George Williams Brown fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1973-001/002(04) Typescript address 'Towards the Goal' by Abbe Arthur Maheux., delivered at the University of Toronto, January 31, 1946. 12 pp. File 31 Jan. 1946
1973-001/003(02) 'The St. Lawrence Treaty: A Canadian View.' Article for the Round Table by George W. Brown, 8 pp. File
1973-001/003(03) 'The St. Lawrence Waterway In The Nineteenth Century' by George W. Brown, Offprint from Queen's Quarterly, pp. 628-6, 42. File
1973-001/003(11) Statement concerning George C. Conn. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association. John S. Pardee, Assistant Executive Director. Feb. 11, 1925. File 11 Feb. 1925
1973-001/003(15) 'The Way to the Sea.’ Annual Report of the Executive Director of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association for the period ending Dec. 17, 1928. 13 pp. File 17 Dec. 1928
1973-001/003(18) 'Some Objections to the United States Proposals for the St. Lawrence Waterway’ by Royal Securities Corporation Limited, Montreal. Sept. 1927. 16 pp. File Sept. 1927
1973-001/003(20) 'The St. Lawrence Problem: Some Canadian Economic Aspects’ by Leslie R. Thomson; Paper presented before the Annual General and General Professional Meeting of The Engineering Institute of Canada, Hamilton, Ontario, February 14, 1929. Reprint from The Engineering Journal, April 1929, 112 pp. File Apr. 1929
1973-001/003(21) Minutes of proceedings and Report of the Special Committee on Beauharnois Power Project, No. 21, Tuesday, July 28, 1931. 30 pp. File 28 July 1931
1973-001/003(22) Newspaper clippings and notes File 1931
1973-001/002(03) Typescript address 'Let us make it a magnet' by Abbe Arthur Maheux, delivered to the Electrical Club, Toronto., October 31, 1945. 7 pp. File 31 Oct. 1945
1973-001/002(01) Manuscript notes by George W. Brown (?) for a speech concerning French Canada File
1973-001/003(01) Manuscript notes by George W. Brown(?) File
1973-001/003(04) 'The Deepening of the St. Lawrence' by George W. Brown. Reprinted by permission from The Round Table, Sept. 1928. 20 pp. File Sept. 1928
1973-001/003(07) Memorandum: Some Benefits to the Pacific Coast from the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Ship Channel. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association., Washington, D. C., 7 pp. File
1973-001/003(23) Weekly Newsletter of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association File 1927-1929, predominant 1928
1973-001/003(24) Map of the St. Lawrence River area, prepared by the National development Bureau, Department of the Interior, Ottawa. File
1973-001/002(02) Typescript address by Achille Bergevin, delivered at the Canadian Forestry Association Convention, Toronto, February 11-12, 19--. 10 pp. File [19--]
1973-001/003(05) 'The St. Lawrence in the Boundary Settlement of 1783' by George W. Brown Reprinted from the Canadian Historical Review, Vol. IX, No. 3, Sept. 1928. pp. 223-238. File Sept. 1928
1973-001/003(06) The Recent Rail Rate Re-adjustment in Canada. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association, 3 pp. File
1973-001/003(08) Commercial Feasibility of Extending Ocean Routes into the Great Lakes upon present costs of rail and ocean transportation. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association, Nov. 1923. 14 pp. File Nov. 1923
1973-001/003(10) The Panama Canal and Domestic Commerce. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association. June 1924. 6 pp. File June 1924
1973-001/003(13) Remarks to the editor (of a newspaper?) by Frank H. Keefer, Port Arthur, Ontario. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association, Feb. 1927. 7 pp. File Feb. 1927
1973-001/003(16) 'The St. Lawrence Deep Waterway - An Urgent National Problem’ by Prof. W. W. Goforth. Published and circulated by the Canadian Deep Waterways and Power Association, 0. E. Fleming, K.C., President. Windsor Ontario, 14 pp. File
1973-001/001(01) Letter of Charles W. Jefferys to George W. Brown concerning a quotation from Joseph Conrad's Prince Roman, Dec. 20, 1940. 1 p. File 20 Dec. 1940
1973-001/002(05) Typescript address 'A clinic of prejudices about language' by Abbe Arthur Maheux, delivered at Memorial Hospital, Montreal, February 12, 1946. 8 pp. File 12 Feb. 1946
1973-001/003(09) Sea Carriage or Rail Haul: A Cost Study of Railway and Ocean Transportation as applied to the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Project. Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association. Charles P. Craig, Executive Director. Nov. 1923. 13 pp. File Nov. 1923
1973-001/003(12) Reply to Speech of Frank H. Alfred, President of the Pere Marquette Railway, by Charles P. Craig, Executive Director of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association. 6 pp. File
1973-001/003(14) Memorandum on the St. Lawrence-Great Lakes Waterway Project by the Secretary of the Association of Canadian Clubs; and information on the use of the memorandum. 40 pp. (and 6 pp. incomplete) File
1973-001/003(17) 'The St. Lawrence Ship Canal’ by George Clinton, Sr. April 20, 1927. 16 pp. File 20 Apr. 1927
1973-001/003(19) St. Lawrence Waterway Project: Correspondence between governments; Report of the Canadian National Advisory Committee; Orders-in-Council. File 1927-1928