(9) Boesman and Lena : reading script 1972 None
109 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(10) A Man's a Man : director's script, list, schedules, notes 1971 None
110 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/004(11) A Man's a Man : house program, reviews 1971 None
111 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/005(1) Marion Andre : reviews, articles, colour photos n.d. None
112 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/005(2) Marion Andre : personal cards, resume, articles 1973-1985 None
113 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/005(3) Season advertisements 1981 None
114 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/005(4) Season advertisements 1980-1981 None
115 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/005(5) Season plays : cards, articles, letters, February 1979 copy of The Onion, and Theatre Plus brochures 1979 None
116 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/005(6) 1977 5th anniversary season : letters, cards, articles, April 1977 Toronto Life magazine, and play brochures 1977 None
117 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/005(7) 1976-1978 season : articles, Maclean's and Toronto Calendar Magazine, and letters 1976-1978 None
118 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/005(8) Season plays : articles, Scene magazine 1974 None
119 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/005(9) 1973 season : articles 1973-1974 None
120 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/006(1) General Theatre Plus : letters, articles, pamphlets 1984-1985 None
121 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/006(2) General Theatre Plus : cards, programs 1984-1985 None
122 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/006(3) Miscellaneous articles 1984-1985 None
123 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/006(4) Jane Mallett, St. Lawrence Centre's Town Hall 1984 None
124 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/006(5) Kerri Keane 1984 None
125 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/006(6) Season Theatre Plus : articles, letters, photos 1983-1984 None
126 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/006(7) Marion Andre and 10th anniversary : articles, letters, photos 1982-2006 None
127 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(1) The Waltz of the Toreadors : script, house program, reviews 1976 None
128 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(2) Uncle Vanya : articles, reviews 1976 None
129 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(3) The Snob : articles, reviews, house program 1976 None
130 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(4) Glass Menagerie : reviews, articles, house program 1976 None
131 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(5) A Streetcar Named Desire : photos, reviews 1975 None
132 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(6) The Physicists : articles, reviews, house program, September 15 issue of the Onion, and September 22 issue of Time 1975 None
133 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(7) Forever Yours. Marie-Lou : script, schedule, cast list, house program, reviews, photos 1975 None
134 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(8) Children : reviews, house program 1975 None
135 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(9) Say Who You Are : articles, reviews, house program, photos, playbill 1975 None
136 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(10) Loot : articles, reviews, house program, photos, playbill 1975 None
137 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/007(11) House of Blue Leaves : reviews, articles, playbill, photos 1975 None
138 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(1) Absurd Person Singular : house program, photos, articles, reviews 1979 None
139 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(2) Pushkin : program folder, articles, reviews, playbill, faxes 1978 None
140 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(3) Pushkin : background information 1978 None
141 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(4) Nothing Serious : house program, reviews 1978 None
142 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(5) Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi : house program, study kit, articles, reviews 1978-1979 None
143 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(6) A Doll's House : house program, reviews, articles, August 5 issue of Star Week 1978 None
144 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(7) Streamers : reviews, house program, CBC radio review, October/November issue of Centre Stage magazine 1977 None
145 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(8) Ramulus The Great : reviews, house program, April/May copy of Centre Stage magazine and August 6 issue of Star Week 1977 None
146 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(9) Captain Carvallo : house program, playbill, reviews 1977 None
147 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(10) Awake and Sing : April issue of Saturday Night, September 30 issue of Toronto Calendar Magazine, reviews, study kit, letters 1977 None
148 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/008(11) Awake and Sing : script, lighting cues, prop schedule, scene breakdowns 1977 None
149 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/009(1) The Invented Lover : two scripts, photo call, schedules, cast list, production memos, scene breakdowns 1980 None
150 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/009(2) The Bed Before Yesterday : photos, house program, articles 1980 None
151 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/009(3) View from the Bridge : photos, house program, articles 1979 None
152 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/009(4) Occupations : script, photo call, director's notes, schedules, scene breakdowns, production memos, prop schedule 1979 None
153 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/009(5) Occupations : house program, reviews, letters, study kit, photos 1979 None
154 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/010(1) Enrico IV : house program, photocopy of guest list, reviews, volume 94 no. 3 of Maclean's, volume 1 no 6 of Stilb, March 1981 issue of Scene Changes, volume 12 no. 10 of Toronto Calendar Magazine 1981 None
