Edith Ferguson fonds Inventory list

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1983-007/002(12) Struggle for Equal Opportunity -- Strategies for Social Welfare Action File 1976
1983-007/002(13) A Study for Needs and Resources of Immigrants in Metropolitan Toronto Item 1970
1983-007/002(14) "Those People": A Report on the Accessibility of Health, Education and Social Services to the Immigration Population of Metropolitan Toronto Item
1983-007/002(15) Ukrainian Resistance and Its Leader File 1950
1983-007/002(22) Immigrant Programmes Development Group, Secretary of State, Memos, Reports and Related Papers File 1972
1983-007/002(24) Heritage and Destiny: Second Ontario Conference on Inter-Group Relations, Report Item 1962
1983-007/002(27) Religious Information and Moral Development, The Report of the Committee on Religious Education in the Public Schools of the Province of Ontario Item 1969
1983-007/002(37) Life Together: A Report on Human Rights in Ontario Item 1977
1983-007/003(04) Report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada Item 1970
1983-007/003(07) Now Is Not Too Late / Walter Pitman Item 1977
1983-007/003(10) Economic Council of Canada, Perspective 1975 Item Sept. 1969
1983-007/003(17) Committee on Race Relations, Toronto Board of Education, Reports and Papers File 1977-1979
1983-007/003(24) Bulletin: A Study-Action Kit for Generations Yet Unborn File 1977
1983-007/004(03) Immigration Statistics File 1965-1972
1983-007/004(05) Immigration Statistics File 1976-1977
1983-007/004(11) Government Pamphlets on Information Centres and Services File 1955-1977
1983-007/004(12) Government Pamphlets on Information Centres and Services File 1955-1977
1983-007/004(14) Our Future as a Multicultural Society, Conference Programme and Related Materials File 1977-1978
1983-007/004(19) Strategies for Reducing Discrimination and Inequality of Opportunity in Ontario, Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Toronto File 2 Mar. 1978
1983-007/004(22) Clippings, Multiculturalism, File 1952-1979
1983-007/005(07) Report on Immigration Part II by Joseph Sedgwick Item
1983-007/005(09) Statement by the Prime Minister re. the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism Item 1971
1983-007/005(14) Automation: Its Impact on Business and People / Walter Buckingham Item 1961
1983-007/001(01) Notes File 1970-1971
1983-007/001(10) Ad Hoc Committee on Migrants and Immigrants, Correspondence, Reports File 1969-1970, 1983
1983-007/001(33) Ontario Citizenship Bureau, Intercultural Seminars, Reports File 1972-1975, 1983
1983-007/001(35) International Institute of Metropolitan Toronto, Papers File 1966-1974
1983-007/002(05) New Canadians and the Schools File
1983-007/002(10) A Review of Programs and Services for Residences for Senior Citizens File [ca. 1977]
1983-007/002(11) Social Work and Cultures: A Symposium of Ethnicity File 1978
1983-007/001(02) Reports and Briefs by Ferguson File 1967-1971
1983-007/001(07) How to Reach Ethnocultural Groups, Paper Prepared for the Ministry of Culture and Recreation Item [ca. 1977]
1983-007/001(15) Canada: Unity Through Diversity, Scarborough History Conference Programme Item 1975
1983-007/001(17) Canadian Scene, Annual Report Item 1978
1983-007/001(19) Committee on Immigrant Children File 1961-1973
1983-007/001(21) Developing Social Policy in Conditions of Dynamic Change, Report of the Committee of the International Conference on Social Welfare Item 1972
1983-007/001(23) Educational Guidance Project, International Institute of Metro Toronto File 1964-1966, 1982
1983-007/001(24) Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Occasional Papers File 1961-1963
1983-007/001(31) Immigration Issues Today: Reports and Papers Presented at the 1962 Conference on Immigration File 1962
1983-007/001(32) Immigration 1975-2001: Report of the National Conference on Immigration, 22-24 May 1975 Item 1975
1983-007/002(02) Macedonia by Haral Sotiropoulos Item 1964
1983-007/002(03) Multiculturalism, Reports and Papers File 1970-1977
1983-007/002(06) Our Changing Canadian Community, Report from the 5th Ontario Conference on Inter-Group Relations Item 1965
1983-007/002(07) Our Future as a Multicultural Society, Summary and Evaluation by Carol Taylor Item 1978
1983-007/002(18) Ethnic/Residential Segregation in Metropolitan Toronto by Anthony Richmond Item Feb. 1972
1983-007/002(21) Task Force on Immigrant Settlement Service, Reports and Papers File 1972
1983-007/002(26) Immigrants and Their Education, The Board of Education for the City of Toronto File June 1965
1983-007/002(30) The Canadian Woman Today Item 1966
