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Michael A. Gilbert fonds
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SSHRC 2000 app

File pertains to Gilbert's application to the SSHRC Standard Research Grants Program for his project, "The meta-pragmatics of argument". Records in this file are a notice of award, correspondence, external assessments, an application form and attachments, and financial statements.

SSHRC accounts

File pertains to a SSHRC grant received by Gilbert and includes statements of account and research accounting bulletins.

TA stuff

File consists of Philosophy Department TA systems and procedures draft documents, memoranda, a pamphlet and schedule for TA Day '92, and a list of courses and corresponding teaching assistants.

Technique of arg. & persuasive speaking

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, "The Technique of Argument and Persuasive Speaking", at the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto. Records in this file are handouts, course outlines, notes and correspondence.

Tenure & promotion

File pertains to Gilbert's 1979 application for tenure and includes reference letters, correspondence, forms, notes, memoranda, a list of referees, a report of the Senate Committee on Tenure and Promotion, teaching evaluation questionnaires and results,


File pertains to Gilbert's stay at the University of Southern California (USC), Center for Feminist Research, as an affiliated scholar in Feb. 1996. Records in this file are correspondence, a flyer for a talk by Gilbert entitled "The transgendered philosopher", pamphlets, and a course list for the USC Program for the Study of Women and Men in Society.

YC 94 : curric

File pertains to Department of Philosophy curriculum planning in 1993. Items in this file are course listings, enrollment statistics and graphs, a new course proposal, a course outline, memoranda regarding teaching assignments and loads, and a schedule for large classes.


File consists of a paper written by Gilbert entitled "Modalizing BATNAS" as well as correspondence and a reader review pertaining to his submission of this paper to "Negotiation Journal" at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University.

CP [Cross Purposes]

File pertains to Gilbert's screenplay entitled "Cross Purposes" and his efforts to find an agent and sell the screenplay. Records in this file are correspondence, shipping invoices, receipts and a script synopsis.


File pertains to a short paper by Gilbert entitled "Hobbes' Notion of War", submitted for publication to the "Journal of the History of Philosophy". Records in this file are two copies of the paper and related correspondence.

OP [Office Party]

File consists of handwritten and typescript notes and draft excerpts pertaining to the writing of Gilbert's book "Office Party".

"Office Party" : corres.

File consists primarily of correspondence pertaining to the efforts of the Julian Bach Literary Agency to find a publisher for Gilbert's novel, "Office Party", and the publication and promotion of the novel by Linden Press and Pocket Books. Also included is a Linden Press fall/winter 1981 catalogue, jacket copy proofs, an author information sheet, sales order information forms,

OP [Office Party] rev. and promo

File pertains to the response to and promotion of Gilbert's novel, "Office Party". Records in this file are newspaper and magazine reviews, correspondence, an invitation and guest list for a book launch party, and a list of promotional appearances.

"Office Party" : movie

File pertains to the sale of the film option for Gilbert's novel, "Office Party", and the writing of the screenplay by Gilbert. Records in this file are correspondence, a film treatment, an agreement between Gilbert and A.G. Productions, notes, and a letter of agreement between screenwriter Stuart Woolley and Gilbert.


File consists of drafts, an abstract, correspondence and notes pertaining to a paper entitled "Good Reasons", written by Gilbert for a Canadian Philosophical Association conference.

Relevance & logic III

File pertains to an article written by Gilbert entitled "Relevance and Logic", submitted for publication to "Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic". Records in this file are draft articles, correspondence, referees' reports, and notes.

Sophists, in defense of

File consists of notes, research material and annotated drafts of Gilbert's paper, "The Philosophy of Dispute - I: In Defense of Sophists".

Stories - others

File consists of two typescript short stories, "The Princess and the Zucchini (A Grim Fairy Tale)" by Audrey Thomas and "The Fort" by Cathy Wismer.

Win : tape

File pertains to an audio tape based on "How to Win an Argument", produced by Network for Learning. Records in this file are notes, outlines of "How to Win an Argument", an announcer's script, correspondence, and a signed contract between Gilbert and Network for Learning.


File pertains to Gilbert's presentation of a paper, "Beyond Appearances: Gendered Rationality and the Transgendered", at the International Congress on Cross Dressing, Sex and Gender, held at the Center for Sex Research at California State University in Feb. 1995, and the publication of conference papers. Records in the file include correspondence, a travel grant application, a copy of the paper, and conference abstracts.


File pertains to Gilbert's study of karate and includes notes, reading lists and materials from Gilbert's karate class.

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