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The Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada) fonds
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Booklets and publications re: Gurkha history

File consists of publications collected by the GWA(C). Publications by The Gurkha Welfare Trusts include "The Brigade of Gurkhas," printed in 1969, 1971; "Gurkha Officer: A guide to the commission in the Brigade of Gurkhas;" and "My Life Story" by Rambahadur Limbu, VC, 1976. File also contains: Alex Stone, "Indian Campaigns: 1778-1914: A Chronology of the Military and Naval Affairs of India" (London: Spink/The Numismatic Circular)1974; and Maj. (QGO) Lyangsong Lepcha 2 GR, "Sahebs and a Collection of Tales about the Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas" (Hong Kong: Luen Sun Offset Printing Co. Ltd., 1992).

Brief submitted to the Standing Committee on External Affairs & National Defence

File consists of a brief prepared by Maj. Michael Burke which describes the objectives and activities of the GWA(C). The brief includes a breakdown of the charity's expenditure, including the cost of constructing and maintaining water projects, medical centres, irrigation schemes, student scholarships, and famine and fire disaster relief in Nepal. The brief includes labelled photographs showing the activities of the GWA(C) in Nepal.

Canadian Appeal Patrons correspondence

File consists of: correspondence with donors to the Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada) regarding their donations; a brief biography of Lord Harding of Petherton; and correspondence with Commander William Willett of Buckingham Palace, requesting interest in a royal visit to the Warriors Day Parade on 16 August 1975.

Charity audit

File consists of records related to an audit of The Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada), including registered charity information returns for 1998, 2000 and 2001, and an information circular sent by Revenue Canada which explains records retention requirements under the Income Tax Act.

Completion report on Blind School Dharan

File consists of the completion report for the Dharan Blind School, which includes a description of the project, a summary of expenditure, and a photo series showing the completed school and playground, buffaloes, refurnished dining room, children at morning assembly, and members of the school staff. File also contains an unrelated file: the seating plan and schedule of the 16th annual meeting of the managing trustees of the Gurkha Welfare Trusts, held by Ellice and Rosa H. McDonald, president and vice-president of the Gurkha Welfare Trust (USA) and attended by the committee members of the GWA(C) and Charles, Prince of Wales, 21 February 1992.

Dharan Blind School

File consists of photographs of the Dharan Blind School which show: areas which need improvement such as in the dining room, washing place, and printing press; pupils in the classrooms; the dormitory; and exterior views of the staff quarters, the eye clinic building, the patient ward, the staff quarter's kitchen, the watchman house, and the vocational workshop.

Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada) annual report

File consists of a bound book of documents which includes: an agenda for an annual meeting, 9 December 1988; minutes of an annual meeting, 16 December 1987; Secretary's report and financial statement for 1987/1988; Nepal Program Report Phase 13, 1987-1988; proposed draft budget submission for 1989-1990; CIDA evaluation of the Nepal Programme; Gurkha Welfare Trust (UK) report, January 1987; report on Nepal earthquake disaster, 21 August 1988; miscellaneous correspondence regarding CIDA's future policy; and an annual report of Gurkha Welfare Trust Foundation (USA) for 1987/1988.

GWA (C) meeting minutes, reports, budgets, addresses

File consists of: a meeting agenda, 1982; minutes of the annual meeting, 15 December 1980; the Secretary's report and audited financial statement for 1980/1981; Gurkha Welfare Trust's (UK) 12th meeting minutes and reports on Gurkha Welfare Trust Foundation (USA) and Gurkha Welfare Trust (Canada); the 'CEDAR' budget for Phase 7, 1981-1982; a proposed Gurkha Welfare Trust (Canada) programme budget for 1982/1983; a planned band tour to CNE and 'Ontario 1982' of 7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles Pipes and Drums, 1982; and contact information of managing trustees.

GWA (C) Pokhara wind-up : secretary's file

File consists of records related to the charity audit and the closing of the GWA(C) Pokhara office in Nepal. File also includes correspondence, invoices, and health product brochures which were created and accumulated due to the failing health and death of Lt. Upendrabahadur Gurung, the Administrative Officer of the GWA(C).