155 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/010(2) The Night of the Iguana : house program, reviews 1980 None
156 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/010(3) The Lark : background information, research 1980 None
157 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/010(4) The Lark : reading script, director's script, company list, prop scedules, scene breackdowns, production memos, schedules 1980 None
158 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/010(5) The Lark : house program, letters, reviews, photos 1980 None
159 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/011(1) Talley's Folly : house program, photos, reviews 1982 None
160 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/011(2) Loot : house program, director's script, photos, schedules, production notes, scene breakdown, articles 1982 None
161 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/011(3) The Gayden Chronicles : house program, photos, reviews, articles 1982 None
162 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/011(4) Bodies : photos, house program, articles, letters 1982 None
163 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/011(5) On Golden Pond : house program, photos, articles 1981 None
164 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/011(6) Lulu : articles, house program, photos 1981 None
165 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/011(7) The Last Meetings of the Knights of the White Magnolia : house program, photos, articles 1981 None
166 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/011(8) Filumena : photos, house program, reviews, articles 1981 None
167 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/012(1) The Lady from Maxim's : script, schedules, list, memos, prop schedules, scene breakdown, an essay by Philippe Jullian 1983 None
168 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/012(2) The Lady from Maxim's : letters, house program, photos, autographed poster, Theatre Plus News volume 3 no. 2, articles 1983 None
169 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/012(3) Joe Egg : photos, Art Gallery of Ontario pamphlet, house program, articles 1983 None
170 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/012(4) The Hostage : house program, articles, photos 1983 None
171 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/012(5) Eve : pamphlets, photos, reviews, 1983 None
172 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/012(6) The Crucible : prompt script 1983 None
173 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/012(7) The Crucible : articles, reviews, letters, pamphlets, photos 1983 None
174 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/013(1) Privates on Parade : flyers, house program, Theatre Plus Newa volume 5 no. 4, National Arts Centre program, articles, photos 1984 None
175 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/013(2) Antigone : slides, letters, study kit, photos, reviews, articles 1984 None
176 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/013(3) The Aching Heart of Samuel Kleinerman LThe Lady from Maxim's : company list, scene breackdown, sound cues, research notes, prompt script 1984 None
177 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/013(4) The Aching Heart of Samuel Kleinerman : photos, house program, Theatre Plus News volume 3, no. 3, articles, letters 1984-1985 None
178 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/014(1) Quartermaine's Terms : house program, articles 1985 None
179 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/014(2) The Government Inspector : Theatre Plus News volume 5, no. 1, May 1985 issue of Toronto Life, articles, photos 1985 None
180 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/014(3) Fever Dream : house program, articles 1985 None
181 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/014(4) The Wild Duck : articles, reviews, house program, photos 1984 None
182 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/014(5) Tiger at the Gates : house program, flyers, reviews, articles, 1984-1985 None
183 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/014(6) A Taste of Honey : flyers, house program, articles, photos 1984 None
184 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/015(1) Romulus the Great : background material, script, production material 1977 None
185 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/015(2) Tiger at the Gates : background material, notes, script, flyers 1985 None
186 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/016(1) The Government Inspector : background material, script, production material 1985 None
187 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/016(2) A Man's a Man : director's script n.d. None
188 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/016(3) Three Sister's : background material 1987 None
189 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/016(4) Three Sister's : background material, director's script 1987 None
190 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/017(1) A Doll's House : background material, director's script 1978 None
191 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/017(2) House of Blue Leaves : background material, director's script 1973 None
192 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/017(3) The Philanthropist : background material, director's script 1974 None
193 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/017(4) Antigone : background material, director's script, production material 1984 None
194 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/017(5) Pushkin : director's script, production material 1978 None
195 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/018(1) Uncle Vanya : director's script, production material, background material 1976 None
196 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/018(2) Say Who You Are : director's script, production material n.d. None
197 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/018(3) The Gayden Chronicles : director's script, production material, background material 1982 None
198 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/018(4) The Physicists : director's script, background material 1975 None
199 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/018(5) Miscellaneous correspondense 1978-1987 None
200 CA ON00370 F0177-2008-036/018(6) Pen and Ink sketch : Malcolm n.d. None