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Marshall McLuhan files

This series consists of correspondence, contracts, notes, drafts, clippings, offprints, photographs, and ephemera created and accumulated by CSWS Ltd. as agents of Marshall McLuhan and his estate. CSWS Ltd. began representing Marshall McLuhan around 1970.

The records in this series document the close working relationship and friendship between Matie Molinaro and the McLuhan family (especially her friendship with his spouse Corinne McLuhan) in managing Marshall McLuhan’s legacy, “brand”, and the rights to his work subsequent to his death in December 1980.

Files from accession 1990-018 include: correspondence of Marshall McLuhan, which was utilized in a published correspondence volume, edited by his wife Corinne and Matie Molinaro, “Letters of Marshall McLuhan” (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1987); galleys of McLuhan works ('Laws of the media,'); correspondence and reports of the Centre for Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto; lecture invitations; various television and film proposals, scripts, and related correspondence, as well as material about McLuhan (books, articles, newspaper clippings, etc), and the 'Management game,' which includes a sample deck of cards used in the game as well as orders for the game.

Files from accessions 2010-040 and 2012-066 include: public appearance requests; requests for permission to cite and republish the work of McLuhan; research material and drafts for the book, “Letters of Marshall McLuhan” (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1987); correspondence and reports related to the preparation, negotiations and acquisition of the McLuhan Papers by the Public Archives of Canada in 1984; correspondence with communication scholars and co-authors of works with Marshall McLuhan, including Bruce R. Powers, Barrington Nevitt, and W. Terrence Gordon; reprint agreement in 2001 and related correspondence with Mo Cohen of Gingko Press of Berkeley, California which led to renewed interest in Marshall McLuhan’s work; correspondence related to the planning of the Toronto International McLuhan Festival of the Future in 2004.

Also included are files about several members of the McLuhan family, including Elsie McLuhan (mother), Corinne McLuhan, and children Eric, Michael, Teri, and Mary.

Client files

This series consists of files created and accumulated by CSWS Ltd. about agency clients and prospective clients enquiring about the agency’s services. The types of records found in this series include correspondence, contracts, royalty statements, clippings, manuscripts (and manuscript samples), headshot photographs, curriculum vitae and biographical highlights sheets. The more well-known people represented in this series include: Earle Birney, Arthur Black, Harry Boyle, Adrienne Clarkson, Sorel Etrog, Don Harron, Lynn Johnston, Paul Kligman, Mavor Moore, Lister Sinclair, Harry Somers, Ben Wicks, and Chris Wiggins.

Files 2012-066/001(05) to 2012-066/004(10) consists of research notes and drafts related to a research project by Matie Molinaro and Barbara Brescia about the painting Venus Disarming Cupid.

Files related to CSWS Ltd. client Marshall McLuhan and his estate can be found in Series S00667: Marshall McLuhan files.

Teaching records

Series consists of lecture notes, syllabi, reading lists, articles, and other materials pertaining to courses taught by Trist over the course of his career as an academic.

Research index cards

Series consists of index cards created by Janice Newton while conducting graduate research at York University. These cards were likely repurposed and augmented as she later adapted her PhD dissertation into a monograph. They contain biographical information on individuals, primarily women, who were active on the political left circa 1892 to 1920, as well as miscellaneous research notes, bibliographical references, and correspondence.

Victorian correspondence

Series consists of individual letters written during the Victoria and early Edwardian eras by authors, poets, artists, and activists. This material was acquired from donors or antiquarian booksellers to support research and teaching by faculty with the Victorian Studies Network at York University.

Sheila Harbron's personal and genealogical research files

This series contains the personal and professional papers of Sheila Harbron, which were collected and prepared by her in her capacity as President of the Etobicoke Branch of the Canadian Federation of University Women, 1966-1967, and President of the Governor Simcoe Branch of the United Empire Loyalists' Association, 1989-1992. This series includes the personal papers, correspondence, family and genealogical research, and photographs, of the Buck, Harbron, Hardy, Lester, Matheson, Ryerson families.

