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Michael A. Gilbert fonds
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FF [First Five]

File consists of a movie synopsis and concept statement written by Gilbert for a film project entitled "First Five".

Haack, "Deviant Logic" review

File pertains to Gilbert's review of this book, "Deviant Logic: Some Philosophical Issues" by Susan Haack, published in "The Journal of the Philosophy of Science" in Mar. 1978. Records in this file are drafts of the review, notes, correspondence and a photocopy of the published review.

"Hi, Mom" : unpub.

File consists of draft manuscripts of this short story by Gilbert and correspondence pertaining to his efforts to publish the story.

MM [Multi-Modal Argumentation]

File pertains to an article written by Gilbert entitled "Multi-Modal Argumentation", submitted to a variety of journals and published in "Philosophy of the Social Sciences" in June 1994. Records in this file include correspondence, article drafts, an abstract, referees' reports, page proofs, and a contract.

On Gilbert

File consists of academic papers, a journal article and a letter analyzing Gilbert's book "Coalescent Argumentation".


File consists of articles, both manuscripts and published copies, written by Gilbert. The following articles are included in the file: "Backing Buck: A Reply to Posner", "David Lewis on Possible Worlds", "Stalnaker: A Theory of Conditionals", "An Analysis of Relevance", "The Philosophy of Dispute: I :In Defense of Sophists", and "Solving Cross Words Puzzles".

RAA, a heuristic for

File pertains to an article written by Gilbert entitled "A Heuristic Procedure for Natural Deduction Derivations Using Reductio Ad Absurdum" and its publication in "The Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic". Records in this file are paper drafts, correspondence, an abstract, and notes.


File consists of correspondence and notices pertaining to Gilbert's participation in writers' festivals and events.

Relevance, an analysis of

File pertains to an article written by Gilbert entitled "An Analysis of Relevance", submitted for publication to "Theory and Decision", "The Philosophical Review" and "The Journal of Philosophy". Records in this file are correspondence, a referee's report, draft articles, and notes.

Right - coresp.

File consists of correspondence exchanged between Gilbert and Joni Evans of the William Morris Agency regarding Gilbert's manuscript entitled "Right".

"A Shocking Death" : unpub.

File pertains to this short story by Gilbert, submitted for publication in short story anthologies. Records in this file are correspondence and drafts of the story.


Item is an draft essay by Gilbert entitled "Why I Don't Like Truth".

Uptown [The Uptown Cookbook]

File consists of a proposal and excerpt for a written work by Gilbert entitled "The Uptown Cookbook: A Modern Guide to the Composition and Value of Fine Food".

Willard, C.

File consists of notes and correspondence exchanged between Gilbert and Charles A. Willard pertaining to Willard's visits to York University.

Win : corr.

File consists of correspondence, memoranda, royalty statements, a copy of a contract, tip sheets, and a promotional itinerary pertaining to the publishing and promotion of Gilbert's book "How to Win an Argument".


File consists of two drafts of a story by Gilbert entitled "The KpL Club", submitted to "The Globe and Mail" in Sept. 1992, as well as a reply letter from Philip Jackman, and a newspaper clipping from the "Wheels" section of "The Toronto Star".

Conference materials and subject files

Series consists of records pertaining to Gilbert’s attendance at conferences and his professional and personal associations, as well as miscellaneous subject files. Records in these files include conference materials and papers, correspondence, and photographs.

Fantasia Fair 1995

File consists of newsletters, registration forms, programs, letters, a photograph and workshop materials pertaining to the Fantasia Fair held in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in October 1995.

IFGE 2005 : Austin TX

File pertains to Gilbert's attendance and presentation at the 2005 conference of the International Foundation for Gender Education Inc., held in Austin, Texas. Records in this file are correspondence, e-mail, Gilbert's presentation proposal, and a conference program.

Very old

File consists of letters, receipts and identity cards pertaining to Gilbert's early life and education at the State University of New York at Buffalo, as well as children's drawings, a letter of reference, a theatre program, Gilbert's early poetry, newspaper and magazine articles, a pamphlet, a card and photographs.


File consists of handwritten notes and two student papers written by Gilbert entitled "An explication and defense of Van Iten's interpretation of Berkeley" and "Berkeley: Ontology or Epistemology".

"Telos" letters

File consists of copies of letters written by Alison Jagger, Paul Piccone, Severin Schurger and Gilbert pertaining to the launch of journal "Telos" at SUNY Buffalo.


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert over several years, Reason, Rhetoric and Argument (PHIL 220.3W). Items in this file are syllabi, quizzes, an outline for written assignments, notes, handouts, a diagram, and assignment topics. Also included in the file is a syllabus for another course taught by Gilbert, Modes of Reasoning (AK/MR371), in the summer of 1978.


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Gender and Sexuality (PHIL 2250) in fall 2006. Items in this file are a course outline and reading list.


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Argumentation Theory (PHIL 3220) in fall 2007. Items in this file are a course outline, reading list and a take-home final exam.

4220 96/97

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Topics in Argumentation Theory: Coalescent Argumentation (PHIL 4220). Items in this file are lecture notes, a course outline, and a chapter by Gilbert entitled "The Recent history of Argumentation theory".

