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2011 Census/National Household Survey: Neighbourhood Census/NHS Profile and User-Defined Area Demographic Estimates

File consists of excerpts from the 2011 Census/National Household Survey prepared by the City of Toronto. It includes the profiles for City of Toronto neighbourhoods 24 (Black Creek) and 25 (Glenfield-Jane Heights). It also includes the demographic estimates for neighbourhoods 21 to 27 as generated by the Community Action Planning Group.

A Census Atlas of North York

File consists of "A Census Atlas of North York" a report on the social characteristics of the City of North York based on data obtained from the 1991 Canada Census. It was prepared by the North York Inter-Agency and Community Council and the United Way charity.

An Assessment of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force Community - Police Planning Project

File consists of a report titled "An Assessment of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force Community - Police Planning Project," commissioned by the Ministry of the Solicitor General of Canada and the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force. It evaluates the results of community-based policing activities in two target communities: Parkdale and Jane-Finch.

Assets Coming Together for Youth

File consists of presentation slides and pamphlets produced by Assets Coming Together For Youth (ACT). It includes the presentation "A Overview Of Development in Jane-Finch - 1950s to Present" (no date), the research paper "Growing Roses in Concrete: Prolematizing Youth Resilience in A Canadian Stigmatized Urban Neighborhood" (2011), and the pamphlets "Jane-Finch Youth Speak Out: Turf, Violence, Well-Being" (2010) and "Youth In Research: My Internship Study" (2011).

Black Creek Community Local History Collection Project Plan Report

File consists of the "Black Creek Community Local History Collection Project Plan Report" prepared by Fiona Martel, a practicum student at the Toronto Public Library, York Woods Branch. The project plan outlines the history, audience and library user demographics and the potential materials and resources that could be used to establish a local history collection for the Black Creek Community.

Black Creek Venture Group

File consists of meeting minutes, program reports and proposals related to the Black Creek Venture Group (BCVG), a community group originally founded to address drug overdoses in the Black Creek area. BCVG also provided programming for community residents of all ages and abilities, hosting athletics competitions, dance classes and field trips.

Both Sides of the Fence: Surviving the Trap

File consists of the book "Both Sides of the Fence: Surviving the Trap" (2014) by Michael A. Amos. Amos' autobiography describes life in the Driftwood Court neighbourhood during his childhood and adolescence in the 1980s and 1990s.

Central Mortage and Housing Planning Report

File consists of a planning report prepared by the Central Mortage and Housing Corporation regarding the analysis and development of the Provincial site in the Township of North York. Wanda MacNevin's notation indicates that the area in question included Edgeley Village (Shoreham).


File consists of reports, essays, research papers and email correspondence related to churches in the Downsview community. It includes the Jane Finch Community Ministry's "Annual Report 2018," "15 Tobermory Ministry Evaluation - Final Report" by the Evaluation Steering Committee and the "Jane-Finch Coalition Case Study" by VW Consulting for World Vision Canada. It also includes a commemorative essay titled "Elia United Church Centennial: 50th Anniversary of the Present Church" written by the Reverend Cyril Leach and George C. Jackson for the Elia United Church. It includes the research paper "Chaplaincy in a Highrise Community - One Approach to Urban Ministry" by Dalton Jantzi. It also includes a selection of research material compiled by the Reverend Betty Jondor (?) for Wanda MacNevin.

City of Toronto: Action on Poverty Profile

File consists of two copies of "City of Toronto: Action on Poverty Profile," a report prepared by Social Planning Toronto. It also includes photocopies of the City Ward profiles specific to York West's Wards 7, 8 and 9.

Community Newspaper Network

File consists of newspaper articles relating to the creation of a Community News Network within the Jane-Finch neighbourhood, a map of the former City of North York and an information sheet for a community meeting organized for "Save Humber River Regional Hospital's Finch Site ('York Finch')."

Community Organization and Planning

File consists of correspondence, newspaper and blog articles, provincial budget calculations, and reports relating to community-led planning and actions. It includes a welcome letter to a condominium apartment at University City, J.D. Hulchanski's analysis of Canadian housing programs, a City of Toronto staff report on the Black Creek West Community Capacity Project and blog posts titled "Handouts for the rich," written by Albert Koehl and "Economy booming for billionaires" by Holly Skylar. It also includes the July 1996 issue of SPC News, centred on the non-profit sector, a Ontario's 1995-1996 child care budget and a summary of a tripartite partnership approach between the Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre, Delta Family Resource Centre and North York Community House. It also includes two articles by Mary Lewis: "Neighbourhoods Under Stress Commentary" and "Article on Community Work in the Jane-Finch Area.

