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Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell fonds
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"A Woman from Japan" : by Harry Campbell

File consists of a document created by Harry Campbell to memorialize his late wife, Sylvia, which tells her life story, 2005. The file also includes a one-page biography written by her daughter, Bonnie Campbell, dated 9 August 2015.

Adjusting to culture shock

File consists of: a document titled "Adjusting to culture shock" distributed by the Canadian Executive Service Overseas as material for CESO volunteers; lists of popular books in Western literature likely intended for a English as a Second Language reading group; and an article written by Sylvia Campbell titled "On the Aims of Higher Education."

Atkinson Career Counselling for Women

File consists of advertising posters and schedules for workshops offered by Atkinson Counselling Services and a document of collected testimonies of participants in the Second Career seminar, submitted to the editor of the Baloon newspaper, 1975.

AUCC Adam : paper proposal for 1971 meeting

File consists of a paper prepared for the annual meeting of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, titled, "A Profile of Women in Canadian Universities" by June Adam, a professor of psychology at the University of Calgary. File also includes a critique of the paper by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell, and a letter from her colleague, Marion Royce, regarding her critique.

Brief to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada

File consists of: a program for the Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation's (UUWF) conference on women, held at Glendon College, York University, 5-7 June 1970; a press release from the UUWF regarding the conference; annotated copies of a brief to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada, presented by the Canadian Association for Adult Education, March 1968; a copy of the Catholic Women's League of Canada's Submission to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada, July 1968; and newspaper clippings.

Canadian Academy, Kobo, Japan

File consists of material related to the Canadian Academy, an English-language school in Kobe, Japan. Material includes: a bulletin of information, 1986-1987; correspondence related to a visit to the school by Sylvia and Harry Campbell, 1986; issues of the Canadian Academy Newsletter, September/October 1986; a copy of the Alumni Review (Vol.1, No.1, spring 1987); material related to alumni reunions in 1976, 1981, and 1988; a thank you card from an attendee of the alumni reunion; a handwritten correspondence with an alumni; lyrics to Canadian Academy school songs; an itinerary of a trip to Japan, 29 August 1983; a program for the Canadian Academy reunion, 14-15 May 1983; a list of pre-war students and staff, August 1983; a document describing a brief history of the Canadian Academy, prepared for the Canadian Academy Reunion, June 1977; and newspaper clippings.

Central Toronto Housing Study

File consists of a study conducted for the Metropolitan Toronto Housing Authority by the Housing Section of the Research Division of the Metropolitan Toronto Planning Board, titled, "Central Toronto Housing Study: a special study of the area between Bathurst Street and the Don River, south of Bloor Street."

Comparative Education Paper for discussion group

File consists of a draft and final version of a working paper by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell comparing educational systems in Europe and notes about the educational system and Home and School Association in France. File also includes a letter to the editor of the New Statesman and Nation, regarding the suicide of the Canadian diplomat Herbert Norman, 4 April 1957.

Contacts, notes, and book lists

File consists of personal contact information for individuals, universities, women's associations, counselling and guidance centres, student aid organizations, and government offices with which Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell was in contact. The file also includes the bibliography of a colleague's doctoral thesis.

Correspondence : other than North American and British

File consists of correspondence with individuals, government departments, and university departments in Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Critical skills for the '80s

File consists of records related to public hearings for the Task Force on Employment Opportunities for the 1980s, which took place in Toronto, 26-27 January 1981. Records include a list of witnesses appearing for the hearings, a submission to the task force written by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell, and print-out biographical notes of members of parliament.

Discussion on education for counselors

File consists of: a summary of a report on education for counselors sent to the Dean of Atkinson College, McCormack Smyth, 11 April 1966; and two addresses delivered by John J. Deutsch, Chairman of the Economic Council of Canada, and F. Kenneth Hare, Master of Birkbeck College, to Atkinson College, 5 May 1967.

European Library Study Tour

File consists of notes and photographs related to a tour of European libraries, guided by Sylvia and Harry Campbell, for a group of friends. File includes photographs taken by Mary Wilhelm.

