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Jeanette Heller fonds
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File contains a newspaper clipping pertaining to Celia Franca's death and Baryshnikov bringing Swan Lake to TOPA, an American Ballet Theatre program with a sheet insertion pertaining to tour expenses, notes for a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream by the New York City Ballet spring season in 1994.

Complimentary souvenir booklet : U.S. armed forces recreation centre

File contains photographs with captions of the US army's Berchtesgadener Hof Hotel in Bavaria, Hitler's residence (Berghof) on the Obersalzberg mountain, Salzburg with the fortress in the background, a view from the alphine strasse, the American Lake Hotel at Chiemssee, and a view of Garmisch from a cable car.

Correspondence : Muriel Palmer

File consists of correspondence pertaining to the death of Heller's mother, the 'gay nineties' chorus photograph in the Globe and Mail's newsletter, and contains the April 1958 issue of “The Inside Story: about the people who produce”, the Globe and Mail newsletter.

Education : certificates and report cards

File contains certificate for typewriting and penmanship, an honorary citizen certificate from the Governing Board of Boys Town, Toronto public school certificate of honor (regularity, punctuality of attendance, and good attendance), Collegiate Institutes High Schools and Continuation Schools of Ontario certificate, the Board of Education for the City of Toronto honour standing certificate, a student report from the George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology, and handwritten essay on fashion.


File includes an issue of “The Canadian : Missing History : Tracking down the homes of our PMs” by the Toronto Star (20 May 1978) and newspaper clippings pertaining to figs and an evaluation of thirty-two presidents.

Jeanette Heller fonds

  • F0542
  • Fonds
  • 1907-2011, 1930-1965 predominant

Fonds documents Jeanette Heller's activities as a dancer and career in entertainment with records primarily pertaining to her life as a Roxyette (Rockette), USO troupe dancer during World War II and the Korean War, and employee of many dance companies including the American Repertory Theatre Group. Records consist of photographs, newspaper clippings, programmes, annotated maps, correspondence, contracts, and a collection of Jewish recipes.

Heller, Jeanette

Jewish community

File contains Globe and Mail article “Cruelty to Jews seen in Toronto (11 January 1944) which references Heller as Miss JH, a Christmas carton titled “seasoned greetings from Yenta Claus”, a booklet on the history of Israel's seafarers, travel programs from the Zim Israel Navigation company produced in 1966.

Jewish community

File contains newspaper clippings including an article on the Royal Canadian Henley with a picture featuring Aubrey Heller and an article written by Mark Heller in the Globe and Mail, an issue of the Ontario Urban Development Institute (vol. 1, issue 12), publications by the Israel Government Tourist Corporation, a post card of the SS Shalom of the Zim Lines fleet, an issue of Montreal's the Senior Times (volume ix, number 1, 5 October 1994) featuring Red Skelton on the cover,

Les Folies

File contains photocopied newspaper articles, a photocopy of a pin up photo of Heller, and a print of “The spirit of maimnoides” signed by Harry Shapiro.


File contains a map of Korea (1945), British Railways (1961), Urugay and Brazil (ca. 1961?), the United States (ca. 1937?), Railway map of Japan (1946), Latest Map of the United States (ca. 1930S?), and the Military Map of the United States by the Progression Union Pacific Railroad (1942).

News clipping : Coliseum Chorus pageant

Items consists of article from the Toronto Daily Start titled “'Mid dazzling lights and a riot of color, coliseum chorus born” about the CNE which features a photo of Heller (uncredited).

News clippings and correspondence

File includes material pertaining to Red Skeleton, Jewry, and health, and also includes addresses of individuals, cartoons, and collected ephemera.

Pension credit

Item consists of table calculating years of service, salaries, and pension credit from 1969 to 1979.

Photo album 1

File contains collected ephemera including a calendar and a signed head shot from Darleen Valentine.

Photo album 1 : cartoons

File includes correspondence, photocopies, news clippings, and photographs of Fred and Shirley Lasswell (Snuffy Smith)(Red Ryder).

Photo album 2

File includes photographs of Mickey, Eunice, and Aubrey Heller; Lawrence, Better Merle Smith, Ira Smith, Sherry and Tim, and Mandy and David. File also includes postcard from Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Photo album 2

File includes photographs of the Roxyettes and Jeanette Heller taken at the Beverley Hills Country Club, Camden, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Photo album 2

File includes photographs of USO Unit 944 in Tokyo and Hospital Unit , Heller in Toronto, Dorothy Harber, and Niagara Falls.

Photo album 2

File includes newspaper clipping of Mrs. Lena Heller's (mother) obituary and train and bus tickets. File includes photographs of Jeanette Heller, Tamara Venmar (Costumer at the American Ballet Theatre), Central Park, New Jersey, and Florida, and Lebanon.

Photo album 2

File includes an invitation from the Ambassador of the United States to members of the Theatre Guild American Repertory Company and photographs of Miami Beach, New York, Gale Sondergaard from the “Best of Everything” soap opera, Eugene Heller, Will Rogers, Marie Tokarski, Shirley and Basso Lasswell, Rose Newgarden, Adam Flomen's Bar Mitzvah, Myra Rein (cousin), and Toronto.