Toronto Telegram scrapbooks and clippings

Series consists of scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and printed materials. The scrapbooks are of three types. The fist is a collection of large scrapbooks, approximately 220 in total, that consists of copies of the Toronto Telegram and it's predecessor, The Evening Telegram. These scrapbooks are divided into several categories of material: "Advertising and promotion", "Circulation and Carriers", "Clubs", "Contests", "Events", "Daily and Weekly Features" (such as "schooner Days by C.H.J. Snider); "General Clippings", "News Features" (which include royal visits); "Outdoor Activities"; photo albums of high profile personalities such as royalty and politicians; "Sports", "Theatre and Opera", as wella s feature columns and programs run by the The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star.
The second group is a collection of scrapbooks and editorials and contests of the Telegram and its rivals, The Toronto Star and The Toronto Globe and Mail. The scrapbooks consists of Toronto Telegram editorians (1962-1967), Globe & Mail editorials (1961-1970) and Toronto Star editorials (1940-1968). There are also indexes to Star editorials, scrapbooks concerning the Star's Santa Claus Fund (1923-1960) and the Star's Fresh Air Fund.
Finally, there are two moderately sized collections of scrapbooks. The first consists of four books, covering the Toronto Transit Commission (1950-1970), and the second covers the canals of the St.Lawrence River (1910-1939).

The newspaper clippings are divided into two broad areas: Personalities, and Subjects. These consists of clippings from the Telegram arranged alphabetically by personality name, including such people as Winston Churchill, Henry Fort, Mitchell Hepburn, and Nellie McClung; and subjects, ranging from Abortion to Medicine and Australia to Japan. Both groups of files are complete only to the letter "M" (the remaining files do not appear to have been transferred to the archives).
The printed material consists of accompanying material removed from the files of photoprints from the 1987-001 accession. It contains information about the subjects of the photos they were separated from and are cross-referenced with those print files.

Toronto Telegram

Collected articles

Series consists of off-prints, photocopies and drafts of mathematical articles collected and preserved by Lorch for reference and research purposes. Some articles have correspondence and notes by Lorch attached.

Toronto Telegram photographic prints

Series consists of approximately 466, 500 photographic prints created or accumulated by staff at the Toronto Telegram. The largest volume of prints are under the subjects "United States" (ca. 7.2 metres of prints), "Ships) (ca. 5 metres), "England" (ca. 4 metres) and "Canada" (ca. 3.6 metres). Certain subjects have been arranged outside the general subject organization of the prints such as "Personalities" (15 metres); "Personalities/politicians" (ca. 4 metres); "Armed forces personnel" (ca. 8 metres) largely of the World War II era, provably used in reports of missing/wounded/killed in action. As well, there are photographs of groups of servicemen, again largely World War II era. Finally, there is a group of photographs of personalities who were associated with the Toronto Telegram, predominantly from the period after Bassett bought the newspaper (post 1952). The series also includes many photographic images purchased from wire services for the purposes of illustrating national and international stories.

Toronto Telegram

Pocock family papers

Series consists of correspondence between Pocock and her family including correspondence exchanged between Pocock and her husband Jack while he was serving in the Second World War. It also includes newspaper clippings relating to Nancy Pocock and to various members of her family, legal documents, a series of baby books pertaining to family members and kept by Pocock, journals of various family members, letters of condolence on the deaths of Jack and Nancy Pocock, photographs and other ephemera pertaining to the family.

Orchestral scores

Series consists of orchestral scores used by the Rex Battle Orchestra. Music sheets contain the parts for various instruments, sometimes featuring Battle's writing or notes.

Biographical material

The series consists of Vinci's personal documents and correspondence related to his education and immigration to the United States as Ernst Wreszynski. Also includes newspaper clippings about Vinci and biographical sketches ready for publication. Later accessions include personal and family correspondence between Vinci and his wife, and Vinci and his parents and parents-in-law, and other relatives during the 1930s as they tried to escape Germany. There is some correspondence regarding Vinci's efforts to sponsor his sister-in-law and niece after the Second World War.

Photo albums and passports

Series consists of twelve photo albums created by Lloyd Mackenzie and seven of his Canadian passports. Photographs document Lloyd Mackenzie's childhood and adolescence in Toronto, as well as some photographs of his parents, family and friends; his military service as a clerk during World War II; his daily life, friendships and living arrangements in Toronto, England and Australia; and his extensive travels within Canada, the United States, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Australia.

