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Deborah Barndt fonds
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4th VIVA gathering : 2010 : Bilwi, Nicaragua

File consists of notes and an agenda (written in Spanish) pertaining to a VIVA! meeting held at the Universidad de las Regiones Autonomas de la Costa Caribe Nicaraguense (URACCAN) as well as elements for a proposal for VIVA's future for 2006-2007 and notes about the project in Feb. 2007.

ANDEN [La Asociacion Nacional de Educadores de Nicaragua]

File consists of a document entitled "Ano de lucha por la paz y la soberania" produced by ANDEN, the May 1983 issue of "Educadores: publicacion de la Asociacion Nacional de Educadores de Nicaragua (ANDEN)", and a Feb. 1984 issue of "Boletin Internacional: organo informativio de la Asociacion Nacional de Educadores de Nicaragua".

Abriendo surco : PROCAMPO

File consists of a government publication entitled "Cooperativas en marcha", handwritten notes on MIDINRA, and a paper entitled "Breves apuntes sobre las experiencias de educacion popular del MIDINRA (11 May 1984) produced by the Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuario y Reforma Agaria (MIDINRA).

Amy and Deb's article on technology in VIVA

File consists of a document written by Deborah Barndt and Amy Shimshon-Santo entitled "New tools and old contradictions: the VIVA! Project engages tekhnologia and new technology", presented at the LASA Congress on 8 Sept. 2007 in Montreal.

Articles by VIMEDA officials on adult education program

File includes excerpts from a 1983 interview with Ernesto Vallecillo, the Deputy Minister of Adult Education, translated into English, and a keynote paper by Robert Saenz, director general of the Adult Education Program of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, entitled "Solidarity as an alternate form of international cooperation: the experience of the National Literacy Crusade in Nicaragua", presented at "Cooperating for Literacy", an international seminar held in Berlin on 16-20 Oct. 1983.

BilwiVision : Bilwi, Nicaragua

File consists of records pertaining to BilwiVision, a youth-run community television program in Nicaragua and VIVA project collaborator. Included in the file is an itinerary and other information pertaining to a post-hurricane fundraising event for BilwiVision held on 15 Oct. 2007, sample video recordings by BilwiVision, a paper entitled "Vivimos y sobrevivimos en un pais multiduelos", a paper entitled "Race and revolution in Bluefields: a history of Nicaragua's Black Sandinista movement", and a July-Sept. 2003 issue of Wani featuring an article by York University's Christine McKenzie.


File consists of research materials pertaining to the subject of food biodiversity, including a newsletter, fact sheet, and articles.

CST [Central Sandinista de Trabajadores]

File consists of handwritten notes from an interview with Roberto Gonzalez and the CST and a comic book entitled "Estamos con el sindicato!!" ["We're with the union!!"], published by La Secretaria Nacional de Propaganda y Educacion Politica del FSLN.

Chapter draft : cashier feedback

File consists of a draft of a chapter entitled "Tangled roots and routes: women workers along the tomato trail" and reader feedback on the draft chapter by Jan Kainer, Stephanie Conway and the Loblaws cashier featured in the chapter.

Consulta Nacional (1981)

Item is a paper produced by the Nicaraguan Ministerio de Educacion pertaining to a national education consultation project.

Curriculum diversity/equity workshop series 2002-2003

File consists of records pertaining to the York University curriculum diversity/equity project and workshops. Included in the file are draft workshop series guidelines and ground rules, a resource list, project proposals, correspondence, notes, workshop schedules, agendas and notices, e-mail, workshop discussion questions, workshop reports, and workshop evaluation forms.

Curriculum diversity/equity workshop series 2003-2004

File consists of records pertaining to the York University curriculum diversity/equity project and workshops. Included in the file is a proposed work plan for 2003-2004, a resource list, a project budget, guidelines for faculty and students, a bibliography, notes, e-mail, correspondence, an overview of the project, workshop reports, workshop agendas and other materials, materials pertaining to Barndt's conference workshops on this project, notes and completed questionnaires.

Deborah Barndt fonds

  • F0701
  • Fonds
  • 1947-2013

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Deborah Barndt’s work as a researcher, writer, activist and York University professor. These records document the research and writing of Women Working the NAFTA Food Chain (1999), Tangled Routes: Women, Work and Globalization on the Tomato Trail (2002), and VIVA! Community Arts and Popular Education in the Americas (2011), her research focus on popular education, globalization, community arts, and her involvement with equity and diversity initiatives at York University. Records in this fonds include research materials such as journal articles, papers, reports, newsletters, government documents, pamphlets, brochures, as well as audio recordings of interviews and interview transcripts, correspondence, manuscripts, video cassettes, notes, e-mail, proposals, and workshop materials.

Barndt, Deborah

Del Monte

File consists of annotated transcripts of interviews with Del Monte workers, as well as articles and research materials about Del Monte.

Escuela metodologica

File consists of handwritten research notes, publications of Segundo Curso de Educacion Popular, including "Segundo taller metodologico - Felix Pedro Picado Amador" and "Primer taller metodologico - Jeronimo Herrera Zeledon", and a document entitled "La metodologia y las tecnicas end la educacion popular".

FES [Faculty of Environmental Studies] speaker series 2002-2003

File pertains to a pilot project created by the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University involving faculty and students visiting secondary school classrooms and assemblies to speak about key issues in the field. These records include proposals, a schedule of summer 2002 events, e-mail, memoranda, a Toronto District School Board Department of Environmental Education June 2002 newsletter, correspondence, contact lists, an agenda, evaluation forms, notices, brochures, and a project report by Barndt.

Feminist pedagogy : Joan Kuyek

File pertains to the activities of community organizer and activist Joan Kuyek, including a Canadian Forum article, a biographical sketch, a resume, her speech to the 4 June 1995 Laurentian University convocation, her presentation notes to Economic Development for Women (Oct. 1995), a draft article entitled "The Northeaster Ontario Women's Conference 1981-4: bread and roses, alternatives to despair" by Kuyek and Gayle Broad, and published articles written by Kuyek.

GMO & biotechnology

File consists of research materials, notes and articles about biotechnology, agriculture and genetically modified organisms.

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