G.W.F. Council A.G.M. reports for meeting

File consists of: a report submitted for the annual general meeting of the Gurkha Welfare Fund Council (UK), detailing the construction projects of the GWA(C) in 2002/2003; a report by Colonel R.C. Rutherford, the Chairman of the Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada), summarizing the activities of the GWA(C); a photocopy of an award for Milau Gurung for outstanding studies in mathematics at Weatherford College; a photocopy of a Certificate of Service for Motibahadur Gurung issued at Gurung's retirement in 1992; meeting minutes of the Gurkha Welfare Fund Council, 8 May 2003; and a financial statement for the Gurkha Welfare Trust Foundation (USA) Inc. for the year 2002.

Maps of Nepal

File consists of maps which show the locations of the Area Welfare Centres (AWCs) of the Gurkha Welfare Scheme and the cultural and administrative territories of Nepal.

"McManus file" 1975 : General G. Kitchings (Chairman) file

File consists of papers written by Brigadier A.A. Dacre, addressed to Maj. Jock McManus in reply to his criticism of the charity's overhead costs and alleged ineffectiveness, March 1975. The papers were forwarded to Maj. Michael Burke by Brigadier P.O. Meyers, Secretary to the Managing Trustees of the Gurkha Welfare Trust (UK). File also contains: Maj. Burke's response to Maj. McManus's criticisms, appended to copies of earlier documents which support Burke's argument; Maj. McManus's defense of his earlier comments, May 1975; and an application for financial support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for a three-year program in Nepal, April 1975.

Miscellaneous documents and the 1988 Dharan earthquake etc.

File consists of a bound book which contains: a report submitted by Dr. J. Donald Morin, a professor of opthalmology at the University of Toronto, describing his visit to Nepal in November 1985; a notice of designation as a charitable organization by Revenue Canada; advertisements soliciting donations for the GWA(C); mailing addresses and telephone numbers of managing trustees, 1982; minutes of annual general meeting of GWA(C), 20 November, 1978; correspondence with charitable foundations soliciting donations for the 1988 earthquake relief; submission for an earthquake disaster grant, August 1988; and news clippings and advertisements about the 1988 earthquake relief effort.

Photo album

File consists of photographs which show: a visit by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip circa 1980; Maj. Michael Burke on cruise ship and visit to Nepal, 1992; Maj. Burke on an earlier visit to Nepal; photographs of a formal dinner party with Gurkhas in Toronto circa 1973; the beginning of the Warrior's parade at the Canadian National Exhibition, 1973; a dinner event attended by Prince Charles, Field Marshal and Ellice and Rosa H. McDonald of Gurkha Welfare Trust (USA), 1992; photographs of Hon. Allan McKinnon, Hon. John Matheson, and Bill Kempling, M.P. taken at the Gurkha war cemeteries, in Rimini and Cassino, Italy. File also contains: a Christmas card from Maj. Burke to Carol Burke, written in Cyprus, 1955; a note written by Rosa H. McDonald about a dinner party in 1998; and a postcard from New Delhi, India, 3 April 1994;

Photographs : Area Welfare Centres : exteriors

File consists of photographs which show the exteriors of Area Welfare Centres in Nepal. The welfare centres shown are: Kaski,
Okhaldhunga, Surkhet, Damauli, Syangja, Palpa (Tanseng), Butwal, Chitwan, Libang, Bessishahar, and Gulmi. The welfare centres in East Nepal are Dharan, Bagmati, Phijim, Jirikhimiti, Taple Jung, Bhojpur, Khanjbari, Jiktel, Khotang, Pirti, Libang, Bessishahar, and Gulmi.

Photographs : Gurkha parade and celebration, Exhibition Place, Toronto

File consists of photographs taken at the Warrior's Parade at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto and the fundraising reception after the parade. Photographs show Gurkha Brigades marching in uniform; Ontario Premier Bill Davis with Maj.Michael Burke, holding a Kukri; and Field Marshal Allan Francis "John" Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton, as the guest of the reception.

Photographs : Gurkha Welfare Appeal event

File consists of photographs taken during a fundraising event which included the committee members of the GWA(C), including: Rosie Rosati, Harry Gazey, Maj. Michael Burke, Lt. Gen. Guy Simonds, John Harvey, Mort Whyte and Charlie Kewen. File also includes a newspaper clipping related to the event.

