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Michael A. Gilbert fonds
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"Gideon Finds the Truth"

File consists of a handwritten manuscript of this short story by Gilbert, as well as a clipping of the published story in NOW Magazine (Apr. 24-30, 1986 issue).


File pertains to this short story by Gilbert and his efforts to publish the story. Records in this file are correspondence and story drafts.

On Gilbert

File consists of academic papers, a journal article and a letter analyzing Gilbert's book "Coalescent Argumentation".

RAA, a heuristic for

File pertains to an article written by Gilbert entitled "A Heuristic Procedure for Natural Deduction Derivations Using Reductio Ad Absurdum" and its publication in "The Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic". Records in this file ...

Relevance & deductibility

File pertains to an article written by Gilbert entitled "Relevance and Logic", submitted for publication to the "Journal of Philosophical Logic". Records in this file are draft articles, correspondence, and notes.

"A Shocking Death" : unpub.

File pertains to this short story by Gilbert, submitted for publication in short story anthologies. Records in this file are correspondence and drafts of the story.


File consists of edit notes and draft excerpts from this piece of writing by Gilbert.


File consists of two drafts of a story by Gilbert entitled "The KpL Club", submitted to "The Globe and Mail" in Sept. 1992, as well as a reply letter from Philip Jackman, and a newspaper clipping from the "Wheels" sec...

Letters to parents

File consists of two letters written by Gilbert and his wife, Ruth, offering his parents suggestions for a trip to Europe.

Letters received

File consists of personal and professional correspondence received by Gilbert. Correspondents include Andreas Schroeder, Heather Menzies, June Callwood, Richard Thomas Wright, Celso Lopez, Barbara Saldinger, Diane Gilbert and others.

Zack : bar mitzvah

File pertains to the bar mitzvah of Gilbert's son, Zachary, held in May 1986, and include letters, invoices, guest lists and photographs. Also included in the file are other materials pertaining to Zachary's childhood, including school a...

Abst. alg.

File consists of Gilbert's handwritten notes and class assignments for this course on abstract algebra.


File consists of handwritten notes and two student papers written by Gilbert entitled "An explication and defense of Van Iten's interpretation of Berkeley" and "Berkeley: Ontology or Epistemology".

Epistemology - perception

File pertains to an undergraduate course on analytic philosophy taken by Gilbert. Records in this file are handwritten notes, handouts, and two papers by Gilbert entitled "Malcolm and Chisholm" and "Malcolm on Certainty".


File consists of Gilbert's handwritten notes for an undergraduate course.


File pertains to a course taken by Gilbert entitled "Introduction to Logic". Records in this file are Gilbert's notes, a test and a quiz.

"Telos" letters

File consists of copies of letters written by Alison Jagger, Paul Piccone, Severin Schurger and Gilbert pertaining to the launch of journal "Telos" at SUNY Buffalo.


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Critical Reasoning (PHIL 2200). Items in this file are a course outline, an outline of tutor duties, PowerPoint lecture slides, photocopies from course textbook "Good reasoning matters!", and ...


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Gender & Sexuality (PHIL 2250) in fall 2007. Items in this file include a course outline, a course schedule and essay guidelines.

310 : Crossley

File consists of photocopied book chapters from "What is Mathematical Logic?" by J.N. Crossley et al. and Gilbert's lecture notes on those chapters.

3220 : 2000/01

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Argumentation Theory (PHIL 3220) in fall 2000. Items in this file include a course outline, lecture outlines, a mid-term test, a final essay, a quiz, and overhead transparencies. Also included is a fall...

4040 99/00

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Contemporary Philosophy: Gender and Sexuality (PHIL 4040) in fall 1999. Items in this file are journal articles, lecture notes, and an essay handout.

4260 : sex/gender

Item is a course outline for this course, Gender & Transgender Theory (PHIL 4260), taught by Gilbert in winter 2007.


File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert in 2008. Records in this file are notes, lecture notes, a handout and an e-mail.


File pertains to Gilbert's SSHRC funding and related expenditures. Records in this file are travel grant notice, monthly and summary financial statements, memoranda, invoices, and a letter.


File consists of miscellaneous philosophy-related bibliographies and reading lists.

Computer coordinator

File pertains to Gilbert's position as the Department of Philosophy's computer coordinator. Records in this file are memoranda, a list of computing requests, computing and academic equipment plans, a document on web page management, a re...