Academic files of Hans Mohr

Series consists of article, reports, lectures, and presentations written by Mohr throughout his career on topics such as psychiatry, mental health, homosexuality, family equality, children's rights, sentencing, criminology, criminal law, legal reform, legal education, and sociology, as well as copies of his book reviews. Many of his articles are original annotated drafts, final editions or in offprint format. Series includes seminar papers on his course about structuralism, his course "Sociology 92-456 : The sociology of law," "Law 324 : Children and the law," his seminar on "Theory and empiricism in law," and his graduate seminar "Legal research, policy and reform." Series also includes evaluations written in 1981 by students in courses "Social foundations of law" and "Law and psychiatry." In addition, series includes drafts of conference papers and articles written by friends and colleagues such as Peter Fitzpatrick, Harry W. Arthurs, Roderick A. Macdonald, Kurt Wolff, and Marie Andree Bertrand. Some of these drafts have annotations made by Mohr. Series also includes: offprints inscribed to Mohr by friends and colleagues such as Alan Hunt, Douglas Hay and Charles David Axelrod; newspaper articles about Mohr and his work with law, psychiatry, sentencing, criminal law, and law reforms; and a collection of research articles on similar topics.


Series consists of personal memorabilia created and/or accumulated by Jeanne Randolph pertaining to the Randolph and Bryant families, Randolph's childhood in Texas, and her son, Jones Miller. These items include scrapbooks, diplomas, photographs, yearbooks, artwork, postcards, identification and membership cards, and newspaper clippings.

Early life and biographical records

Series consists of records pertaining to Trist's early life, education and biography. Early life records include family photographs, elementary school records, student records from Cambridge and Yale Universities, drawings and poetry created by Trist, and other material. Biographical records include: writings about Trist by others; curricula vitae; records related to Trist's honorary LLD from York University; obituaries and memorial records; and records pertaining to Trist's biography, Behavior, Technology, and Organizational Development: Eric Trist and the Tavistock Institute, by Richard Trahair (Transaction, 2015).

Personal files

Series consists of files related primarily to Norquay and her family. Records include her grandfather's notes for his Saturday Night Debating Society activities, her father's Sunday Bible talks, letters to and from her husband, parents and grandparents, records pertaining to Norquay's military service during and after World War II (Canadian Women's Army Corps), a scrapbook created by Norquay as a child, dance cards, some photographs, Norquay's creative writing notes and drafts of her family memoirs, diplomas, family genealogical clippings, Norquay's husband's Chelan Mission Field notes as a new United Church minister, correspondence with friends and admirers, and miscellaneous memorabilia.

Manuscripts and other writing

Series consists of notebooks, notes, research materials, draft poems, manuscripts and proofs pertaining to the writing and publication of Hutchman’s books of poetry. Samples of his early and/or unpublished writing are also part of the series, as are a number of poetry translations by Hutchman. Works of poetry documented in this series are Explorations (1975), Voices in the Wind (1979), Blue Riders (1985), Foreign National (1993), Emery (1998), Beyond Borders (2000), Selected Poems (2007), Reading the Water (2008), and Personal Encounters (2014) . Also included are research materials, interview transcripts, manuscripts and notes relating to Hutchman’s work as editor and interviewer for his non-fiction book, In the Writers' Words: Conversations with Eight Canadian Poets, as well as manuscripts pertaining to his work as an co-editor of Coastlines: the Poetry of Atlantic Canada.

Toronto Telegram photographic negatives

Series consists of approximately 833,500 photographic negatives, the majority of which are black and white 35mm.
The negatives are arranged by subject heading, although there are more subject headings here than in the print series, and tend to be local in nature. Negatives for photographs of personalities have been separated out of the main arrangement.

Toronto Telegram


Series consists of materials accumulated by Hutchman primarily pertaining to his early life, family, travels and career as a poet. These records include an award certificate, posters and notices for his poetry readings, newspaper and magazine clippings featuring his published poems, essays and reviews about his work, notes from presentations given, ephemera, and copies of publishers’ catalogues featuring his books. Included in this series are personal photographs of Hutchman, his family and friends, as well as other poets and writers.

Completed project files

Series consists of production files pertaining to completed film and music projects created by Larry Weinstein. Projects are as follows:

  1. All that Bach (1985): Records pertaining to the 1985 TV movie All That Bach, directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes scripts, credits, reviews, music cues, and photographs.

Dates of creation: 1985
Extent: less than 1 cm of textual records. - 10 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm.