Delta Family Resource Centre

File consists of a commemorative booklet celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Delta Family Resource Centre in 2005. It also contains the meeting summary and evaluation of the Community Conversation Circles and Building Movement Project Workshop combined program at the Delta Family Resource Centre.

district plan 10

File consists of the Metropolitan Toronto Planning Area pilot document for the District 10 Plan, which outlined policies, proposals and administrative responsibilities related to development on a 25-square mile area bounded by Highway 400, Steeles Avenue, Keele Street and Sheppard Avenue.

Downsview Post, Vol. 2, no. 3

File consists of three copies of the Downsview Post, Vol. 2, no. 3. This issue, published in December 2001, differs in content from the issue of Vol. 2, no. 3 originally published in October 2001.

Downsview-Weston Action Community

File consists of a statistics information package compiled by the Downsview-Weston Action Community (DWAC) Statistics Task Force for residents. It features maps, directories and datasets related to Wards 3, 1 and 5 in the Borough of North York.

Downsview-Weston Community

File consists of timelines, proposals and correspondence relating to the Downsview-Weston Community. It includes two copies of "Downsview Weston Action Community History: An Overview of 1973-1983," a proposal relating to a two-year plan for the Downsview-Weston community, and a letter to Daniel Crombie, a clerk working for the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, from B. MacLeod, the City Clerk regarding a development grant for the Downsview West Community Health Centre.

Downview Post, Vol. 2, no. 1

File consists of three numbered issues of the Downsview Post. It includes three copies published in February 2002, three copies published in May 2002 and two copies published in July 2002.

Early Settlers

File consists of news printed news articles and blog posts related to early settler communities in the what became the Downsview community of Toronto. It includes articles on Downs View, the home of John Perkins Bull, which was the namesake of the Downsview area. Information on other historical landmarks such as the George Jackson House, Elia Church, Elia Post Office, Downsview United Church, Rowntree Farm (later the Oakdale Golf and Country Club), Downsview Airforce Base, Beth Am Synagogue, Boakes Grove and Downsview Park are also included in this research file.

Evaluation Report for the Jane-Finch Neighbourhood Outreach Project

File consists of the Ontario Community Education Centre's evaluation report on the Jane-Finch Neighbourhood Outreach Project, which began in 1983. It evaluates the effectiveness of the outreach project, which assigned one project manager and five outreach workers to oversee neighbourhood committees and assist residents in communicating with agencies and institutions.

Glen Gardens Protest

File consists of agendas, meeting minutes, news releases, memos, correspondence, contact lists, posters, and protest sign templates created by the Committee Against Police Brutality. Wanda MacNevin was a member of the Protest March Committee within this larger protest organization.


File consists of academic papers, news articles, blog posts, booklets and diagrams related to the history of the Huron-Wendat Nation in Southern Ontario and the locations of ancestral sites associated with this First Nation in the Downsview community of Toronto. It includes the academic papers "The 1989-90 Excavations at the Parsons Site: Introduction and Retrospect," by Williamson, Cooper and Robertson;"The Parsons Site," by Lanna Crucefix and "Re-Connecting with a Historical Site: On Narrative and the Huron-Wendat Ancestral Village at York University, Toronto, Canada," by Sandberg, Johnson, Gualtieri and Lesage. It includes the news articles "Mapping Toronto's Indigenous roots" by Patty Winsa and "Huron-Wendat Day honours Toronto's First Nation History" by user aanationtalk. It also includes booklets titled "Toronto Purchase Specific Claim: Arriving at an agreement" and "Treaties 1781-1820" by the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation,"Land Rights: A Global Solution forthe Six Nations of the Grand River" by the Six Nations Lands & Resources Department. It includes blog posts on the Parsons Site and a letter addressed "Dear Non-Natives" by Richard Issac of the World Water Protection Coalition. It also includes general research notes compiled by MacNevin and a diagram of a Huron-Iroquois Village from an unnamed source.