Federation of Uni. Women : university women's clubs

File consists of: a report on married women graduates created by the South Shore University Women's Club in Montreal; outline for a lecture given at the Eastern Ontario regional conference of the Canadian Federation of University Women, Cornwall, Ontario, 15 October 1965; a program and newspaper clipping related to the conference; a report of the Seminar Committee describing the Seminar on Continuing Education for University Women Graduates, held at York University, 29 May 1965. and notes and correspondence related to the Eastern Ontario regional conference.

Home and school association

File consists of records related to the John Ross Robertson Home and School Association. Records include: a "Grade Mother List" of teachers, 1958-1959; lists of the members of the Home and School Association Executive Committee, 1959-1961; a memorandum to Jean Morrison, regarding parent education films; a description of the Parent Education Project, chaired by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell, May-June 1963; memoranda from Mary Hornell, President of the John Ross Robertson Home and School Association, regarding after-school film showings organized by the Audio Visual Committee, 1963; notes on the four films shown in the program, "Preface to Life," "Roots of Happiness," "Are People Sheep?" and"Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?"; a generic mail-out letter from the York Centre New Democratic Party Riding Association; a document titled, "My Number is 29, My Name is Rajeswari" in which Campbell critiques the Home and School Association's care for its adopted children, 1962; a program for the Home and School Association's convention at the Royal York, 1962; speaking notes for a panel discussion on "The Home and School Association and its Responsibilities," 25 April 1962; and a memo on "Teacher's Training" for the Education Committee of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE).

Housing for old people

File consists of records documents created by the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, related to housing for the elderly in Toronto. Records include: a map of downtown Toronto, showing the area between Bathurst Street and the Don River, south of Bloor Street; memoranda from the City of Toronto Planning Board regarding the Don and Yorkville planning districts and Alexandra Park, 24 May; an annual report by the Metropolitan Toronto Housing Authority, 1959; a spreadsheet detailing limited-dividend loan activity under the National Housing Act between 1946 and 1960; articles regarding housing for the elderly by Humphrey Carver, Lewis Mumford, P.R.U. Stratton, William S. Goulding, Jean Thompson, and Jane Jacobs; project details for retirement homes in Victoria, Swift Current, Regina, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Montreal, and Toronto, 1958; a list of films on the topic of elderly housing; and a brochure.

Humber College Centre for Women

File consists of records relating to the Centre for Women at Humber College for Applied Arts and Technology Records include: correspondence regarding the "Opportunity for Change" program, January-March 1973; a program booklet on the Centre for Women, September 1972; a report on the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Conference, Accent on Woman, 16 June 1972; brochures and a newsclipping; and an issue of the Centre for Women news magazine, September 1976.

Humber surveys

File consists of a report on a survey, completed at Humber College, of the education-training opportunities for women in the Boroughs of York and Etobicoke.

Kwansei Gakuin University : Hideko Kikumoto

File consists of: stickers from Kwansei Gakuin University; photographs of Harry and Sylvia Campbell, Stephen H. Heeney, and Bruce L. Barnet, visiting a grave; a Chinese-language brochure on the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, 1988; correspondence between Harry Campbell and Makoto Fujita, Executive Director of the university; photographs of Hideko Kikumoto; an issue of the Canadian Academy Alumni Review (Vol. 2, No. 1, fall/winter 1991); a letter from the registrar of Victoria University, University of Toronto, inviting Harry Campbell for a membership on the Chancellor's Council, 1 October 1991; brochures for Kwansei Gukui University Library; and lists of alumni from the Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan, 1981, 1985.

Mature student advisors

File consists of records related to the establishment of the "Second Chance" program for mature students at York, which offered new mature students counselling and connected them with current mature students. Records include correspondence; book excerpts related to mature student education; notes for the Mature Student Services Committee; a newspaper clipping about the Committee from the York Gazette, 10 October 1980; a telephone directory for mature student services staff; a draft version and completed mature women students' questionnaire; and a copy of meeting notes for a meeting on Mature Women Students, held 2 April 1980.

