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Michael A. Gilbert fonds
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Agent - Colbert

File consists of a letter and a press release pertaining to The Colbert Agency Inc. Also included is a letter from Denise Bukowski of the Bukowski Agency declining Gilbert as a client.


File consists of draft manuscripts and illustrations for a children's book written by Gilbert and illustrated by his son, Zachary, entitled "The Story of Bevis and Big Beard Bonzo". Included in the file is a 1992 letter from Susan R...

Buck Brown

File pertains to Gilbert's written response, "Bucking Back: A Reply to Posner", to an article written by Judith Posner, entitled "Dirty Old Women: Buck Brown's Cartoon" and published in the "Canadian Review of So...

Cross word puzzles

File pertains to an article by Gilbert entitled "Solving Cross Words Puzzles", published in "CA Magazine" and "Leader's Magazine" (a condensed version). Records in this file are correspondence, a draft version of...

Diamond, Paula

File consists of correspondence and notes pertaining to Gilbert's search for a new literary agent and his novel "Thriller", in particular with Paula Diamond, who became his agent.


File consists of a cover letter and manuscripts for a short story by Gilbert entitled "The Inspector", which was submitted to "EXILE" for publication.


File pertains to an article entitled "Manipulation", written by Gilbert and Joseph Agassi and submitted for publication to the journal "Human Studies". Records in this file are correspondence, article drafts, notes, and an abst...

"Office Party" : corr.

File pertains to Gilbert's book "Office Party". Records in this file are correspondence, a copyright registration certificate, a publishing agreement, royalty statements, and an invitation to screenings of the film version of "...

OP [Office Party] : film

File pertains to a film made by SC Entertainment Corporation based on Gilbert's novel "Office Party", for which Gilbert wrote the screenplay. Records in this file are newspaper and magazine clippings, a cast list, a contract, a view...

"Office Party" : movie

File pertains to the sale of the film option for Gilbert's novel, "Office Party", and the writing of the screenplay by Gilbert. Records in this file are correspondence, a film treatment, an agreement between Gilbert and A.G. Product...


File consists of articles, both manuscripts and published copies, written by Gilbert. The following articles are included in the file: "Backing Buck: A Reply to Posner", "David Lewis on Possible Worlds", "Stalnaker: A Theo...


File consists of correspondence and notices pertaining to Gilbert's participation in writers' festivals and events.

Uptown [The Uptown Cookbook]

File consists of a proposal and excerpt for a written work by Gilbert entitled "The Uptown Cookbook: A Modern Guide to the Composition and Value of Fine Food".

Willard review

Item is the annotated manuscript of a book review written by Gilbert on Charles Arthur Willard's "A Theory of Argumentation".

Win : corr.

File consists of correspondence, memoranda, royalty statements, a copy of a contract, tip sheets, and a promotional itinerary pertaining to the publishing and promotion of Gilbert's book "How to Win an Argument".

IFGE 2005 : Austin TX

File pertains to Gilbert's attendance and presentation at the 2005 conference of the International Foundation for Gender Education Inc., held in Austin, Texas. Records in this file are correspondence, e-mail, Gilbert's presentation propo...


File consists of correspondence, notes and newspaper clippings pertaining to Gilbert's visit to Israel in 1988 and involvement with PEN International.

Very old

File consists of letters, receipts and identity cards pertaining to Gilbert's early life and education at the State University of New York at Buffalo, as well as children's drawings, a letter of reference, a theatre program, Gilbert'...

Waterloo conference

File pertains to Gilbert's attendance at a May 1993 conference to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the University of Waterloo's Department of Philosophy graduate program. Records in this file are schedules, correspondence, an abstract, ...

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