Photo album 2

File includes a newspaper clipping of Heller children in the Toronto Star, a greeting card from the Krasnows, TOPA, Laurus Miller, Dorothy Cohen, Toronto, Florida, Niagara Falls, the American Ballet Theatre, the Kowakien Hakone Hotel in Japan, Ontario Place, Greenwood race track, Sonya Chaplia, Montreal, Beatrice Friedmen, Julia Harris, Jack Friedman, Quebec Adrondacks, Stacey Heller, the National Ballet, Anne Ditchburn, China, Jan Scott, Alec Robert, Japan, Hawaii, Miriam Heller, Barbara Heller, David Heller, Lisa Heller, Chicago, CBC, Lulla Franklin, Fred Lasswell, Alec Haisley, Jason Forino, and Ian Haisley.

Photo album 2

File includes photographs of TOPA, National Ballet of Spain, Lisa Glassman, Jamie Glassman, Mickey Heller, Lula Franklin, Barbara Heller, the Rabinowitz Caplan wedding, BOCA, Graham Langer, the Strawberry Festival, and Fred's honorary doctorate of human letters.

Photo album 2

File includes a postcard of a ship, WNEW-TV production staff Jerry Lewis Telethon name badge, invitation to the Theatre Guild of American Repertory Company to a reception from the Swedish-American Society of Stockholm, and photographs of Madrid, Hamburg, Berlin, Kansas City, Shirley Jones “On a Clear Day,” Miami Beach, and the Forino family.

Photo album 2

File includes photographs of the Kesselman family,Zoe Forino, Cory Glassman, and Mark Heller.

Photo album 2 : Lillian Langer : Coca Cola poster

File pertains to an advertising poster with Lillian (Boew) Langer and includes a newspaper clipping and a photocopy of “les Bluebell's Red Stars” including Cherry Marsh, Dee Phillipps, Denise Westaway, Hedy Wickersheim, Iris Trew, Jose Newall, Kathereene Dunne, Lillian Bowe, Lyllian Patterson, Lucy Douglas, Renee Spiller, and Olwen Sudgen.

Photo album 3 : dancers, celebrities, and Jeanette

File includes photographs of USO tours and the Roxyettes, and includes signed photographs of Len Manning, Diane Denise, Lucien La Rivere, Buddy Elsen, Pierce Lyden, Eleanor Powell, amongst others. File also includes an artist's contract for Jeanette with the Blanquita Theatre in Cuba (1949) and correspondence pertaining to John F. Kennedy and the Theatre Guild Americna Repertory Company tour in 1961.

Photo album 3 : dancers, celebrities, and Jeanette

File includes photographs of USO tours and the Roxyettes, and includes signed photographs of Dorothy Crooker, Albie Gaye, and Joel Grey, amongst others. File also includes TGTA Film Festival Newsmag (September/October 2006) which contains an articles on Heller.

Photo album 3 : dancers, celebrities, and Jeanette

File includes photographs of USO tours and the Roxyettes, and includes signed photographs of Lloyd Bridges, Helene Faye, and Kay Medford, amongst others. File includes resume, newspaper clippings, CNE performer tickets, souvenir program from Olsen & Johnson int he Fireball Fun-For-All (28 June 1948), Nirska program,

Photo album 3 : dancers, celebrities, and Jeanette

File includes photographs of USO tours and the Roxyettes, and includes signed photographs of Redd Donohue, Bonnie Plains, Barbara Kessler, Ruth Ann Koeskia, Dan Lincoln, Joan Crawford, and Albie Gaye, amongst others. File also includes resume, clippings from Service Stripe AMC newsletter with an article on Heller's USO troup 'Pardon Me' premier (7 July 1945), the Ladies' Home Journal: Women of the Year (1974) programme, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

Photo album 3 : dancers, celebrities, and Jeanette

File includes photographs of USO tours and the Roxyettes, and includes signed photographs of the Berry Brothers, Dimitri Vladimiroff and Edna Liggitt, Louis Armstrong, Julie Andrews, Gracie Fields, Alicia Markova, John Boles, Lupe Serrano, Cass Daley, and (Edith) Gail Grant, amongst others. File also includes certificate in clerk typist program in George Brown College (1976).


File contains photographs of Heller in uniform as a USO dancer in Detroit, Korea, and Japan; performing in Havana and as a Rockette performing across the United States; and visiting family and friends.


File contains photographs of Heller performing at the CNE and with the Johnny Lonegan Dancers in Philadelphia, and at Madison Square Garden and Canada's Wonderland.

Programs : ballet

File pertains to the American Ballet Theatre (1947-1948 signed by Gail Grant and 1984), the Stuttgart Ballet (1971), the Leningrad State Kirov Ballet (1961), and the Royal Ballet (1975).

Programs : theatre and musicals

File pertains to City Lites 88 at the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas, a newspaper article on Les Miserables in the Miami Herald (12 January 1989), Carmen by the Canadian Opera Company (1993), As the Girls Go at the Winter Garden with Irene Rich, the Royal Poinciana Playhouse (1961), Those were the Days (ca. 1990s?), On a Clear Day You Can See Forever with Shirley Jones at Atlanta Municipal Theatre (1967), and Scene Changes: Ontario's leading theatre magazine (June 1979).

Programs signed by colleagues

File pertains to Cats on Broadway and at the Jackie Gleason Theatre in Miami Beach, the King and I at New York City Center, Olsen and Johnson in Funzapoppin (ca. 1949), Finnocchio's (ca. 1936-1943?) - a nightclub with female impersonators in costumes, the Ice Capades (ca.1977-1984?) with Dorothy Hamill, the Olympic gold medallist at the 1976 Innsbrunck Games.

Red Skelton

File includes a program from a performance at the O'Keefe Centre for the Performing Arts in September 1993 and a catalogue for limited editions of Red Skelton.

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