5240-4220 2000/01

File pertains to a graduate/undergraduate course taught by Gilbert in 2000-2001, Topics in Argumentation Theory: Emotion in Argumentation (PHIL 5524 and PHIL 4220). Items in this file are course outlines, a reading list, and a journal article.


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert in 2008. Records in this file are notes, lecture notes, a handout and an e-mail.


File consists of miscellaneous philosophy-related bibliographies and reading lists.

Curr 2001/02

File pertains to Gilbert's work as Department of Philosophy Undergraduate Programme Director and course planning for the department. Items in this file include course lists, enrollment statistics, memoranda, budget documents, faculty lists, and course descriptions.

Curriculum comm.

File pertains to Gilbert's involvement with the Department of Philosophy's Curriculum Committee. Records in this file are course lists and enrollment statistics, a list of faculty members, a description of courses in philosophy at York University, a mini course calendar and memoranda.

Examinations : non-logic

File consists of examinations for Gilbert's courses, The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell (PHL 232H) in summer 1975 and Probability and Inductive Logic (PHL 251Y) in summer 1974.

FA data resources '93

File consists of a Faculty of Arts resource analysis model 1993-1994, Department of Philosophy salary budget information for 1993-1994, and graphs.

Grades : York

File pertains to grade reporting by Gilbert for courses taught at York University between 1975 and 1994. Records in this file are memoranda, grading scales, grade reporting sheets and statistics, course quizzes and assignments.

Logic 420 : logic & truth

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Topics in Formal Philosophy (AS/PH 420). Records in this file are notes and a course description.

Math, phil. of : intro course

File pertains to a University of Toronto course taught by Gilbert, Science and Philosophy (PH 292S). Records in the file are a course outline, lecture notes, term paper information, and examinations.


File consists of memoranda, correspondence, reports, meeting minutes and Gilbert's merit claims pertaining to York University's Department of Philosophy merit-based pay increases.


File consists of assorted items including poems, a note, University of Toronto memoranda re: examinations, an invitation to an event for new York University faculty, notes, published articles, and correspondence.


File consists of miscellaneous correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, a document entitled "My case against the malicious political, social and academic persecution, part 1" by Jeffrey Goodman Forest, and statistics regarding Philosophy department course enrolments.

PHIL 2100

File pertains to this course taught by Gilbert at York University entitled Introductory Logic. Records in this file are final exams, quizzes, take-home assignments, course outlines, and lecture notes.

Positive Space

File consists of records pertaining to Gilbert's involvement with York University gender equity committees and projects, including the Positive Space initiative. Records in this file are agendas and minutes pertaining to the Trans/Equity Conference Advisory Committee, SexGen York and the President's Advisory Committee on Human Rights, correspondence, a form nominating Rev. Brent Hawkes for an honorary degree, a SexGen York website proposal, e-mail, Gilbert's notes, a report entitled "Safe at Home: developing an inner suite governing policy to facilitate the placement of transgender women" by TCHC and Greenwin Properties, a Positive Space brochure, a Sexual and Gender Diversity Advisory Committee work plan, President's Advisory Committee on Human Rights terms of reference, materials pertaining to the Office of the Ombudsperson and Centre for Human Rights, a report of the Committee on Positive Space and related memoranda.

Practical ethics

File consists of a memorandum, an information sheet and an enrollment form pertaining to York University's General Certificate in Practical Ethics.

Prospectus : EDM

File consists of a prospectus, correspondence and other promotional material pertaining to Gilbert's services through his business, Effective Dispute Management.


File pertains to Gilbert's promotion to full professor and parity adjustments to his salary. Records in this file are correspondence, e-mail, pay statements, and a copy of Gilbert's CV.


File pertains to SSHRC-funded project by Gilbert on gender fluidity. Records in this file are invoices, claim forms, notes, consent forms and questionnaires.

UGD 91/92

File pertains Gilbert's role as the Department of Philosophy's Undergraduate Director and its curriculum development. Records in this file are memoranda, course registration statistics, a new course proposal form, and a course list.

UPD 94/95

File consists of course lists, enrollment statistics, and notes pertaining to Gilbert's role as Undergraduate Programme Director in the Department of Philosophy.

YC 97

File pertains to Department of Philosophy curriculum planning. Items in this file are course listings, an e-mail, enrolment statistics, and a memorandum regarding part-time budget planning.


File consists of York University Faculty Association (YUFA) newsletters, newssheets, notices, memoranda, a steward fact sheet, a grievance form, a YUFA constitution, notes, and correspondence pertaining to Gilbert's role as YUFA steward for the Department of Philosophy.

"Argumentation" guest editor : correspondence and proofs

File pertains to Gilbert's work as guest editor of a part of an 1995 issue of the journal "Argumentation" entitled "Dimensions of Critical Reasoning: Expanding the Horizons. Records in this file are correspondence, abstracts, editor's proofs, and a copy of the journal issue.

Articles, notes, etc.

File consists of a list of Gilbert's articles sent out for publication as well as correspondence, author guidelines and a publishing agreement about a book review written by Gilbert for the journal "Dialogue".

Bellagio 2004

Item is a letter from the Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Study and Conference Center to Gilbert regarding his application to its residency program to write a manuscript, "Emotion and Argument".

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