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Michael A. Gilbert fonds
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Win : corr.

File consists of correspondence, memoranda, royalty statements, a copy of a contract, tip sheets, and a promotional itinerary pertaining to the publishing and promotion of Gilbert's book "How to Win an Argument".

Win : tape

File pertains to an audio tape based on "How to Win an Argument", produced by Network for Learning. Records in this file are notes, outlines of "How to Win an Argument", an announcer's script, correspondence, and a signed contract between Gilbert and Network for Learning.


File consists of two drafts of a story by Gilbert entitled "The KpL Club", submitted to "The Globe and Mail" in Sept. 1992, as well as a reply letter from Philip Jackman, and a newspaper clipping from the "Wheels" section of "The Toronto Star".

Canoe trip '85

File pertains to Gilbert's participation in a canoe trip on the Chapleau River in July 1985 organized by Canadian Nature Tours. Records includes brochures, maps and correspondence.


File consists of conference-related materials, including programs, calls for papers, registration forms, itineraries, correspondence and e-mail, pertaining to conferences attended by Gilbert, including those where he presented a paper or participated on a panel. A paper by Gilbert, entitled "Is it argument? In defense of the linguistically inexplicable", is also included in the file.


Item is a resume of Gilbert's wife, Diane Guite Gilbert.

Fantasia Fair 1995

File consists of newsletters, registration forms, programs, letters, a photograph and workshop materials pertaining to the Fantasia Fair held in Provincetown, Massachusetts, in October 1995.


File pertains to Gilbert's presentation of a paper, "Beyond Appearances: Gendered Rationality and the Transgendered", at the International Congress on Cross Dressing, Sex and Gender, held at the Center for Sex Research at California State University in Feb. 1995, and the publication of conference papers. Records in the file include correspondence, a travel grant application, a copy of the paper, and conference abstracts.

IFGE 2005 : Austin TX

File pertains to Gilbert's attendance and presentation at the 2005 conference of the International Foundation for Gender Education Inc., held in Austin, Texas. Records in this file are correspondence, e-mail, Gilbert's presentation proposal, and a conference program.


File consists of correspondence, notes and newspaper clippings pertaining to Gilbert's visit to Israel in 1988 and involvement with PEN International.

ISSA [International Society for the Study of Argumentation]

File pertains to Gilbert's attendance at the 1990 and 1994 International Conference on Argumentation. Records in this file are conference programs and pamphlet, correspondence, registration forms, calls for papers, and Gilbert's 1994 conference paper, "What is an Emotional Argument? Or Why Do Argument Theorists Quarrel with their Mates?".


File pertains to Gilbert's study of karate and includes notes, reading lists and materials from Gilbert's karate class.

TWUC [The Writers' Union of Canada] AGMs

File consists of agendas, registration forms, newspaper clippings, attendee lists and a 1993 commemorative program pertaining to the Writers' Union of Canada's annual general meetings and Gilbert's attendance.

Very old

File consists of letters, receipts and identity cards pertaining to Gilbert's early life and education at the State University of New York at Buffalo, as well as children's drawings, a letter of reference, a theatre program, Gilbert's early poetry, newspaper and magazine articles, a pamphlet, a card and photographs.

Waterloo conference

File pertains to Gilbert's attendance at a May 1993 conference to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the University of Waterloo's Department of Philosophy graduate program. Records in this file are schedules, correspondence, an abstract, and e-mail.


File consists of photographs of Gilbert, including two photographs of Gilbert and his son, photographic negatives and contract sheets.

Computer disks

Disks in this file consist of draft manuscripts for "First Aid", "Discovering Logic", "Buddy System" and "Cross Purposes" as well as computer backup files of notes, correspondence and other writing. Not all files are accessible in their original formats.

Asian philosophy : 314

File pertains to a course taken by Gilbert entitled "Philosophy of Asia and Africa". Records in this file are course handouts, an examination paper, notes, and a paper by Gilbert entitled "The Nyaya-Vaisesika System: A Survey".


File consists of handwritten notes and a draft student paper by Gilbert entitled "An Attempted Clarification of Analyticity".

Epistemology - perception

File pertains to an undergraduate course on analytic philosophy taken by Gilbert. Records in this file are handwritten notes, handouts, and two papers by Gilbert entitled "Malcolm and Chisholm" and "Malcolm on Certainty".

Ethics & theory of value

File pertains to an undergraduate course taken by Gilbert on the general theory of value. Records in this file are handwritten notes and papers by Gilbert.


File consists of Gilbert's notes and papers for an undergraduate course on Locke and Berkeley.


File pertains to a course taken by Gilbert entitled "Introduction to Logic". Records in this file are Gilbert's notes, a test and a quiz.

