Accession 2016-017 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2016-017/001(05) Women as volunteers: Jamaican Canadian Association Women’s Committee File 2004
2016-017/001(07) Social and vocational adjustment in a multicultural society: implications for the school counsellor / Inez Elliston File 1976
2016-017/001(12) A working paper on effective schooling for racial minority students File 1994
2016-017/002(07) Curriculum: Multiculturalism and social studies program File [197-]
2016-017/002(12) Introduction to the physical facilities File 1996
2016-017/002(13) Cultural diversity in education File [ca. 1980]
2016-017/003(01) Youth Action on Racism Item 1991
2016-017/003(08) The Jamaican Canadian Association: Its Founders, Its Legacy, 40 Years of Caring and Sharing Item 2002
2016-017/001(03) Jamaican Canadian Association File [200-]
2016-017/001(04) Jamaican culture & community File [199-]-[200-]
2016-017/001(06) Some Learning Needs of English Speaking West-Indian Children in Canada Working Paper #1: notes and drafts File [ca. 1976]
2016-017/001(08) Draft: Is racism increasing in the schools? A survey of the opinion of school personnel / Inez Elliston File 1977
2016-017/001(10) Miscellaneous articles/paper by Elliston File 1981
2016-017/001(11) Development, Implementation and Review of a Multicultural Policy in a Large Urban School Board / Inez Elliston, Lorna Earl File 1991-1992
2016-017/001(13) Class evaluation 1986 File [ca. 1986]
2016-017/001(14) Police work in community File 2005
2016-017/001(16) Education as a Catalyst for Harnessing and Supporting Creativity and Innovation for Jamaica’s National Development / Inez Elliston, Sheldon Taylor File 2008
2016-017/002(01) Conceptualization of the Scarborough outreach program File 1977
2016-017/002(02) Scarborough community outreach program File 1976
2016-017/002(03) Scarborough Board of Education: meeting the needs of Scarborough immigrant students a brief into the Minister of Manpower and Immigration File 1977
2016-017/002(05) Scarborough Board of Education: Guidelines for the assigning of credits to students new to Ontario File [ca. 1989]
2016-017/002(06) Scarborough Board of Education: Report on the consultation with the Black and Caribbean community November 1990-May 1991 File [ca. 1991]
2016-017/002(08) West Indian File [197-]
2016-017/002(09) Correspondence File 1973, 2005
2016-017/003(02) N.S. Youth for Social Justice Camp 1992 Item 1992
2016-017/003(03) Address to L’Amareaux Collegiate Institute Item [199?]
2016-017/003(07) Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Association meeting Item 1991
2016-017/001(09) Draft: A profile of the Black Child Learning in the Canadian classroom / Inez Elliston File 1989
2016-017/001(15) Youth committee interim report #2 File [ca. 1970]
2016-017/002(04) Scarborough Board of Education: newcomers to the learning environment File 1989
2016-017/002(11) York Region District School Board: opening and closing exercises File 1998
2016-017/003(05) The Metropolitan Toronto School Board Reflections: Anti Racist Education Item 1996
2016-017/003(06) Schooltime! An Introduction to Schools in Ontario Item [198?]
2016-017/001(01) Jamaican Canadian Association Women’s Committee File 2004-2005
2016-017/001(02) Jamaican Canadian Association: Women’s Day File 2000
2016-017/002(10) Report of the advisory committee on student services / Ronald J. Samuda File 1976
2016-017/002(14) Racial diversity in education: project drafts and status reports File [199-]
2016-017/002(15) Conference on Multiculturalism in education: Group A-1 “Cognitive Styles” File [ca. 1977]
2016-017/002(16) Race Relations and Ethnocultural Equity Conference notes File 1989
2016-017/003(04) Race Relations and Ethnocultural Equity Conference Item 1989