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OP [Office Party] rev. and promo

File pertains to the response to and promotion of Gilbert's novel, "Office Party". Records in this file are newspaper and magazine reviews, correspondence, an invitation and guest list for a book launch party, and a list of promotio...

Relevance & logic III

File pertains to an article written by Gilbert entitled "Relevance and Logic", submitted for publication to "Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic". Records in this file are draft articles, correspondence, referees' reports, ...


File consists of published copies of four book reviews written by Gilbert for "The Globe and Mail".

Sophists, in defense of

File consists of notes, research material and annotated drafts of Gilbert's paper, "The Philosophy of Dispute - I: In Defense of Sophists".


Item is an draft essay by Gilbert entitled "Why I Don't Like Truth".

Willard, C.

File consists of notes and correspondence exchanged between Gilbert and Charles A. Willard pertaining to Willard's visits to York University.

Win 3

File pertains to the publication of the 3rd edition of Gilbert's book "How to Win an Argument: Surefire Strategies for Getting Your Point Across" by University Press of America Inc. Records in this file are correspondence, press gui...

Conference materials and subject files

Series consists of records pertaining to Gilbert’s attendance at conferences and his professional and personal associations, as well as miscellaneous subject files. Records in these files include conference materials and papers, correspondence, an...


File consists of conference-related materials, including programs, calls for papers, registration forms, itineraries, correspondence and e-mail, pertaining to conferences attended by Gilbert, including those where he presented a paper or participa...

Fantasia Fair 1995

File consists of newsletters, registration forms, programs, letters, a photograph and workshop materials pertaining to the Fantasia Fair held in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in October 1995.


File pertains to Gilbert's presentation of a paper, "Beyond Appearances: Gendered Rationality and the Transgendered", at the International Congress on Cross Dressing, Sex and Gender, held at the Center for Sex Research at California...


File pertains to Gilbert's study of karate and includes notes, reading lists and materials from Gilbert's karate class.

TWUC [The Writers' Union of Canada] AGMs

File consists of agendas, registration forms, newspaper clippings, attendee lists and a 1993 commemorative program pertaining to the Writers' Union of Canada's annual general meetings and Gilbert's attendance.

Grad faculty

File consists of correspondence and a memorandum pertaining to Gilbert's graduate faculty membership at York University.

Grants 2000-2001

File consists of grant application forms and correspondence pertaining to Gilbert's grants from York University.


File pertains to a Department of Philosophy faculty recruitment process in 1990. Records include a memorandum and recruitment worksheets.

Language, phil. of (PH 320)

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Philosophy of Language (PH 320.6). Records in this file are an examination, a test, notes, course handouts and a course outline.

Library : reserve lists

File consists of library reserve lists and related correspondence and memoranda pertaining to courses taught by Gilbert's at York University.

Logic : intro

File consists of a test and test answers for Introduction to Logic (PH 2100), taught by Gilbert in Oct. 1983.


File consists of memoranda, correspondence, reports, meeting minutes and Gilbert's merit claims pertaining to York University's Department of Philosophy merit-based pay increases.

Modal Logic (PH 4100.6)

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Modal Logic (PH 4100.6). Records in this file are notes, course handouts, articles and lecture notes.

Modes : handouts, exams, etc.

File pertains to two courses taught by Gilbert, Modes of Normative Reasoning (AK/MR 176B) and Modes of Reasoning (AS/MR 171), in 1975-1976. Records in this file are course outlines and syllabi, examinations, course handouts and study questions, as...

Paradox Communications

File consists of a business license, registration forms, a statement of operations pertaining to Gilbert's business, Paradox Communications, formerly Effective Dispute Management.

PHIL 2100

File pertains to this course taught by Gilbert at York University entitled Introductory Logic. Records in this file are final exams, quizzes, take-home assignments, course outlines, and lecture notes.

PHIL 6250

Item is a outline for this course, Recent Issues in Trans/Gender Theory (GS/PHIL 6250), taught by Gilbert.

