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Michael A. Gilbert fonds
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Waterloo conference

File pertains to Gilbert's attendance at a May 1993 conference to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the University of Waterloo's Department of Philosophy graduate program. Records in this file are schedules, correspondence, an abstract, and e-mail.


File consists of photographs of Gilbert, including two photographs of Gilbert and his son, photographic negatives and contract sheets.

Letters to parents

File consists of two letters written by Gilbert and his wife, Ruth, offering his parents suggestions for a trip to Europe.

Letters received

File consists of personal and professional correspondence received by Gilbert. Correspondents include Andreas Schroeder, Heather Menzies, June Callwood, Richard Thomas Wright, Celso Lopez, Barbara Saldinger, Diane Gilbert and others.


File consists of correspondence and a poem from Libby Scheier. Included is a photograph of Scheier.

Asian philosophy : 314

File pertains to a course taken by Gilbert entitled "Philosophy of Asia and Africa". Records in this file are course handouts, an examination paper, notes, and a paper by Gilbert entitled "The Nyaya-Vaisesika System: A Survey".

College essays

File consists of Gilbert's undergraduate philosophy papers, written while a student at the City University of New York, Hunter College.


File consists of Gilbert's notes and papers for an undergraduate course on Locke and Berkeley.

Teaching files

Series consists of files documenting Gilbert’s work and activities as a lecturer and professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto and York University, as an undergraduate program director and administrator in the Department of Philosophy at York University, and as a speaker on the subject of cross dressing and transgender theory. Files pertaining to Gilbert’s consultancy work (through his company Effective Dispute Management) and talks on argumentation theory are also part of this series. Records in this series include course materials, lecture notes, notes, correspondence, memoranda, presentation slides, grant application materials, newsletters, enrollment statistics, course lists and calendars.


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Critical Reasoning (PHIL 2200). Items in this file are a course outline, an outline of tutor duties, PowerPoint lecture slides, photocopies from course textbook "Good reasoning matters!", and diagrams.


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Symbolic Logic (PH 310). Records in this file are readings, a bibliography, examinations, handouts, quizzes, a course outline and assignments.

310 : Crossley

File consists of photocopied book chapters from "What is Mathematical Logic?" by J.N. Crossley et al. and Gilbert's lecture notes on those chapters.

3220 : 2000/01

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Argumentation Theory (PHIL 3220) in fall 2000. Items in this file include a course outline, lecture outlines, a mid-term test, a final essay, a quiz, and overhead transparencies. Also included is a fall 1998 reading list and mid-term exam for this course.

4040 99/00

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Contemporary Philosophy: Gender and Sexuality (PHIL 4040) in fall 1999. Items in this file are journal articles, lecture notes, and an essay handout.


File pertains to this course, PHIL 4220, Topics in Argumentation Theory, taught by Gilbert at York University. Records in this file are course outlines, reading lists and lecture notes.

Arg. conf. : McMac

File pertains to Gilbert's participation as an instructor in the Summer Institute on Argumentation and its opening conference, held at McMaster University (10-21 June 1991). Records in this file are a conference program, notes, an instructor list, a syllabus, correspondence, e-mail, and speaking notes.

Curriculum vitae

File consists of correspondence and articles pertaining to Gilbert's professional achievements and recommendations, as well as early copies of his curriculum vitae, and a sabbatical report (16 Mar. 1989).


File consists of excerpts from transcripts and scripts of movies and a newspaper clipping.

FILM 3120

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Screenwriting III (FILM 3120) in 1994-1995. Items in this file are a course outline, lecture notes, and a list of scripts for purchase at Hollywood Canteen.


File consists of correspondence, memoranda, e-mail and a CV pertaining to Gilbert's promotion to full professor of philosophy at York University.

Grad. app't

File pertains to Gilbert's appointments as a faculty member in York University's School of Graduate Studies. Items in the file are correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes, and Graduate Programme in Philosophy appointment/re-appointment guidelines.

Grad faculty

File consists of correspondence and a memorandum pertaining to Gilbert's graduate faculty membership at York University.

Letters : York

File consists of correspondence and memoranda written by Gilbert on various subjects pertaining to his role as a professor at York University, applications for other jobs, and his academic writing.

Modal Logic (PH 4100.6)

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Modal Logic (PH 4100.6). Records in this file are notes, course handouts, articles and lecture notes.

Modes 371 : summer

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Modes of Reasoning (AK/MR 371), in summer 1978). Records in this file are a course outline, notes, and a memoranda.

Modes : handouts, exams, etc.

File pertains to two courses taught by Gilbert, Modes of Normative Reasoning (AK/MR 176B) and Modes of Reasoning (AS/MR 171), in 1975-1976. Records in this file are course outlines and syllabi, examinations, course handouts and study questions, assignments,


File pertains to a computer workshop conducted by Gilbert for the Niagara Writers' Workshop in May 1992. Records include a handout, a letter, notes, a speaker information form and Gilbert's CV.

Old listings

File consists of Department of Philosophy course lists and registration statistics for 1978 to 1990.

