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Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn collection
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File consists of news clippings and magazine articles re. Mendelsohn, immunization and abortion.

Defending your Good Health - Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. & Barbara Sachsel

Item consists of an audio recording made of Dr. Mendelsohn and Barbara Sachsel speaking as part of a panel discussion at a NOHA meeting, and answering audience members' questions. Mendelsohn and Sachsel discuss nutrition, determining the proper dosages of vitamins and prescription drugs, and the importance of patients educating themselves about health through books. Mendelsohn also speaks about the risks of drinking dairy milk, the dangers of x-rays, problems with formal medical education, and the side effects of various prescription drugs (including Premarin, Inderal, Procardia, and Tenormin). Mendelsohn and Sachsel discuss the side effects of various prescription drugs (including Questran and beta blockers) and maintaining heart health. Mendelsohn also speaks about the dangers of caesarean sections, and the risks of surgeries (cataract surgeries, hysterectomies), vaccines, human blood products, and x-rays (as well as mammography and sonography).

NOHA (Nutrition For Optimal Health Association Inc.)

Dr. Mendelsohn with Michael Jackson

Item consists of a recording of a talk radio program hosted by Michael Jackson, in which he interviews Dr. Robert Mendelsohn and Dr. [Lorraine] Stern. Topics of discussion include holistic healthcare, rising infant mortality rates in several U.S. states, and the risks of both hospital and home births. The doctors also answer three questions from listeners (Ann[e], Miriam, and Julie) during the program, on the topics of ear infections in young children and whether or not ultrasounds are safe. Item is a continuation of (ASC17183). Note that while Michael Jackson states the date of the program as January 4th on ASC17183, the tape is marked "12/4/84."

TalkRadio 79 KABC

Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn collection

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  • 1924-1998

Collection consists of promotional material, family documents, correspondence, news clippings, recordings of public lectures, television and radio appearances and newsletters created by or regarding Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn.

Mendelsohn, Dr. Robert S.

Hans Nieper M.D. Medical Seminar

Item consists of an audio recording made of Dr. Mendelsohn speaking at a meeting. It begins abruptly. Mendelsohn refers to presentations made by other speakers, particularly one discussing recently decreasing rates of cardiovascular disease, and introduces Dr. Hans Nieper. He mentions his educational background and introduction to treating cancer cases, and then elaborates on the role of doctors and modern medical practices (such as radiation therapies, prescription drugs, and x-rays) in causing cancer. Mendelsohn compares modern medicine to a religion; and speaks about modern birthing practices, midwifery, breastfeeding, various kinds of surgery,

Medical mistreatment of women

File consists of photocopied news clippings, magazine articles as well as a copy of Michelle Landsberg's published book "Women and Children First: a proactive look at modern Canadian women at work and at home" (Macmillan of Canada, 1982).

Medicine and Judaism

File consists of articles, newsletters, correspondence and news clippings regarding Mendelsohn's interest in the connection between Judaism and the practice of medicine.


Item consists of an audio recording of the "St. Louis Illustrated" television program, in which Jim Bolen interviews Dr. Robert Mendelsohn and Dr. Armand Brodeur. Topics of discussion include Mendelsohn's book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," the dangers of x-rays (which Brodeur disputes), and the side effects of prescription drugs (including Valium).



File consists of a folder marked "miscellaneous" including personal letter written by Mendelsohn to his parents, a copy of his birth announcement, letters to the editor, a copy of his CV, photocopied legal correspondence, news clippings, an application for an internship, material from a congressional hearing and a copy of the Hagadah inscribed by Mendelsohn.

Newsmakers - Dr. R.S. Mendelsohn

Item consists of an audio recording of the "The Newsmakers" radio program hosted by Phil Ross, in which Kim O'Hare interviews Dr. Robert Mendelsohn. Topics of discussion include the dangers of routine annual physical examinations and x-rays (especially chest and dental x-rays), Mendelsohn's book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," cervical cancer risk factors, hospital births and caesarean sections, and problems with surgeries (including hysterectomies, vasectomies, routine circumcisions, and tonsillectomies).



File consists of medical articles, news clippings and newsletters containing material written by Mendelsohn, including a copy of his publication "Mental Retardation: a handbook for the primary physician" co-edited with Julius B. Richmond and Georg Tarjan.

Robert Mendelsohn, MD at NAPSAC

Item consists of a recording of a public lecture by Dr. Mendelsohn at the NAPSAC (National Association of Parents and Professionals for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth) Summit held in Chicago in May 1986.

Academy Communications (Sherman Oaks, CA)


Item consists of a recording made of a woman speaking about various feelings she has experienced recently. She speaks about converting losses into winnings (what she calls "the bridge metaphor", emotional experiences (especially disappointment with regard to the actions/reactions of a man named Harold, and speaking about the issue with a man named Bob), and playing bridge itself.


File consists of documentation, publications, transcripts and other materials related to Mendelsohn's involvement in La Leche League.

RSM books book reviews

File consists of book reviews of Mendelsohn's published works, copies of television broadcast schedules, as well as a Japanese translation of "Confessions of a Medical Heretic."

RSM in memory of

File consists of obituaries, memorial articles and other commemorative news clippings, articles and correspondence regarding the life and legacy of Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn.

Symposium : Medical Care

Item is a recording of a broadcast television episode for Rutgers Office of TV and Radio's "Symposium" titled "Medical Care: what you don't know can harm you." Produced by Manning and directed by Mattaliano. Dr. Mendelsohn is a member of a panel of commentators.

The Late Show starring Joan Rivers LS 870512-154

Item is a recording of a broadcast television episode of "The Late Show starring Joan Rivers" featuring Dr. Mendelsohn as a guest. Also includes Jack Wagner, Vanna White, and comedian Louie Anderson. Includes commercials and promotions for FOX television shows.

Unlabelled cassette tape

Item consists of a recording of radio and possibly television programming, and possibly other background noise/speaking throughout the house. The recording begins with a few sentences of a radio or television program on Bill Clinton, a male voice is heard [from the room where the program is being recorded?], and recording goes silent for a few seconds. It resumes abruptly with a musical interlude recorded from radio, followed by a schedule of upcoming programs on WBEZ Chicago by Carl T. Wright. Carl Cassel then gives news headlines, including the trial of a CIA agent, a brief lull in fighting in Sarajevo, and falling gas prices in the U.S. After a musical interlude, another presenter begins talking about the Democratic National Convention, with extensive noise [from the house?]. The tape then cuts off abruptly. Side B consists of Item consists of an audio recording made of radio station programming, either of 91.8 KOPB Portland or one of the numerous stations that rebroadcasts it. "A Prairie Home Companion's Fall Harvest show is recorded for about 50 minutes of the tape, with a brief interlude of silence. This is followed by a part of "Travel with Rick Steves," which is switched to a woman speaking about NPR. She is cut off by tuning. A station playing [violin] music is arrived at, and plays to the end of the tape.