Jane Finch Community Research Partnership

File consists of the 2013 conference report for "Connect the Dots," a symposium that brought community residents, local organizations and academics together to discuss academic research conducted in the Jane and Finch Community as part of the Jane Finch Community Research Partnership (JFCRP). It also includes a report from the 2016 symposium in continuation of the JFCRP between York University and the Jane and Finch Community. This file also includes a draft of the York University "Principles for Conducting Research in the Jane Finch Community," which defines the protocols required of researchers before conducting community-based research and the principles expected of York University researchers when engaging with the community.

Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre

File consists of historical summaries and annual reports of the Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre. It also includes testimonials and correspondence with other aid organizations, such as the Children's Aid Society. A testimonial of the work conducted by Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre staff is provided by Mary Lewis, a community development worker for the Children's Aid Society, who worked closely with the Centre's staff.

Jane/Finch Demographic Profile

File consists of a draft of the Jane/Finch Demographic Profile prepared by R.D.M. McMann, a member of the City of North York (?)'s Property & Economic Development Department

Jane/Finch Study

File consists of the "Jane/Finch Youth Study" written by Irene Pengelly in 1978. It was financed by the Metro Children's Aid Society. The "Report on Emergency Shelters" (1978) by Dorothy Goebel is featured in the appendix to this study.

Jane-Finch Commercial Study Township of North York

File consists of two parts of the "Jane-Finch Commercial Study" prepared by the North York Planning Board, published in February and September 1963 respectively. The reports relate to the Township of North York's proposed commercial development plans for District 10. Metropolitan Toronto city planners sought to define and designate land use, a then-experimental development strategy planned to accompany the construction of York University's Keele Campus.

Jasmine Ali Research Notes

File consists of research notes produced by a student named Jasmine Ali. The notes include the researcher's opinions of Joe Freisen, a journalist for the Globe and Mail newspaper, media analyses of the documentaries

Keele Finch Plus Profile Report - Final

File consists of the final version of the "Keele Finch Plus Profile Report prepared by the City of Toronto. The report contains an assessment of demographics and community services in the Keele Street and Finch Avenue West Area through a Community Services and Facilities Study.

Local and Youth Media Attachments

File consists of newspaper clippings, advertisements, posters, charts and other documents related to local media and local youth media. Wanda MacNevin's notations refer to these records collectively as "attachments."

Maria Augimeri Municipal Political Files

File consists of files originally compiled by Maria Augimeri, former North York City Councillor, Metro Toronto City Councillor (Pre-Amalgamation), and Toronto City Councillor. It includes the former City Councillor's speech notes, memos, news releases, reports, correspondence, notices of motion, meeting details and NDP backgrounder documents. Prominent topics include the Yorkwoods Safe Neighbourhood Project, Building Hope Coalition, policing in schools and the case of Brianna Davy.

Metro Days of Action

File consists of agendas, meeting minutes, contact lists, news releases, memos, reports, protest lyric sheets, articles, newspaper clippings and some ephemeria related to the Metro Days of Action and other "fightback" protests organized by the North York Fights Back organizing committee. Metro Days of Action was a protest rally that lasted from October 22 to 26, 1996 and centred on community opposition to the healthcare, economic, social, transit and education policies of Premier Michael Harris' Conservative government. It was followed by smaller organized protests such as the Mega Fightback Rally, centred on the impending amalgamation of the Etobicoke, North York, East York, Scarborough and York with Metropolitan Toronto. Protesters from all constituent parts of the colloquially-dubbed "megacity" opposed the action because of the projected impact that amalgamation would have on their cities.

Metro's Suburbs in Transition Part I: Evolution and Overview

File consists of the 1979 background report "Metro's Suburbs in Transition Part I: Evolution and Overview" by R. Marvyn Novick for the Social Planning Council of Metropolitan Toronto. It also includes an article titled "In Memoriam - A Dear Friend and Colleague Passes: Marvyn Novick" (1940-2016).

Model Schools For Inner City Task Force Report

File consists of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) report titled "Model Schools For Inner City Task Force Report." It describes the members and vision of the Model Schools for Inner City Task Force, the issues they seek to resolve and their model for developing successful students living in low-income neighbourhoods and going to school within the TDSB system.

Norwester, Vol. 0, no. 0 and Vol. 1, nos. 1-3

File consists of four numbered issues of the Norwester, Vols. 0 and 1 and includes one duplicate copy of Vol. 0, no. 0. It also includes one photocopy of a press release written by Tom Kear to introduce the community newspaper to readers.

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