  1. Beethoven’s Hair (2005): Records pertaining to the production, release, and reception of the 2005 documentary film Beethoven's Hair, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-produced by Weinstein, Jody Shapiro, and Jessica Daniel. Also includes records related to the interactive new media site of the same name (, a project produced collaboratively by Rhombus Media and Xenophile Media. Records include notes, correspondence, reference and research material, proposals, scripts, treatments, applications, agreements, cast and crew records, music and interview recordings, video recordings, award and festival records, press and reviews, photographs, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1984-2009
Extent: 24 cm of textual records. - 54 photographs : col. ; 15 x 21 cm or smaller. - 24 optical disks : CD. - 2 optical disks : DVD. - 6 videocassettes : VHS

  1. Burnt Toast (2005): Records pertaining to the 2005 television opera Burnt Toast, a series of comedic shorts written and directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, correspondence, proposals, overviews, scripts, budgets, call sheets, sound recordings, set drawings, schedules, cast and crew records, storyboards, sheet music, promotional material, festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 2003-2006
Extent: 14 cm of textual records. - 2 photographs : b&w and col. ; 25 x 20 cm. - 1 optical disk : CD

  1. Concerto! (1993): Records pertaining to the 1993 television series Concerto! co-directed by Larry Weinstein, Niv Fichman, and Barbara Willis Sweete. Includes schedules, minutes, synopses and other material

Dates of creation: 1992
Extent: 3 cm of textual records

  1. Devil’s Delight (2010): Records pertaining to the 2010 short film Devil's Delight, for which Larry Weinstein was the executive producer. Includes notes, correspondence, reference material, synopses, funding applications, agreements, casting records, and schedules.

Dates of creation: 2009
Extent: 3 cm of textual records

  1. For the Whales (1989): Records pertaining to the 1989 documentary For the Whales, directed by Larry Weinstein, featuring artists such as John Cage, Margaret Atwood, Bill Reid, and others. Includes notes, interview transcripts, sheet music, photographs, reviews and other material.

Dates of creation: 1989-1990
Extent: 4 cm of textual records. - 2 photographs : col. ; 12.5 x 17.5 cm. - 48 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Greta Kraus [198-?]: Records pertaining to the 1980s Arts Council short Greta Kraus, created by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, reference material and photographs.

Dates of creation: [198-?]
Extent: 1 cm of textual records. - 1 photograph : col. ; 10 x 15 cm

  1. Hong Kong Symphony: Heaven-Earth-Mankind (1997): Records pertaining to the 1997 documentary Hong Kong Symphony: Heaven-Earth-Mankind, directed by Larry Weinstein and featuring a performance by cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Includes notes, correspondence, scripts, proposals, photographs, press, and festival records.

Dates of creation: 1997-1999
Extent: 3 cm of textual records. - 73 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Inside Hana’s Suitcase (2009): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 2009 documentary Inside Hana's Suitcase, directed and produced by Larry Weinstein. Includes research and reference material, correspondence, production notes, scripts, budgets, proposals, agreements, schedules, casting records, interview transcripts, promotional and educational material, press and reviews, film festival records, and other material. Records also include photographs and video recordings pertaining to the film, including stock and raw footage, dailies, and animation samples.

Dates of creation: 1995-2012
Extent: 54 cm of textual records. - 58 optical disks : DVD. - 6 optical disks : CD. - 3 videocassettes : VHS. - 103 videocassettes : DVCAM. - 1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 13.5 cm

  1. Joaquin Rodrigo: Shadows and Light : Joaquin Rodrigo at 90 (1993); Concierto de Aranjuez (1993): Records pertaining to two films directed by Larry Weinstein on the life and music of Joaquin Rodrigo: Shadows and Light : Joaquin Rodrigo at 90 (1993) and Concierto de Aranjuez (1993). Includes notes, correspondence, scripts, photographs, press, festival and award records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1987-2007
Extent: 16 cm of textual records. - ca. 150 photographs : b&w and col. ; 22 x 29 cm or smaller. - ca. 450 photographic negatives : b&w and col. ; 10 x 12 cm or smaller. - 10 contact sheets : b&w ; 30 x 24 cm. - 140 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Making Overtures: The Story of a Community Orchestra (1985): Records pertaining to the 1985 short documentary film Making Overtures: The Story of a Community Orchestra, directed by Larry Weinstein. The film was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary short in 1986. Includes scripts, reviews, credits, and music cues.