Referee reports

File consists of reports, correspondence and application form pertaining to Gilbert's work as a referee for academic journal articles, manuscripts and grant applications.


File pertains to SSHRC-funded project by Gilbert on gender fluidity. Records in this file are invoices, claim forms, notes, consent forms and questionnaires.

SSHRC 2007

File consists of a notice of award, external assessment forms and correspondence pertaining to SSHRC grant applications by Gilbert.

TA stuff

File consists of Philosophy Department TA systems and procedures draft documents, memoranda, a pamphlet and schedule for TA Day '92, and a list of courses and corresponding teaching assistants.

Tenure & promotion

File pertains to Gilbert's 1979 application for tenure and includes reference letters, correspondence, forms, notes, memoranda, a list of referees, a report of the Senate Committee on Tenure and Promotion, teaching evaluation questionnaires a...

UGD 92/93

File pertains Gilbert's role as the Department of Philosophy's Undergraduate Director. Records in this file are a faculty list, a degree requirements document, memoranda, correspondence, a departmental newsletter, notes, a departmental o...

York Univ. : Atkinson

File consists of Atkinson College reports, memoranda about grading systems, Atkinson College Council meeting notices, correspondence regarding Gilbert's teaching load, and examination procedures.

Agent - Colbert

File consists of a letter and a press release pertaining to The Colbert Agency Inc. Also included is a letter from Denise Bukowski of the Bukowski Agency declining Gilbert as a client.


File consists of draft manuscripts and illustrations for a children's book written by Gilbert and illustrated by his son, Zachary, entitled "The Story of Bevis and Big Beard Bonzo". Included in the file is a 1992 letter from Susan R...

Buck Brown

File pertains to Gilbert's written response, "Bucking Back: A Reply to Posner", to an article written by Judith Posner, entitled "Dirty Old Women: Buck Brown's Cartoon" and published in the "Canadian Review of So...

Cross word puzzles

File pertains to an article by Gilbert entitled "Solving Cross Words Puzzles", published in "CA Magazine" and "Leader's Magazine" (a condensed version). Records in this file are correspondence, a draft version of...

Diamond, Paula

File consists of correspondence and notes pertaining to Gilbert's search for a new literary agent and his novel "Thriller", in particular with Paula Diamond, who became his agent.


File consists of a cover letter and manuscripts for a short story by Gilbert entitled "The Inspector", which was submitted to "EXILE" for publication.


File pertains to an article entitled "Manipulation", written by Gilbert and Joseph Agassi and submitted for publication to the journal "Human Studies". Records in this file are correspondence, article drafts, notes, and an abst...

"Office Party" : corr.

File pertains to Gilbert's book "Office Party". Records in this file are correspondence, a copyright registration certificate, a publishing agreement, royalty statements, and an invitation to screenings of the film version of "...

OP [Office Party] : film

File pertains to a film made by SC Entertainment Corporation based on Gilbert's novel "Office Party", for which Gilbert wrote the screenplay. Records in this file are newspaper and magazine clippings, a cast list, a contract, a view...

"Office Party" : movie

File pertains to the sale of the film option for Gilbert's novel, "Office Party", and the writing of the screenplay by Gilbert. Records in this file are correspondence, a film treatment, an agreement between Gilbert and A.G. Product...


File consists of articles, both manuscripts and published copies, written by Gilbert. The following articles are included in the file: "Backing Buck: A Reply to Posner", "David Lewis on Possible Worlds", "Stalnaker: A Theo...


File consists of correspondence and notices pertaining to Gilbert's participation in writers' festivals and events.

Uptown [The Uptown Cookbook]

File consists of a proposal and excerpt for a written work by Gilbert entitled "The Uptown Cookbook: A Modern Guide to the Composition and Value of Fine Food".

Willard review

Item is the annotated manuscript of a book review written by Gilbert on Charles Arthur Willard's "A Theory of Argumentation".

Win : corr.

File consists of correspondence, memoranda, royalty statements, a copy of a contract, tip sheets, and a promotional itinerary pertaining to the publishing and promotion of Gilbert's book "How to Win an Argument".

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