Paradox Communications

File consists of a business license, registration forms, a statement of operations pertaining to Gilbert's business, Paradox Communications, formerly Effective Dispute Management.

Pension plan

File consists of a bulletin and benefits statements from the York University benefit plan.

Phil. Student Assoc.

File consists of a letter pertaining to the formation of a Philosophy Club at York University and a list of officers chosen.

Presentation slides

File consists of Gilbert's PowerPoint slides (paper) and speaking notes for a presentation entitled "El pensamiento critcio real: la argumentacion en las modalidades no logicas".

Probability & inductive logic : 251Y

File pertains to a University of Toronto philosophy course (PHL251Y) taught by Gilbert, Probability and Inductive Logic. Records in this file are lecture notes, a course outline, and an examination.

Research ass't

File pertains to Gilbert's search for a research assistant in 1976 and consists of letters, resumes and CVs.


File consists of memoranda and correspondence pertaining to Gilbert's sabbaticals.

SSHRC 2007

File consists of a notice of award, external assessment forms and correspondence pertaining to SSHRC grant applications by Gilbert.

SSHRC grant applications and correspondence

File pertains to Gilbert's application to the SSHRC Standard Research Grants Program for his research project, "Meta-pragmatics of argumentation", and a SSHRC Small Grants Program application for his project, "Gender fluidity: cross dressing, transsexualism and gender self-identity - a pilot project". Records in this file include application forms, correspondence, external assessments, and award notices.

UGPD 03/04

File pertains to Gilbert's role as the Department of Philosophy's Undergraduate Program Director. Records in this file are course lists and schedules, enrollment statistics, memoranda, e-mail, correspondence, CUPE 3903 and YUFA overload rate statistics, and an academic integrity policy.

York corresp.

File consists of miscellaneous incoming correspondence pertaining to Gilbert's academic work.

York Univ. : Atkinson

File consists of Atkinson College reports, memoranda about grading systems, Atkinson College Council meeting notices, correspondence regarding Gilbert's teaching load, and examination procedures.

York University : arts

File consists of correspondence and memoranda pertaining to Gilbert's employment at York University, including his Faculty of Arts appointments and candidacy for tenure.

Agent - Colbert

File consists of a letter and a press release pertaining to The Colbert Agency Inc. Also included is a letter from Denise Bukowski of the Bukowski Agency declining Gilbert as a client.

Agent - Heller

File consists of correspondence and a signed memorandum of agreement pertaining to Gilbert's representation by The Helen Heller Agency for his non-fiction works.


File consists of correspondence, a signed memorandum of agreement and notes pertaining to the work of the Julian Bach Literary Agency Inc. to find publishers for Gilbert's books "How to Win an Argument", "Arguing with Lawyers" and "Office Party".


File consists of draft manuscripts and illustrations for a children's book written by Gilbert and illustrated by his son, Zachary, entitled "The Story of Bevis and Big Beard Bonzo". Included in the file is a 1992 letter from Susan Renouf of Kids Can Press.

Buck Brown

File pertains to Gilbert's written response, "Bucking Back: A Reply to Posner", to an article written by Judith Posner, entitled "Dirty Old Women: Buck Brown's Cartoon" and published in the "Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology". Records in this file are correspondence, article drafts and published articles.

Computer columns

File pertains to a column entitled "The Computer Corner" written by Gilbert for the Writers' Union of Canada newsletter. Records in this file are copies of his columns, correspondence, and computer ads.

Computer disks

Disks in this file consist of draft manuscripts for "First Aid", "Discovering Logic", "Buddy System" and "Cross Purposes" as well as computer backup files of notes, correspondence and other writing. Not all files are accessible in their original formats.


File consists of notes and manuscript drafts pertaining to a novel by Gilbert entitled "Control".

Diamond, Paula

File consists of correspondence and notes pertaining to Gilbert's search for a new literary agent and his novel "Thriller", in particular with Paula Diamond, who became his agent.


File pertains to Gilbert's article, "The Enthymeme Buster", presented at the 1991 Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA) conference and published in the journal Informal Logic. Records in this file are correspondence, diagrams, article drafts, a conference program, referee report forms, and an abstract.

EDC mss

File consists of draft manuscripts of "Effective Dispute Communication" by Gilbert as well as a workshop handout entitled "Arguing with Lawyers: A One Day Workshop".


File consists of letters from readers of Gilbert's writing, including his books "Office Party" and "How to Win an Argument".

"Gideon Finds the Truth"

File consists of a handwritten manuscript of this short story by Gilbert, as well as a clipping of the published story in NOW Magazine (Apr. 24-30, 1986 issue).


File pertains to this short story by Gilbert and his efforts to publish the story. Records in this file are correspondence and story drafts.


File consists of a cover letter and manuscripts for a short story by Gilbert entitled "The Inspector", which was submitted to "EXILE" for publication.

"Interview on an April Afternoon"

File pertains to this short story by Gilbert and his efforts to publish the story, which was eventually published by "Matrix". Records in this file are correspondence and story drafts.

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