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Ann Roberts
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Our Native Land

Item consists of an audio recording of the radio show, "Our Native Land", hosted by Bernelda Wheeler. It opens with an unknown song by Lee [Quimo?] and then Bernelda Wheeler begins news coverage of the First Nations Constitutional Conference. It includes several speeches and statements, each of which she makes an introduction to. The first speech comes from [Dove Cuthand??] on political rights. Next is a speech from Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and a statement from the president of the National Indian Brotherhood, Noel Starblanket, in response. This is followed by an interview with Joe Dionne on the resolution made at the conference to have an official Indian government made up of an assmbly of chiefs, and a response to this idea by Noel Starblanket. After this is Chief Robert Manuel's statement on the constitutional powers that should be held by this assembly. This is followed by a statement from the Indian Affairs Minister, John Munroe, on revising the Indian Act, with a response from George Manuel, of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs. Next in the program is a news report by Ann Roberts on a federal inquiry into healthcare in Alert Bay on the west coast, following a short introduction to the segment by Bernelda Wheeler. Bernelda Wheeler then returns to coverage of the conference. Next is a statement from Chief Shotbothsides on treaty rights and land claims with a response from Pierre Trudeau. This is followed by a statements from Robert Manuel on running for the position of president of the National Indian Brotherhood, Noel Starblanket, the current president, and a response from Robert Manuel. The is followed by a news story from Gary George on the future for Aboriginal Canadians after the events of the conference and an untitled song by Winston Whatney that was played during a concert at the conference.