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Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988
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File consists of news clippings and magazine articles re. Mendelsohn, immunization and abortion.

Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988

Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn collection

  • F0649
  • Collection
  • 1924-1998

Collection consists of promotional material, family documents, correspondence, news clippings, recordings of public lectures, television and radio appearances and newsletters created by or regarding Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn.

Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988

Medical mistreatment of women

File consists of photocopied news clippings, magazine articles as well as a copy of Michelle Landsberg's published book "Women and Children First: a proactive look at modern Canadian women at work and at home" (Macmillan of Canada, ...

Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988

Medicine and Judaism

File consists of articles, newsletters, correspondence and news clippings regarding Mendelsohn's interest in the connection between Judaism and the practice of medicine.

Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988


File consists of a folder marked "miscellaneous" including personal letter written by Mendelsohn to his parents, a copy of his birth announcement, letters to the editor, a copy of his CV, photocopied legal correspondence, news clippings,...

Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988


File consists of medical articles, news clippings and newsletters containing material written by Mendelsohn, including a copy of his publication "Mental Retardation: a handbook for the primary physician" co-edited with Julius B. Richmond...

Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988


File consists of documentation, publications, transcripts and other materials related to Mendelsohn's involvement in La Leche League.

Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988

RSM books book reviews

File consists of book reviews of Mendelsohn's published works, copies of television broadcast schedules, as well as a Japanese translation of "Confessions of a Medical Heretic."

Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988

RSM in memory of

File consists of obituaries, memorial articles and other commemorative news clippings, articles and correspondence regarding the life and legacy of Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn.

Mendelsohn, Robert S., 1926-1988