Photographs : meeting of the Victoria branch

File consists of an assorted collection of photographs. The photographs show: uniformed Gurkhas marching and playing music at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, 1973; fundraising dinners and other social events, attended by Lt. Rambahadur Limbu, Maj. Michael Burke, Rosa H. MacDonald of the Gurkha Welfare Trust (USA), Brigadier A.A. Dacre; the last meeting of the Victoria branch of the Old Contemptibles Association, 1977. A portion of the photographs were sent by the former president of the Victoria, British Columbia, branch of the Old Contemptibles Association, which was an organization of veterans of the British Expeditionary Forces who served in World War I. The branch disbanded in 1977 and turned over their funds to the GWA(C). File also includes newspaper clippings and a letter from the former president of the branch.

Photographs : water projects in Nepal

File consists of: unlabeled photographs from a trip to Nepal by Maj. Michael Burke; 7 photographs of illustrations of Gurkha fighters; and photographs of the water projects labelled, Khotang (Diktel), Lamjung, Palpa, Myagdi, Bagung, Nepane Thana, Neka Bamtibhandar, Kholtepani, Simle Bhodeni, Nangkholyang, and Jayakhani, 1984-1987.

Re: appointment to the Order of Canada

File consists of communication between Richard Boily of the Chancellery of Honours and Lt. Upendra B. Gurung, the Administrative Officer of the GWA(C) in Pokhara, Nepal. The correspondence concerns Maj. Michael Burke's possible appointment to the Order of Canada. Lt. Upendra B. Gurung's communication includes a detailed list of Maj. Burke's activities in Nepal and a recommendation for his nomination.

Road project at AWC Dharan and other Welfare Centres

File consists of photographs of Area Welfare Centres (AWCs) in Nepal. Photographs show: the construction of a 110 m long road at Dharan, 1999; construction works at Chitwan; renovation project at AWC Kaski, 1995; renovation projects at Rapti, Butwal, Tehrathum, Khandbari, Bhojpur, Gorka, Lamjung, Tanahun, and Diktel; visits to Bagmati in 1995 and to Phidium, Simonds House, and McDonald Annex (Guest House) in 1999.

Souvenirs for sale

File consists of souvenirs which were sold for the benefit of the GWA(C): four tea towels decorated with images of Gurkhas, and a plaque with the Gurkha symbol of two Kukris.

Special project at blind school in Dharan

File consists of photographs which show improvements made on the Blind School in Dharan, including the construction of a covered walkway, the introduction of buffaloes and construction of a buffalo shed, new furniture for the dining hall, and new sets of knitting machines.

Submission for funding from CIDA

File consists of a submission to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) which details the current status of the GWA(C), its activities, and its goals for the future. File also contains the text of an advertisement soliciting donations for the Gurkha Welfare Trust (UK).

The Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada) fonds

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  • 1970-2014, predominant 1973-2004

Fonds consists of textual records created and accumulated by Maj. Burke in his role as Secretary of the Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada). Files related to the operations of the GWA(C) in Canada include financial statement, reports, audits, meeting minutes. The fonds also contains copies of reports, meeting minutes, newsletters, and promotional material for the Gurkha Welfare Trust in the United Kingdom. Files related to the promotion of the GWA(C) in Canada also include photographs, souvenir items, post cards, and maps and other material related to Nepal tourism. Files related to the projects of the GWA(C) in Nepal, including the Area Welfare Centres, schools for the blind, bridges, and water projects, consist of records such as photographs, maps, and reports. The fonds also contains published material including booklets and pamphlets about the Gurkhas and a copy of a Ph.D. dissertation on Gurkha history. Fonds also contains two medals, a plaque, military lapel pins, and three videocassettes.

The Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada)

Tourism maps and brochures : Nepal

File consists of: a guide map of Nepal printed by Trans Himalayan Tour Pvt. Ltd.; a map of Nepal which indicates the locations of the activities of the Gurkha Welfare Scheme; a brochure which describes the temples of Nepal, 1974; and a geographical map of Nepal, 1992.

Video cassettes : Kukri drills and "Gurkhas of Nepal"

File consists of video recordings of "The Gurkhas" documentary on "60 Minutes" (CBS) (16 min.) and footage of Kukri demonstrations by the Bando Kukri Drill Teams from Atlanta, Georgia, Connecticut, Washington, D.C. and Ohio, an individual Kukri drill competition, and a demonstration by the Chindit Cobra Company Drill Team (46 min., 30 sec.). File also contains a recording of "Gurkhas of Nepal" (1983), directed by Vic Sarin (26 min.).