Marx, Karl & the Marxists

File pertains to an undergraduate course taken by Gilbert entitled "International Marxism and the Communist Orbit". Records in this file include a course syllabus, notes and papers by Gilbert.


File pertains to a undergraduate course taken by Gilbert on Plato and Aristotle and includes his notes, a bibliography, a test and an essay.


File pertains to an undergraduate course taken by Gilbert entitled "Philosophy of Bertrand Russell". Records in this file are Gilbert's notes and a paper entitled "The Dispute Between Russell and Strawson".


File consists of miscellaneous philosophy-related bibliographies and reading lists.

FA data resources '93

File consists of a Faculty of Arts resource analysis model 1993-1994, Department of Philosophy salary budget information for 1993-1994, and graphs.


File consists of assorted items including poems, a note, University of Toronto memoranda re: examinations, an invitation to an event for new York University faculty, notes, published articles, and correspondence.

Tenure & promotion

File pertains to Gilbert's 1979 application for tenure and includes reference letters, correspondence, forms, notes, memoranda, a list of referees, a report of the Senate Committee on Tenure and Promotion, teaching evaluation questionnaires and results,

Undergrad dir. 90/91

File pertains Gilbert's role as the Department of Philosophy's Undergraduate Director. Records in this file are grade statistics, notes, memoranda, and a course proposal.

York Univ. : Atkinson

File consists of Atkinson College reports, memoranda about grading systems, Atkinson College Council meeting notices, correspondence regarding Gilbert's teaching load, and examination procedures.

"Office Party" : corr.

File pertains to Gilbert's book "Office Party". Records in this file are correspondence, a copyright registration certificate, a publishing agreement, royalty statements, and an invitation to screenings of the film version of "Office Party".

OP [Office Party] : foreign

File consists of correspondence, a memorandum, invoices, signed memoranda of agreement and royalty statements pertaining to the British edition of Gilbert's book "Office Party" by Robert Hale Ltd. and the sale of the French rights to the book.

OP [Office Party] rev. and promo

File pertains to the response to and promotion of Gilbert's novel, "Office Party". Records in this file are newspaper and magazine reviews, correspondence, an invitation and guest list for a book launch party, and a list of promotional appearances.


File consists of correspondence and notices pertaining to Gilbert's participation in writers' festivals and events.


File consists of published copies of four book reviews written by Gilbert for "The Globe and Mail".

YA [Yellow Angel] : corresp.

File consists of correspondence, a contract, royalty statements, reviews, a certificate of copyright registration pertaining to Gilbert's book, "Yellow Angel".

Michael A. Gilbert fonds

  • F0706
  • Fonds
  • [196-?]-2014

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the work and activities of Michael A. Gilbert. These records document Gilbert’s work as a professor of philosophy and administrator at York University, as a writer and lecturer in the areas of argumentation theory and transgender theory, and as a writer of literary fiction. Records in this fonds include correspondence and day planners, academic papers and articles, draft manuscripts and screenplays, notes, course materials and lecture notes, photographs, and conference materials.

Gilbert, Michael A.

Student papers and notes

Series consists of Gilbert’s papers and notes from undergraduate courses taken at the City University of New York (Hunter College) and from his graduate studies at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo and the University of Waterloo. Also included in the series are personal ephemera from this period and copies of letters pertaining to the formation of the journal “Telos” at SUNY Buffalo.

Teaching files

Series consists of files documenting Gilbert’s work and activities as a lecturer and professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto and York University, as an undergraduate program director and administrator in the Department of Philosophy at York University, and as a speaker on the subject of cross dressing and transgender theory. Files pertaining to Gilbert’s consultancy work (through his company Effective Dispute Management) and talks on argumentation theory are also part of this series. Records in this series include course materials, lecture notes, notes, correspondence, memoranda, presentation slides, grant application materials, newsletters, enrollment statistics, course lists and calendars.

Writing and related files

Records in this series document the wide scope of Gilbert’s writing projects and pertain in particular to his published books, “How to Win an Argument”, “Coalescent Argumentation”, “Office Party” and “Yellow Angel”, as well as unpublished novels, screenplays and stories, his unpublished textbook “Discovering Logic”, and his academic writing in the area of argumentation theory and gender and transgender theory. These records include draft manuscripts, screenplays, articles and stories as well as related correspondence, notes and research materials, publishing contracts, royalty statements, copies of published articles, and articles about Gilbert’s work.

Conference materials and subject files

Series consists of records pertaining to Gilbert’s attendance at conferences and his professional and personal associations, as well as miscellaneous subject files. Records in these files include conference materials and papers, correspondence, and photographs.

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