McMaster, Status of Women

File consists of a report and petition to McMaster University, created by the Group for Equal Rights at McMaster, titled, "The Status of Women at McMaster University," 1 October 1971. File also includes a letter and response from Dr. Lynn McDonald, associate professor of sociology at McMaster University and co-author of the report.

Meeting minutes : "changing roles of men and women" : Grace MacInnis, comments on day care, and the Rights of the Child

File consists of a document entitled, "Implications of the Changing Role of Women for College Counselling;" minutes for a meeting of the Committee of Atkinson Counselling Services to discuss "Changing Roles of Men and Women," held 9 April 1974; a list of lectures for the Second Career seminar; comments on the Day Care Task Force Report, January 1972 and the Report of the Daycare Planning Committee, written by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell, February 1972; a report detailing the work of the Atkinson College Counselling Services and a request for additional staff, February 1978; and a report on the Rights of the Child, written by the Royal Swedish Social Welfare Board, sent to Campbell in 1963.

Nanjing University Library School

File consists of: records related to a visit to Canada by Tongqing Guo, a student from Nanjing University, China, including an itinerary, notes, and Guo's resume; a photograph of Guo and a postcard addressed to Harry Campbell; a bilingual brochure for Nanjing Library; clippings from Chinese-language newspapers; computer printouts of book catalogs written in Chinese; a circular describing the University of Toronto Faculty of Library and Information Science distributed by Nanjing University; a bilingual brochure of Nanjing University; and correspondence from Nanjing University regarding an invitation to Harry Campbell to lecture to students in the Department of Documentation and Information Science.

National Women's Organizations report, seminar, and report from US Dept of Labor

File consists of a report created by the Canadian Women's Bureau of the Department of Labour on national women's organizations; an article from Chatelaine magazine, "70 Best Jobs for Homemakers Returning to Work," November 1963; a report by the Women's Bureau of the United States Department of Labor, titled, "Why Continuing Education Programs for Women?"; and a program for a seminar on continuing education for women university graduates, held by the Canadian Federation of University Women, at York University, 29 May 1965.

Notes, photographs, card, and questionnaires from teaching at the University of Science and Technology China

File consists of class notes taken during Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell's visit to China as a teacher at the University of Science and Technology in China. File also includes: questionnaires completed by the students in which they introduce themselves and outline their goals for learning English; photographs of Campbell with several of her students; and a thank you card signed by her students.

OACE-Wuhan Friendship dinner, Atkinson College Council Report Ad Hoc Committee on Intercultural Relations, directories

File consists of: the schedule and attendance list of the Ontario Association for Continuing Education (OACE) and Wuhan, China, Friendship dinner, held at Hart House, 1 March 1985; a report on the programme committee of the Atkinson College Council, 19 March 1980; an attendance list and notes for the Ad Hoc Committee on Intercultural Relations, 14 January 1981; a directory of mature student services at York University and a list of resources for women at York University; lists of female faculty members at York University, 1977; and a list of women's groups at York University, 1976.

Occupational training part 2 : ECL report

File consists of a document titled, "Occupational Training Part 2," created by the Education Centre Library of the Toronto Board of Education. The report summarizes research on occupational training for youth in England and Western Europe.

Ontario Women's Bureau

File consists of records related to the Ontario Women's Bureau, including: brochures; the Women's Bureau newsletter (Vol.1.1. No.3, December 1976; its mission statement; a document summarizing a "Plan for Action;" fact sheets of women's labour statistics in Ontario; a paper prepared for the 1972 Annual Meeting of American Statistical Association by Elizabeth Neville and Katherine Eastham, 14-17 August 1972; and newspaper clippings.

Ontario Women's Bureau

File consists of: a report created by the Ontario Status of Women Council which summarizes data collected about women and post-secondary education in Ontario; the minutes of the third annual Ontario Status of Women Council meeting, 14 November 1974; and two memorandum sent by the Secretariat for Social Development.

Part-time employment

File consists of documents which describe the advantages and disadvantages of permanent employment of fewer than thirty-five hours a week, including a report written by Jean Hallaire for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which analyzes labour trends in Europe.

Personal History

File consists of material related to Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell's personal history, including: copies of her resume; portrait photographs taken in her youth and in 1985; biographical sketches, undated; and a cover letter for her application to the Master's program in Adult Education.

