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Lalande, André

File consists of correspondence with André Lalande, in which Welby is attempting to get Laland to include "Significs" in Lalande's Philosophical Dictionary. Welby mentions Vailati, Calderoni, Prof. Geddes and Sir. F. Pollock in her letters. Lalande writes from Hotel Belleue and the Carhdonn fur Vevey.

Lang, Andrew

File consists of voluminous correspondence between Andrew Lang and Welby, originals, as well as typed copies and duplicates. Topics of discussion include: VW's work, ghosts, ghost theory, treatment of the dead, a falling out with Mr. Sayce, metaphysics of "certain savage races", "Primitive Intelligence", a visit by Prof. Patrick Geddes, significs, expression, impression, feedback that Welby received from Lloyd Morgan on "Practical Religion", reaction to the publication of "Mind", death of Aubrey Moore, Welby's "linking" work, Father Gerard's essays on Evolution and Thought, a study of specific terms ("rubbish", "inference", "primitive humans"), animal reactions to ghosts and the failures of translations, Father Harper, Wilfred Ward, reading the work of Perrault, and Welby's frustration at not being able to publish "Links & Clues". Includes one copy of a letter from Mrs. Lang. Lang writes from Selkirk, Edinburgh.

Lang, Andrew

File consists of original, typed transcriptions and extracts of correspondence between Andrew Lang and Welby. Includes some draft letters. Topics include: Lang's attack of a Miss Wilkins in the publication "Illustration", origins of ghosts in primitive societies, early religions, Welby's correspondence with Dr. Tylor, Prof. Boys, a Dr. "Wllr" and Prof. L.M.; meetings with Max Muller and Prof. Michel Breal; discussion of "animal Land", eugenics and the Sociological Society. Lang writes from Ardtornish, Movern, Fort William, Corby Castle in Carlisle, Edinburgh and St. Andrew's.

Lankester, E. Ray

File consists of handwritten, transcripts and extracts of correspondence between E. Ray Lankester and Welby. Topics include: visual judgment, geocentricism, Welby's hope that F. Galton will look at piece of writing, "Mental Biology" that she sends to Lankester; reading Pinet and Féré; discussion of a scientific controversy between Poulton and Romanes and Lankester and the Duke of Argyll (regarding Darwin's theory); Lady Scarborough's invitation to Lankester, Lankester's travels in Europe; invitation from Welby to visit her at Lumley; Welby's efforts to befriend Prof. Oliver Lodge, Mr. Muybridge's exhibition of cave paintings; connecting with A.P. Laurei a chemist and technical instructor at the People's Palace; a reoccuring interest in a local "water-finder" including a report from Sir William Welby-Gregory on water-finding at Denton; Welby's report to Lankester in 1889 that an article in the Spectator reported that "somebody nearby has been tested by so-called experiments, as supposed to have 'the Power'"; Welby responding to paper sent by Lankester; Mr. Wallace's views regarding the manifestations of spiritualists; Welby's concerns about the "morbid developments of "spiritism""; Mr. Galton's twins; Mr. Meyers and Dr. H.J. ; Dr. Benjamin Richardson's lectures on "mental contageon"; Lankester's visit to Denton in April 1892; introduction of Scott and Lady Cecilia Montagu to their circle; Montagu's photographs of visiting party at Denton; Welby's anonymous poem published in "Mind" around May 1902; Lankester's critique of Mr. Bernard; Mr. Galton's work on eugenics; the Sociological Society; gifts of books from Welby for Lankester to give away to students; Prof. Metchnikoff; "D.W. Geoffrey Smiths' crucially important research on sex in crustacea"; hermaphodism in nature; health, nervousness and being overworked. Lankester writes from 11 Wellington Mansions and the Savil Club at 107 Piccadilly, grand Hotel Royal in San Remo, Italy, 29 Thurloe Place, British Museum.

Lathbury, Mr and Mrs (Bertha) D. C.

File consists of correspondence between Welby and Mrs. Bertha Lathbury and later from her husband D. C. Lathbury, the editor of the Guardian newspaper. Welby reintroduces herself, mentioning a summer 1887 meeting with Mrs. Lathbury "at the Pollocks' Hind Head cottage when Mrs. Clifford was there." Correspondence concerns the work "Robert Elsmere" published by Mrs. Humphry Ward; includes a list of books drawn up by Welby of Christian evidence that refutes Ward's book. Also includes correspondence of Welby's efforts in 1892 to have "Witness to Ambiguity" advertised and reviewed by the Guardian, as well as a series of letters about the Athanasian Creed that Lathbury declines to print. Letters from the Lathbury's written from 11 Markeston Mansions, and the Guardian head offices.

Lee, Mr and Mrs G. (Gerald) Stanley

File consists of voluminous correspondence between Gerald Stanley Lee and Welby, including handwritten correspondence, letter drafts, transcriptions and typed extracts. Topics include: invitations to Lee to lecure at The Sociological Society; Dr. F. Van Eeden's recommendation to Welby that she read "The Inspired Millionnaire"; Lee's gift of a copy of "The Voice of the Machines" to Welby; Welby's description of her own life's work as that of "primal sense, the sense of significance"; Welby's efforts to have Lee's work reviewed in "The Nation" by her friend Lowes Dickinson; Dr. Van Eedens fundraising to support Lee's colony in North Carolina; Welby's request for a photograph of Lee; Lee's correspondence with Henry James; Lee's visit to Denton in 1910; Welby's poem published in "The English Review" in December 1910; the visit of the Lees to England, including letters from Mrs. Jennette Lee. Lee writes from Mount Tom, Northampton, Massacussets, as well as various points on his travels to England, including New York City and the U.S.M.S. "Philadelphia". Correspondence also mentions Miss Carter and Miss Beals, employees of the Welbys at Denton.

