Accession 2008-056 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
S00733 Tectonic Plates Series [ca. 1992]
S00735 Toothpaste : A Domestic Opera Series 1997-2003
S00738 An Idea of Canada Series 2002-2003
S00743 Childstar Series 2003-2005
S00755 Mozartballs Series 2004-2006
S00758 Red Violin Series 1995-2000
S00760 Slings and Arrows Series 2001-2006
S00727 Clean Series [ca. 2004]
S00728 Dido and Aeneas Series [ca. 1995]
S00730 Opus Series [ca. 1983]
S00736 Yo-Yo Ma : Inspired by Bach Series 1996-1997
S00737 Unknown (Canadian Brass / Quintet) Series Oct.-Nov. 2003
S00741 Beethoven’s Hair Series 2003-2005
S00744 Crossing Bridges Series 2000-2001
S00745 Don Giovanni Unmasked (aka Leporello) Series 1999-2001
S00746 Elizabeth Rex Series 2002-2003
S00747 Firebird Series 2002-2003
S00749 Foreign Objects Series 2000-2001
S00732 Snow Cake Series 2004-2006
S00740 Aselin Debison: Sweet Is The Melody Series 2002
S00742 Burnt Toast Series 2004-2005
S00748 Five Days in September (aka See The Music) Series 2004-2005
S00750 Four Seasons Series 1999-2001
S00751 The Lanza Sessions Series 1999-2000
S00752 Last Night Series 1997-1998
S00753 Long Day’s Journey Into Night Series 1996
S00756 Perfect Pie Series 1996-2002
S00759 Saddest Music in the World Series 2000-2004
S00761 Stormy Weather : The Music of Harold Arlen Series 2002-2003
S00729 Glenn Gould Hereafter / Glenn Gould : Au delà du temps Series [ca. 2005]
S00731 Silk Series 2004-2006
S00734 Thirty-two Short Films About Glenn Gould Series [ca. 1993]
S00739 Andrea Bocelli : Under Tuscan Skies Series 1995-2003
S00754 Marcelo Alvarez : In Search of Gardel Series 1999-2000
S00757 Ravel’s Brain Series 1987-2000