Piaget paper : article, drafts, editing

File consists of drafts and the final copy of the article, "An Introduction to the Work of Jean Piaget," written by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell, 24 November 1964. File also includes notes on Japanese art, written in her daughter Robin's exercise book, January 1963, and newspaper clippings.

Research notes

File consists of research notes, written on reused punch cards, which were likely created by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell in the course of writing her master's thesis, "An Exploratory Study of Selected Canada Manpower Centres in Ontario."

Second Career Seminar

File consists of material related to the Second Career Seminar for women interested in returning to work or changing careers. Records includeg: handwritten speaking notes for Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell's presentation, "What do I want? How do I get there?" delivered at a York University conference on degree studies for adult students, 24 October 1981; a speech on "Higher Education for Women" delivered at the York University Higher Education Conference, 24 May 1980; speaking notes for a lecture on "Women Re-entering the Workforce" delivered to All Saints, Kingsway Mother's Club, 14 January 1981; speaking notes for a lecture on "Women Returning to Work," to a life skills class at Stephen Leacock high school, 27 May 30; and a lecture written by Campbell titled, "Sex and the Adult Student," undated.

Second Career Seminar

File consists of records related to the "Second Career" seminar at York University for women interested in re-entering the workplace. Records include: notes on conversation with Mrs. Russell Baldwin of the Weston University Women's Club; correspondence with Delmar McCormack Smyth, Dean of Atkinson College, and Marion Royce of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), regarding the creation of the "Second Career" seminar, November 1967; the course proposal for the Second Career seminar, proposed by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell; a document describing the course proposal in greater detail, including its methodology; a copy of the speech for the "commencement" lecture, 15 May 1968; two-page report on the demographics of the course participants; a report on the Second Career Guidance Seminar for Mature Women, 14 February - 15 March 1968; a memorandum from the Administration of Continuing Education Programmes in York University, 6 August 1968; meeting notes; a brief to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada, presented by the participants of the Second Career seminar, 5 December 1968; and notes from a meeting held with the participants of the seminar after the completion of the course, 12 June 1969. File also includes clippings and a brochure for the Centennial College special program for women "A Challenge to Change," 28 January to 8 April 1969.

Social work

File consists of: notes based on interviews with Margaret Kirkpatrick and Helen Marshall at the Toronto School of Social Work; and a note based on an interview with Russell Jolliffe at Ryerson Institute of Technology, 26 March 1965; notes from the Toronto branch membership meeting of the Canadian Association of Social Workers, 8 April 1965; and a copy of an essay by John Spencer, professor of Social Work at the University of Toronto, entitled, "Education for Work in the Welfare and Other Human Service Professions," 1963.

Speaking notes

File consists of speaking notes for lectures on "Mid-Career Change for Housewives" and "Career Counselling for Women," delivered to groups which include: Ryerson Institute of Technology, 1978; Women's Charitable Organization, 2 April 1979; the Ontario Pharmacists Association, 8 February 1979; and the CBC Women's Association, 1 June 1974.

Speaking notes

File consists of typewritten notes for speeches which Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell delivered to various audiences. These notes include speeches delivered to: York University students, September 1969; the Canadian University Counselling Association, 18 June 1969; to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), 3 September 1969; the Faculty Wives Association at York University, 11 February 1969; Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 9 February 1969; a panel discussion on the Status of Women held by the Catholic Women's League, 25 February 1969; the Queen's University Faculty Women's Club, 20 November 1968; the Canadian Federation of Women, Guelph, 28 March 1967; and a study club, 4 February 1967. File also includes a report written by Campbell describing the Second Career seminar, submitted to the Centre for Continuing Education at York University, 1968.

File also includes a brochure for a special program for women at Centennial College, entitled, "A Challenge to Change in '70," 1970; notes and a study guide to "Obedience," the film produced by Stanley Milgram, Professor of Psychology at the City University of New York based on his experiment on obedience to authority, clipped to a Globe and Mail article regarding concerns about fascism, 1969; the first page of a book review of "Dahlstrom: The Changing Roles of Men and Women" (1967) and Campbell's notes on the book; questionnaires for mature students, 7 February 1967; and a copy of the Bulletin, the newsletter of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services, which includes an article by Campbell, "Implications of the Changing Role of Women for College Counselling," 1974.