1983-007/003(09) A Study of the Needs and Resources for Community-Supported Welfare, Health and Recreation Services in Metropolitan Toronto Item 1963
1983-007/003(15) Committee on Race Relations, Toronto Board of Education, Reports and Papers File 1977-1979
1983-007/003(18) Legislative Acts Related to Immigration File
1983-007/003(21) Resource List for a Multicultural Society: An Experience '76 Project Item 1976
1983-007/004(07) The Indepencer: Magazine for the Committee for an Independent Canada Item 1978-1981
1983-007/004(08) T.E.S.L. Talk File 1972-1974
1983-007/004(15) The Canada Youth Congress, Ottawa, Conference Material File 1936
1983-007/004(18) An Inter Cultural Seminar on the East Indians in Toronto File 1 Dec. 1976
1983-007/004(21) Canadian Ethnic Groups, Bibliography File 1972
1983-007/005(01) Clippings, Immigration File 1964-1974
1983-007/005(05) Destiny Canada, 27-29 June 1977, York University, Final Report Item 1977
1983-007/005(12) Immigrants in Canada / Edith Ferguson Item 1974
1983-007/005(15) History Textbooks and International Understanding / J.A. Lauwerys Item 1953
1983-007/001(03) Reports and Briefs by Ferguson File 1967-1971
1983-007/001(11) Adult Education Development, Working Document for UNESCO Item 1976
1983-007/001(12) Alternatives: Towards the Development of an Effective Federal System for Canada Item 1978
1983-007/001(14) Asian Canadian Community Council File 1972
1983-007/001(18) Committee for an Independent Canada File 1978-1981
1983-007/001(25) Focus on Canadian Immigration by George Bonavia Item 1977
1983-007/001(28) Papers, Reports on Immigration by Freda Hawkins File 1970-1971
1983-007/001(30) Papers, Reprints on Immigration File 1965-1977
1983-007/001(34) Ontario Citizenship Bureau, Intercultural Seminars, Reports File 1972-1975, 1983
1983-007/002(08) Newcomers in Transition, Project Committee (Parkdale Branch), International Institute File 1962-1965, 1982
1983-007/002(09) The Recognition of Immigrants' Qualifications in Selected Professions and Trades, Entrance Requirements in Ontario, Report No. 2 File
1983-007/002(16) Windsor Community Welfare Council File 1954-1961
1983-007/002(20) Interprovincial Economic Co-operation: Towards a Development of a Canadian Common Market Item 1981
1983-007/002(25) Heritage Ontario Report Item Feb. 1973
1983-007/002(29) Canadian Government File July 1970
1983-007/002(31) Canada Employment and Immigration Commission: An Introduction Item
1983-007/002(32) Resume of the First Volume of the Final Report of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism Item
1983-007/002(35) Board of Education, Office of Director of Education, Minutes File 1965
1983-007/002(36) Economic Goals for Canada to 1970 Item Dec. 1964
1983-007/003(01) Report of the Select Committee on Manpower Training Item Feb. 1963
1983-007/003(02) Language and Citizenship Classes Directory for Adult Newcomers for Ontario Item 1977-1978
1983-007/003(05) Multiculturalism and Social Work, Report Item 1976
1983-007/003(14) A Time for Action: Highlights of the Federal Government's Proposals for the Renewal of the Canadian Federation Item 1978
1983-007/003(19) Legislative Acts Related to Immigration File
1983-007/003(22) The Canadian Forum, A Citizen's Guide to the Herb Gray Report Item Dec. 1971
1983-007/003(23) Canadian Welfare File Mar.-Apr. 1977
1983-007/003(26) Third Age Learning Associates, Newsletter Item Jan.-Mar. 1982
1983-007/003(28) Ontario Association of Children's Societies Journal Item Dec. 1971
1983-007/004(16) Canadian Institute on Public Affairs, The People Are the City, Report of the 12th Winter Conference Item 1966
1983-007/004(17) National Consultation on Community Information and Referral Services, Ottawa, 11-13 June 1971 File 1971
1983-007/005(02) Clippings, Immigration File 1964-1974
1983-007/005(04) Clippings, General File 1943
1983-007/005(08) Report and Recommendations of "Portuguese Immigrants: A Needs Survey of the Hamilton Rd. Area" Item 1977
1983-007/005(10) Newcomers in Transition: A Project of the International Institute of Metropolitan Toronto, 1962-1964 / Edith Ferguson Item
1983-007/005(11) Newcomers and New Learning: A Project of the International Institute of Metropolitan Toronto, 1964-1966 / Edith Ferguson Item
1983-007/005(13) Canada 1980 / Albert A. Shea Item 1960
1983-007/001(04) Report on the Home Service Community Centre Item 14 Apr. 1960
1983-007/001(05) St. Christopher Neighbourhood, Report and Case Study File 1966
1983-007/001(06) Papers Written by Ferguson, New York School of Social Work and Teachers' College, Columbia University File 1948-1949
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