Curriculum comm.

File pertains to Gilbert's involvement with the Department of Philosophy's Curriculum Committee. Records in this file are course lists and enrollment statistics, a list of faculty members, a description of courses in philosophy at York U...

Examinations : non-logic

File consists of examinations for Gilbert's courses, The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell (PHL 232H) in summer 1975 and Probability and Inductive Logic (PHL 251Y) in summer 1974.


File pertains to a proposal to form a federated philosophy department at York University, unifying departments at Atkinson College and Glendon College as part of the Faculty of Arts. Items in this file are course listings, an Atkinson College lect...

Grad faculty

File consists of correspondence and a memorandum pertaining to Gilbert's graduate faculty membership at York University.

Grants 2000-2001

File consists of grant application forms and correspondence pertaining to Gilbert's grants from York University.


File pertains to a Department of Philosophy faculty recruitment process in 1990. Records include a memorandum and recruitment worksheets.

Language, phil. of (PH 320)

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Philosophy of Language (PH 320.6). Records in this file are an examination, a test, notes, course handouts and a course outline.

Library : reserve lists

File consists of library reserve lists and related correspondence and memoranda pertaining to courses taught by Gilbert's at York University.

Logic : intro

File consists of a test and test answers for Introduction to Logic (PH 2100), taught by Gilbert in Oct. 1983.


File consists of memoranda, correspondence, reports, meeting minutes and Gilbert's merit claims pertaining to York University's Department of Philosophy merit-based pay increases.

Modal Logic (PH 4100.6)

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert, Modal Logic (PH 4100.6). Records in this file are notes, course handouts, articles and lecture notes.

Modes : handouts, exams, etc.

File pertains to two courses taught by Gilbert, Modes of Normative Reasoning (AK/MR 176B) and Modes of Reasoning (AS/MR 171), in 1975-1976. Records in this file are course outlines and syllabi, examinations, course handouts and study questions, as...

Paradox Communications

File consists of a business license, registration forms, a statement of operations pertaining to Gilbert's business, Paradox Communications, formerly Effective Dispute Management.

PHIL 2100

File pertains to this course taught by Gilbert at York University entitled Introductory Logic. Records in this file are final exams, quizzes, take-home assignments, course outlines, and lecture notes.

PHIL 6250

Item is a outline for this course, Recent Issues in Trans/Gender Theory (GS/PHIL 6250), taught by Gilbert.

Referee reports

File consists of reports, correspondence and application form pertaining to Gilbert's work as a referee for academic journal articles, manuscripts and grant applications.


File pertains to SSHRC-funded project by Gilbert on gender fluidity. Records in this file are invoices, claim forms, notes, consent forms and questionnaires.

SSHRC 2007

File consists of a notice of award, external assessment forms and correspondence pertaining to SSHRC grant applications by Gilbert.

TA stuff

File consists of Philosophy Department TA systems and procedures draft documents, memoranda, a pamphlet and schedule for TA Day '92, and a list of courses and corresponding teaching assistants.

Tenure & promotion

File pertains to Gilbert's 1979 application for tenure and includes reference letters, correspondence, forms, notes, memoranda, a list of referees, a report of the Senate Committee on Tenure and Promotion, teaching evaluation questionnaires a...

UGD 92/93

File pertains Gilbert's role as the Department of Philosophy's Undergraduate Director. Records in this file are a faculty list, a degree requirements document, memoranda, correspondence, a departmental newsletter, notes, a departmental o...

York Univ. : Atkinson

File consists of Atkinson College reports, memoranda about grading systems, Atkinson College Council meeting notices, correspondence regarding Gilbert's teaching load, and examination procedures.

Agent - Colbert

File consists of a letter and a press release pertaining to The Colbert Agency Inc. Also included is a letter from Denise Bukowski of the Bukowski Agency declining Gilbert as a client.


File consists of draft manuscripts and illustrations for a children's book written by Gilbert and illustrated by his son, Zachary, entitled "The Story of Bevis and Big Beard Bonzo". Included in the file is a 1992 letter from Susan R...

Buck Brown

File pertains to Gilbert's written response, "Bucking Back: A Reply to Posner", to an article written by Judith Posner, entitled "Dirty Old Women: Buck Brown's Cartoon" and published in the "Canadian Review of So...

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