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Michael A. Gilbert fonds
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Cross word puzzles

File pertains to an article by Gilbert entitled "Solving Cross Words Puzzles", published in "CA Magazine" and "Leader's Magazine" (a condensed version). Records in this file are correspondence, a draft version of...

Diamond, Paula

File consists of correspondence and notes pertaining to Gilbert's search for a new literary agent and his novel "Thriller", in particular with Paula Diamond, who became his agent.


File consists of a cover letter and manuscripts for a short story by Gilbert entitled "The Inspector", which was submitted to "EXILE" for publication.


File pertains to an article entitled "Manipulation", written by Gilbert and Joseph Agassi and submitted for publication to the journal "Human Studies". Records in this file are correspondence, article drafts, notes, and an abst...

"Office Party" : corr.

File pertains to Gilbert's book "Office Party". Records in this file are correspondence, a copyright registration certificate, a publishing agreement, royalty statements, and an invitation to screenings of the film version of "...

OP [Office Party] : film

File pertains to a film made by SC Entertainment Corporation based on Gilbert's novel "Office Party", for which Gilbert wrote the screenplay. Records in this file are newspaper and magazine clippings, a cast list, a contract, a view...

"Office Party" : movie

File pertains to the sale of the film option for Gilbert's novel, "Office Party", and the writing of the screenplay by Gilbert. Records in this file are correspondence, a film treatment, an agreement between Gilbert and A.G. Product...


File consists of articles, both manuscripts and published copies, written by Gilbert. The following articles are included in the file: "Backing Buck: A Reply to Posner", "David Lewis on Possible Worlds", "Stalnaker: A Theo...


File consists of correspondence and notices pertaining to Gilbert's participation in writers' festivals and events.

Uptown [The Uptown Cookbook]

File consists of a proposal and excerpt for a written work by Gilbert entitled "The Uptown Cookbook: A Modern Guide to the Composition and Value of Fine Food".

Willard review

Item is the annotated manuscript of a book review written by Gilbert on Charles Arthur Willard's "A Theory of Argumentation".

Win : corr.

File consists of correspondence, memoranda, royalty statements, a copy of a contract, tip sheets, and a promotional itinerary pertaining to the publishing and promotion of Gilbert's book "How to Win an Argument".

IFGE 2005 : Austin TX

File pertains to Gilbert's attendance and presentation at the 2005 conference of the International Foundation for Gender Education Inc., held in Austin, Texas. Records in this file are correspondence, e-mail, Gilbert's presentation propo...


File consists of correspondence, notes and newspaper clippings pertaining to Gilbert's visit to Israel in 1988 and involvement with PEN International.

Very old

File consists of letters, receipts and identity cards pertaining to Gilbert's early life and education at the State University of New York at Buffalo, as well as children's drawings, a letter of reference, a theatre program, Gilbert'...

Waterloo conference

File pertains to Gilbert's attendance at a May 1993 conference to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the University of Waterloo's Department of Philosophy graduate program. Records in this file are schedules, correspondence, an abstract, ...

Stories - others

File consists of two typescript short stories, "The Princess and the Zucchini (A Grim Fairy Tale)" by Audrey Thomas and "The Fort" by Cathy Wismer.

Win : 2nd

File consists of correspondence, a signed contract, royalty statements, a book cover mock-up, statements of account, and reviews pertaining to the publication of the 2nd edition of Gilbert's book "How to Win an Argument", published ...

Win : tape

File pertains to an audio tape based on "How to Win an Argument", produced by Network for Learning. Records in this file are notes, outlines of "How to Win an Argument", an announcer's script, correspondence, and a signed ...

YA [Yellow Angel] : corresp.

File consists of correspondence, a contract, royalty statements, reviews, a certificate of copyright registration pertaining to Gilbert's book, "Yellow Angel".

Canoe trip '85

File pertains to Gilbert's participation in a canoe trip on the Chapleau River in July 1985 organized by Canadian Nature Tours. Records includes brochures, maps and correspondence.


Item is a resume of Gilbert's wife, Diane Guite Gilbert.


File consists of photographs of Gilbert, including two photographs of Gilbert and his son, photographic negatives and contract sheets.

Doctor, R.

File consists of a letter sent to Gilbert with accompanying photographs.

Letters sent

File consists of correspondence sent by Gilbert to friends and family, as well as some work-related correspondence.

College essays

File consists of Gilbert's undergraduate philosophy papers, written while a student at the City University of New York, Hunter College.

Ethics & theory of value

File pertains to an undergraduate course taken by Gilbert on the general theory of value. Records in this file are handwritten notes and papers by Gilbert.


File pertains to a graduate course taken by Gilbert at the University of Waterloo. Records in this file are Gilbert's notes and papers.

2100 98/99

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Introduction to Logic (PHIL 2100), in fall 1998. Items in the file are a course outline, a mid-term exam, and corrections to examples in the course textbook.


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Argumentation Theory (PHIL 3220) in fall 2006. Items in this file include a course outline, a reading list, and lecture notes.


File pertains to this course, PHIL 4220, Topics in Argumentation Theory, taught by Gilbert at York University. Records in this file are course outlines, reading lists and lecture notes.

4900 2005/06

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, People, Bodies and Philosophy (PHIL 4900), in 2005-2006. Records in this file are a course outline, an essay assignment, notes and a journal article.

6310 2001/02

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Argumentation Theory (PHIL 6310), in 2001-2002. Items in this file are a course outline, reading schedule, and class handouts.

Curriculum vitae

File consists of correspondence and articles pertaining to Gilbert's professional achievements and recommendations, as well as early copies of his curriculum vitae, and a sabbatical report (16 Mar. 1989).

Ethics, intro

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, PHL 200S. Records in this file are lecture notes and an examination.


File consists of excerpts from transcripts and scripts of movies and a newspaper clipping.

Feminist CD

File consists of presentation slides (paper and overhead transparencies) and speaking notes for a talk by Gilbert entitled "The Feminist Cross Dresser: consciousness-raising 101 for committed cross dressers".

Logic 420 : logic & truth

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Topics in Formal Philosophy (AS/PH 420). Records in this file are notes and a course description.

Major News

File consists of two issues of York University's Department of Philosophy newsletter, "The Major News" (Sept. 1992, Mar. 1993).


File consists of assorted items including poems, a note, University of Toronto memoranda re: examinations, an invitation to an event for new York University faculty, notes, published articles, and correspondence.

Modes 177

File consists of a course syllabus, a handout, quiz and lecture notes pertaining to this course, Modes of Reasoning (AK 177), taught by Gilbert.

Phil. Dept. : current

File consists of a Faculty of Arts, Office of the Dean resource analysis model 1990-91 table and guide, faculty-related statistical graphs, a memorandum about Department of Philosophy committees and an outline of space reorganization to be recomme...

Philosophy department : Toronto

File pertains to Gilbert's position as a visiting professor in University of Toronto's Department of Philosophy between 1973 and 1975. Records in this file are correspondence and forms.

Positive Space

File consists of records pertaining to Gilbert's involvement with York University gender equity committees and projects, including the Positive Space initiative. Records in this file are agendas and minutes pertaining to the Trans/Equity Conf...

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