Ernest H. Bartlett fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1990-013/001(6) Photo of mother ("mater"), Florence Emily Fortune Bartlett, as well as wedding invite File
1990-013/001(7) Richard Bartlett: photos, cards, childhood letters, military identity card File
1990-013/001(8) Jack Bartlett: photos, greeting, membership, and business cards, military badges, correspondence File
1990-013/001(16) Photos from retirement party. File
1990-013/001(17) Loose Photos 1910-40: incl. Florence. File
1990-013/001(18) School photos of Bartlett boys. File
1990-013/003(5) Honorary Membership, SKAL club of Toronto, 1971 File
1990-013/003(6) Life Member of The Naval Officer's Association of Canada, Toronto Branch, 1967 File
1990-013/003(7) Named Admiral of the Flagship Fleet, American Airlines Inc, 1963 File
1990-013/001(4) Family and personal relics: greeting cards, copy of Ernest's navy entrance exam results, etc. File
1990-013/001(5) Obituaries of immediate family, includes slide of mother's grave File
1990-013/001(14) Poetry and prose File
1990-013/001(15) Echoes ("from the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire and Children of the Empire") articles by Bartlett File
1990-013/002(7) Certificates, June 1970- File
1990-013/002(8) Prints of George as King and as Prince of Wales. Also, an unidentified but no doubt obvious military leader. File
1990-013/002(9) Jamaica tourist board mailing on nannies, with black and white glossy photo and brochure. File
1990-013/003(1) Letter to Ernest re: proposed Mariners' Park Museum, accompanied by signed limited edition print "False Ducks Lighthouse and the schooner Fleetwing" by C.W. Kettlewell, 1967 (117 of 150) File
1990-013/003(3) Reproduction of Telegram photo taken by Ernest in Venice, Italy, with text File
1990-013/003(4) Reproduction of Telegram photo taken by Ernest in Piraeus, port of Athens in Greece, with text File
1990-013/001(1) Ernest Bartlett, WWI: reminiscences of time as P.O.W., original documents relating to, including hand book; also includes other original documentation and paper work, as well as letter to mother should he be killed in war. File
1990-013/001(2) Biographical info: newspaper articles and list of all papers that have carried his stories File
1990-013/001(3) Pamphlets produced by Toronto Telegram on Bartlett as their Travel editor File
1990-013/001(11) Ernest: correspondence attatched to newsletters File
1990-013/001(12) Press and hotel passes, incl. coronation of Queen Elizabeth File
1990-013/001(13) Notes and pictures from children File
1990-013/001(21) Photo Album A: p.1-3 scout camp; p.4 farm; p.5 touring; p.6 at the beach; p.7 visiting; p.8 building 1935; p.9-14 sporting; p.15 visiting; p.16 people; p.17 reserves; p.18-23 sports, school, etc (some labelled); p.24 dogs; p.25 people and nature; p.26 horses; p.27 scenery; p.28-31 people (some labelled); p.32 landscape; p.33-5 people and places. File
1990-013/001(22) Photo Album B (loose pages may have been reordered): p.1 child and dog at beach; p.3 wedding (Richard and Isobel?); p.4-5 beach and cliffs; p.6 park and house; p.7 Liet. P.A.R. Thompson D.S.C., Sept. 1942; p.8 Ernest at office work; p.9 wedding, ca. 1940's; p.10 boys as Indian braves. File
1990-013/001(23) Photo Album C, Scouting (no pg. 14 or 19): p.1-4 "London Hike 1924" (incl. photo of cousin); p.5-7 "N. Devon Hike 1925"; p.8 "Easter Camp 1924"; p.9 "Whitoun (Whitsun?) Camp 1924; p.10 "Easter Camp 1925"; p.12-13 "Mt. Edgecombe Jamboree 1925"; p.15 "5th Plymouth Charabano Trip 1925"; p.16-24 boys; two loose photos of Ernest, and another dated 1934 and labelled. File
1990-013/001(26) Photo Album F: p.1 people, one labelled and adted 1947; p.2-3 nautical Ernest; p.4-7 people 1940's-50's; p.8-11 turn of century photos of children and house; p.12-13 Pam and friends; p.14-17 people and places; p.18-21 Ernest; p.22 after WWII blitz; P.23 old family photos x-mas 1919; p. 25 family; p.26 dogs; p.27-30 people; p.31-32 Ernest; p.33-40 people, incl. Florence and an excellent picture of Ernest, Richard and Jack; p.41 bombing of boat; p.42-42 people; p.44-49 camp; p.50-end people. File
1990-013/002(5) Certificates, Awards, etc. File November 1965-November 1968
1990-013/002(6) S. Carolina Tourism Award File 1969
1990-013/003(2) Certificate from British Overseas Airways Corporation File
1990-013/001(9) Jack Bartlett coverage of Milroy murder in the Galt Reporter File
1990-013/001(10) Ernest: correspondence 1933 onward. Includes first letter to mother after being released as P.O.W. File
1990-013/001(19) Event photos of large groups: Florence incl. File
1990-013/001(20) Nurses WWI: Florence incl. File
1990-013/001(24) Photo Album D, Probably Jack's: p.1 labelled country snapshots; p.2 camping; p.3 boys; p.4 beach ca.1920's and 1950's children; p.5 Ernest ca. 15yrs., and "holiday photos" ca. 20yrs.; p.6 people; p.7-9 nature; p.10 1930's Quebec; p.11 cats and women; p.12 people in 1942, wedding in 20's; p.13 costume photos 1931; p.14-16 industry and cars and Jack; p.17 teams; p.18 Jack in uniform with mother, Florence; p.20-23 places and people; p.24 Ernest on ship; p.25-26 Richard's posting in India; p.27 Jack and family and friends; p.28 Plymouth after blitz, 1941; p.29-31 people, some dated 1942 and/or labelled; p.32-34 Ernest, Richard and boats, some notes; p.35-38 people and nature; P.39 Empress of Britain Schedule; p.40 people; loose photos, some labelled. File
1990-013/001(25) Photo Album E, Ernest Bartlett's early years in Navy pre-illness, and the family he boarded with, Mrs. E.M. Ward and "The Skipper": p.1-12 the family and Ernest clowning it up, navy shots, with comments; p.13-16 people; p.17 camp. File
1990-013/002(1) Framed memorabilia: two black and white photos, one of Ernest's ch. 9 travel show, one of Ernest with child; one sepiatoned photo of a sloop with text; two numbered "Royal Visit Press" armbands. File
1990-013/002(2) Certificates, Diplomas, Awards, July '61-Aug. 63. File
1990-013/002(3) Florida plaque 1961-1964 File
1990-013/002(4) Key to Miami File January 1964
1990-013/003(8) Appointed Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve by Gov. General of Canada, 1942 File
1990-013/003(9) Certificate from British Overseas Airways Corporation upon the event of Ernest's retirement File