Support services for women

File consists of notes on "Needs of Working Mothers for Community Child Care Services," a research study by Jean R. Woodsworth, 1962, newspaper clippings, and a note related to the need for day-care centres.

Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell bursary

File consists of records related to the Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell Bursary, offered by Victoria College at the University of Toronto. Records include: correspondence from the Manager of Student Awards, regarding the recipients, Miyako Ogasawara (2001), Mashiko Kawase (2004), Aya Higashi (2006), and Masako Tanaka (2008); and end-of-the-year financial statements of the endowment account between 2000 and 2008.

Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell bursary funds

File consists of cards, notes, and correspondence related to the Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell Bursary. Material includes cards from Hideko Kikumoto and Keiichi Hiramo; a list of donors and dollar amounts; correspondence between Henry Campbell and Kenneth R. Thompson, Registrar of Victoria University, University of Toronto; correspondence between Harry Campbell and the United Church Archives, September 1989; correspondence with Kwansei Gakuin University, August 1989; correspondence with donors; and a photocopy of text describing the H.F. Woodsworth Scholarship, offered by Victoria College in 1944-1945.

Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell fonds

  • F0678
  • Fonds
  • 1935-2015, predominant 1958-1988

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell, predominantly during her work as a guidance counselor and educator at Atkinson College, focusing on programs for continuing education for women re-entering the workforce or changing careers. Included are submissions and papers she authored, research notes, correspondence both personal and professional, clippings, reports pertaining to the work on the Status of Women, her Masters thesis which she submitted in 1976, and her diplomas. Also included are files pertaining to an educational bursary/scholarship established in her honour at Victoria College, University of Toronto.

Campbell, Sylvia Woodsworth

Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell Scholarship

File consists of correspondence between Harry Campbell and Makoto Fujita of Kwansei Gakuin University, 1990, regarding the Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell Scholarship. File also includes an announcement for an event to celebrate the first recipient of the scholarship, Hideko Kikumoto, and photographs taken at the event.

Talks on Canada : CCFA

File consists of notes and correspondence relating to a lecture by Norman Penner on "Canadian Politics and Political Parties," held at the International Student Centre, University of Toronto, 2 April 1986, and a discussion after showing the film "Helicopter Canada." The lectures were organized by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell and the Canada-China Friendship Association for Chinese students.

Talks reference material

File consists of: a letter to Helen Morley; notes describing the results of Canadian federal elections, meant for use by a study club; and a selection of famous quotes.


File consists of issues of the Continuing University Education (C.U.E.) bulletin issued by the Dean of Women's Office at the University of British Columbia, (November 1971, January 1973- April 1974); a document sent by the assistant to the Dean of Women which details the statistics on mature women students at UBC, 29 May 1968; and the submission to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada, submitted by the UBC Committee of Mature Women Students, March 1968.

"Unfinished Business' by Esther Raushenbush

File consists of a lecture on women's education by Esther Raushenbush, Director of the Center for Continuing Education at Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York. The lecture, "Unfinished Business," was delivered at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.

University of Science and Techology : China

File consists of: samples of writing in English and completed introductory questionnaires by Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell's Chinese students at the University of Science and Technology of China; correspondence in English and Chinese; bilingual brochures from Peking University, Da Hua Guest House, Hefei, and the University of Science and Technology of China; photocopied pages from a brochure on Anhui University; pencil sketches of places in China; two issues of Beijing Review magazine (Vol. 27, no. 11 and 12, 12-19 March 1984); and newspaper clippings.

Update on York community services for Status of Women

File consists of: a brief submitted by a group of individuals, including Sylvia Woodsworth Campbell, to the Commission on Post-Secondary Education, regarding the Education of Women, 1 January 1971; a report on the Legal Problems of Employing Women in Universities, developed by the University of Michigan; and updates on recommendations made to York Community Services in 1975, submitted in June 1982.

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