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Morris Katz fonds

  • F0335
  • Fonds
  • [193-]-1985, predominant 1947-1979

The fonds documents Morris Katz activities related to environmental issues as a consultant for various organizations, as a researcher, author and editor. It also documents his teaching activities.


George Papadatos fonds

  • F0661
  • Fonds
  • 1957-2015, predominant 1967-1983

Fonds consists of materials created and accumulated by George Papadatos in the course of his activities as a member of the Toronto Greek Canadian political, arts and cultural community while living in exile in Canada during the Greek military junta of 1967-1974. It includes records relating to his work as a journalist and newspaper editor (as editor of Metanastis and contributor to Ta Nea, amongst other publications); political activist; music promoter, event organizer and co-owner of the Trojan Horse coffee house; East York community service worker; and as tutor of Modern Greek Studies at the University of Toronto (Scarborough College).

The fonds largely consists of photographs, newspapers, promotional material, posters, sound and video recordings. Many of these items were collected by Papadatos to document the coffee house scene on the Danforth, the Greek musical acts who toured Canada and the United States in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as student organizing and protests related to local opposition to the military dictatorship in Greece. The records reflect the impact that the cultural and political activities of the Greek community in Canada had on political affairs in Greece. The fonds also includes handwritten and typed correspondence and other printed material created or received by George Papadatos, as well as photographic material from Papadatos' later life in Greece, where he operated an antiquarian bookstore. Records in the fonds have been arranged into five series based on record genre. See series level descriptions for details.


Recording of Toronto PASOK holiday function and songs by Mikis Theodorakis : Side B

Recording of songs by Mikis Theodorakis sung by Maria Farantouri, including "Καρτέρεμα/Karterema", "Αυγή/Avgi", "Πράσινη μέρα/ Prasini mera", "Συλλείτουργο/Sillitourgo", and "Το νερό/To nero". At around 22 minutes and 21 seconds there is a recording of a discussion about the aims and philosophies of PASOK, as well as contemporary Greek politics among Toronto chapter PASOK members.

Theresa Burke fonds

  • F0556
  • Fonds
  • 1928-2015, predominant 1959-2011

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s by Theresa Burke. These records document Burke's research, production and investigative work for "The fifth estate" documentaries airing from 1994 to 2015. Many of these records pertain to the following documentaries: "The trouble with Evan" (1994), "His word against history" (2000), "Terror" (2001), "Nightmare drug" (2002), "A state of denial : the Bill Sampson story" (2002), "" (2003), "Death of a beauty queen" (2004), "The big break" (2005), "The Steven Truscott story: moment of truth" (2005), "You be the judge" (2005), "The lady vanishes" (2007), "The girl in Saskatoon" (2008), "Someone got away with murder" (2009), "Broken heroes" (2009), "The legacy of Brendan Burke" (2010), “Behind the wall” (2010), "The devil you know" (2011), "A question of innocence" (2011), "Diagnosis murder" (2012), “The last great escape” (2013), “The interrogation room” (2014), and “Mr. Big stings: cops, criminals and confessions” (2015) . Also included are research materials and manuscripts pertaining to Julian Sher's book, "Until you are dead: Steven Truscott's long ride into history" (2001), on which Burke worked as a research associate, as well as manuscripts and other materials relating to Ty Conn and Burke's book, "Who killed Ty Conn" (2000), co-authored with Linden MacIntyre. Records created and accumulated by Burke in the course of her research about the National Parole Board, the subject of witness protection, and the murder conviction of Mason Jenkins are also part of the fonds, as are a number of files relating to other miscellaneous research projects. Records pertaining to Burke's early career in public relations and marketing at Alliance Entertainment and Norstar Entertainment are included in this fonds, as are administrative records and training materials from the CBC, as well as Burke's personal journals, notebooks, letters and university essays. Records in this fonds are predominantly textual records and audiovisual materials arranged by project. These records include correspondence, interview transcripts, memoranda, copies of court transcripts and documents, copies of medical reports, journal articles, notes and notebooks, production materials including draft scripts, newspaper articles, contact lists, copies of police reports, prisoner records and legal documents, video cassettes (in multiple formats), audio cassettes, as well as computer disks and photographs.


Our interviews

File includes interview notes and research material regarding the Reid interrogation technique.

Reid interrogation technique documentary

Series consists of records created and accumulated by Theresa Burke, a producer for the CBC investigative show “The fifth estate,” and the episode, “The interrogation room,” that aired on November 21, 2014. This episode follows two witnesses in a murder investigation and the use of the Reid technique in their police interviews. Files consist of draft scripts, interview transcripts and videos, witness information and research materials, production files, notebooks, court records and transcripts, and photographs of witnesses, suspects, and the area of the crime scene. Also included is research and history about the Reid technique and its use by law enforcement in Canada. 

Video footage from South Korea

Item is a collection of video footage from South Korea on various subjects including transportation, markets and elderly welfare. File titles and videos are in Korean.

Over land, over sea

Item is a documentary following a couple, both North Korean defectors, trying to locate and bring one of their mothers to South Korea.

NK footage

Item is a collection of undercover footage from inside North Korea at several different locations. File titles are in Korean.


Item is a commercial copy of the full length feature film.

Camp 14 : total control zone

Item is a screener copy from the 10th Annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival of the documentary “Camp 14 – Total Control Zone,” directed by Marc Wiese.

NK issues

File consists of an outline of information to include in documentary and people to speak with about particular subjects. Also included are several newspaper articles printed out regarding North Korean kidnappings of American journalists and general articles about the country.


File consists of proof-of-concept records from the CBC graphic design department for the characters used in the episode on North Korean defectors.

Flyer : telling stories with animation

Item is a poster inviting attendees to a talk about why and how animation was used in the fifth estate episode “The last great escape,” an episode that told the story about North Korean defectors.

North Korean refugee documentary

Series consists of records created and accumulated by Theresa Burke, a producer for the CBC investigative show “The fifth estate,” and the episode, “The last great escape,” that aired on November 29, 2013. The show documents the escape of two North Koreans fleeing to other countries as refugees. Files consist of research material, production records, correspondence, audio cassette interviews and interview transcripts, draft scripts, administrative records including travel and video shoot records, newspaper clippings and journal articles, book reviews, the book “Escape from camp 14: one man’s remarkable odyssey from North Korea to freedom in the west,” and documentaries on North Korea work camps, politicians and general life in the country, and North Korean defectors. 

SCC [Supreme Court of Canada] decision

File consists of interview transcripts and notes about the SCC ruling that called into question the reliability of confessions obtained during Mr. Big sting operations. Also included is a photocopy of the SCC decision.

The panel

File consists of interview notes and transcripts with individuals and experts on Mr. Big cases and the Supreme Court of Canada decision regarding Mr. Big police operations.

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