Lee, Mr and Mrs G. (Gerald) Stanley

File consists of handwritten letters and typescripts of correspondence between Gerald Stanley Lee and Welby. Topics include: Lees trip to London in 1911, Tebaig Rannock and Puck (Welby's pets) and other details regarding the Lees travels in England. Lee writes from: No 1 Elm Court, Inner Temple, London; #12 Cliffords Inn, London; and the Waldorf Hotel, Aldwych, W.C..

Levi, Alessandro

File consists of correspondence between Professor Alessandro Levi, professor at the University of Ferrara in Italy, including a calling card of Prof. G.F. Stout. Levi was introduced to Prof. Stout by a mutal friend Vailati and hoped to call on Welby with his wife Sarina Levi Nathan.

Lightfoot, Bishop Joseph Barber

File consists of correspondence between Bishop Joseph Barber Lightfoot, the Bishop of Durham, and Welby. Topics include sharing each others writing; their mutual correspondence with Canon Westcott; Welby's mss (presumably "Links & Clues" to be published by Macmillan; their mutual invitation from Lady Scarborough to visit her at Lumley in 1888; the bishop's helpping of Welby's friend, a Miss Hopkins; and a visit from Mr. Body who was critiquing her work "Recognition". File also includes letter written by Bishop Aukland in 1881 address to a J.B. [Dueth?] .

Linton, Miss E. Lynn

File consists of handwritten and typed letters regarding Welby's correspondence with Mrs. E. Lynn Linton. The two correspondended regarding Linton's novel "Christopher Kirland". Linton wrote from Queen Anne's Mansions, St. James Park and Whittington Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale. File includes a letter from G. S. Lagard writing from Lorraine Cottage, Malvern requesting reflections from Welby as thay were writing a biography of Linton.

Lockyer, Sir Norman

File consists of correspondence between Welby and Sir Norman Lockyer, the editor of "Nature" as to why her pamphlet had not yet been reviewed by the publication. Also includes a note from Lady Lockyer from 1906.

Lodge, Sir Oliver

File consists of correspondence between Sir Oliver Lodge and Welby. Topics include: their visit to Lumley; new acquaintance Mr. A. P. Laurie; Welby hosting Romanes, Mrs. W.K. Clifford, Andrew Lang and Edward Stanhope in November 1889; reading Jevon's Principles of Science; the influence of Dr. Hertz, Prof. Fitzgerald, Dr. Joule Thomson, Prof. Glaisher and Lord Rayleigh on her work; scientific writing; psychology; science of meaning; Lodge sending a "psychical report" to Welby; investigation of "multiple/multiplex characters" by psychologists, physiologists and physicists; Welby's 'vibration diagrams'; Dr. Foster and his "central nervous system"; the work of Prof. C. V. Boys, Prof. Lloyd Morgan, Shadworth Hodgson, M.M. Maxim, Langley, Lankester, Geddes, Dr. Aug. Waller, Mr. Poulton, Mr. James Scully; Welby's efforts to get Lodge to bring Nicola Tesla to an Easter gathering in 1892 that would include Dr. and Mrs. Romanes, Prof. Ray Lankester, Prof. Lloyd Morgan, E.B. Poulton, E.B. Titchener, J. Scully, Shadworth Hodgson, Arthur Balfour and Mr. and Lady Cecil Scott-Montagu. Lodge writes from 21 Waverly Road, Liverpool . File also includes an envelope annotated "The Lodge - Hershel Letters" containing transcriptions of letters from 1892.

MacDonald, William

File consists of folder of correspondence between Welby and William MacDonald, regarding their collaboration (Macdonald was contracted to assist Welby as an editor of her writing), the purchase of a Remington typewriter, their correspondence with Professor Geddes, gifts of flowers, visits to London, MacDonald's introduction to Mr. McGeegan and other aspects of their work together. Macdonald writes from 18 Essendine Road, and Elgin Avenue West.

MacDonald, William

File consists of folder of correspondence between Welby and MacDonald, primarily related to their collaboration, but topics also include: Welby's dog Tobey, MacDonald's visits to Harrow, a Miss Precocitz (?), MacDonald's review of Geddes book, Louise Michel, the role of "race-mothers", MacDonald's efforts to buy a house in the country, as well as a copy of a letter written to MacDonald to Mr. Branford seeking to secure a salary for his work as Welby's formal collaborator, and his work for Welby on alternate weeks, as well as "clearing up some difficulties at the British Museum."

Martineau, Dr James

File consists of folder of correspondence, typescripts, extracts and handwritten letters between Welby and Dr. James Martineau, including clippings "James Martineau" by E.M.H. , The Academy, 20 Janaury 1900, pp. 65-66. Topics include Martineau's "Study of Religion," Welby's "The Living Test," church reform, "Life of Father Suffield", significs, article submissions for "Mind"; Miss Hollins

Martineau writing from The Polchar, Ruthiemurrhus, Aniemore and 35 Gordon Square, London, W.C.

Martineau, Mary Ellen

File consists of folder of letters from Mary Ellen Martinau, Dr. James Martineau's daughter, requesting that Welby refrain from sending her father literary matter to read or criticize as he was 90 years old. Welby loaned letters to her for reference and copying for her biography of her father.

Ogden, C.K.

File consists of folder of correspondence. Several letters have been edited and published. See: Mrs. Henry Cust, (ed.) Other Dimensions: A Selection from the Later Correspondence of Victoria Lady Welby, London: Jonathan Cape, 1931, pp 335-337.

Ogden, C.K.

File consists of folder of correspondence. Several letters have been edited and published. See: Mrs. Henry Cust, (ed.) Other Dimensions: A Selection from the Later Correspondence of Victoria Lady Welby, London: Jonathan Cape, 1931, pp 335-337.

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