Dates of creation: 1985-1986
Extent: less than 1 cm of textual records

  1. Manuel de Falla: Master Peter’s Puppet Show; Nights in the Garden of Spain; When the Fire Burns [198-?]: Records pertaining to three films created in the 1980s by Larry Weinstein about the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain, Master Peter's Puppet Show and When the Fire Burns. Includes notes, correspondence, reference material, outlines, photographs, promotional material, reviews, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1989-[ca. 1991]
Extent: 7 cm of textual records. - 29 photographs : b&w and col. ; 16.5 x 12 cm or smaller. - 20 photographic negatives : b&w ; 35 mm. - 153 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Mozartballs (2006): Records pertaining to the 2006 TV movie Mozartballs, directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, correspondence, research materials, proposals, stock footage records, cast and crew records, sheet music, audio recordings, interview transcripts, press and reviews, festival and workshop records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1994-2009
Extent: 10 cm of textual records. - 1 optical disk : CD

  1. Mulroney: The Opera (2011): Records pertaining to the musical film Mulroney: The Opera, directed and co-produced by Larry Weinstein. Includes agreements, lists, and press.

Dates of creation: 2009-2011
Extent: ca. 84 cm of textual records. – 2 cm of set designs. -- 60 film reels; 35 mm. – 52 optical disks : DVD. – 9 optical disks : CD.

  1. My War Years: Arnold Schoenberg (1992): Records pertaining to the 1992 film My War Years: Arnold Schoenberg, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein and Thomas Wallner. Includes research and reference material, correspondence, scripts, music cues, credits, photographs, press and reviews, award and festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: [ca. 1907]-2003, predominant 1991-2003
Extent: 16 cm of textual records. - 81 photographs : b&w and col. ; 29 x 25 cm or smaller. - 444 photographic negatives : b&w and col. ; 10 x 12 cm or smaller. - 210 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. The Radical Romantic: John Weinzweig (1990): Records pertaining to the 1990 TV documentary The Radical Romantic: John Weinzweig, written and directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, correspondence, reference material, scripts, photographs, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1987-2013
Extent: 4 cm of textual records. - 7 photographs : col. ; 10 x 14.5 cm. - 66 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Ravel (1987): Records pertaining to the 1987 documentary Ravel, written and directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, correspondence, outlines, budgets, scripts, reference material, photographs, festival records, press, and other material. Also contains some material related to the 2001 film Ravel’s Brain.

Dates of creation: 1975-2001
Extent: 8 cm of textual records. - 124 photographs : b&w and col. ; 30.5 x 24 cm or smaller. - 26 contact sheets : b&w ; 25 x 20 cm. - ca. 625 photographic negatives : b&w and col. ; 10 x 12 cm or smaller. - ca. 225 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Ravel’s Brain (2001): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 2001 film Ravel's Brain, written and directed by Larry Weinstein and co-produced by Weinstein, Pierre-Olivier Bardet, and Niv Fichman. Includes notes, correspondence, research materials, scripts, treatments, agreements, fundraising records, interview transcripts, schedules, call sheets, travel records, drawings, prop and costume records, casting and location material, sheet music, audio recordings, photographs, promotional material, festival records, press and other material.

Dates of creation: 1993-2003
Extent: 18 cm of textual records. - 60 photographs : b&w and col. ; 16 x 24 cm or smaller. - 75 photographic negatives : col. ; 35 mm. - 53 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - 3 optical disks : CD. - 1 videocassette : VHS

  1. Satie and Suzanne (1994): Photographs pertaining to the 1994 film Satie and Suzanne.

Dates of creation: [ca. 1994]
Extent: 4 photographs : b&w ; 17.5 x 12.5 cm. - 3 photographic negatives : col. ; 12 x 10 cm. - 60 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill (1994): Records pertaining to the production, release, and reception of the 1994 tribute film September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein and David Morton, as well as to the film's 1997 soundtrack of the same name released by Sony Classical. The film and soundtrack feature performances by Lou Reed, Teresa Stratas, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave, William S. Burroughs, and others. Records include reference and research material, notes, correspondence, outlines, casting records, sheet music and song lyrics, set drawings, mockups, promotional material, festival records, licensing agreements, distribution records. File also includes sound recordings and photographs taken while on the set of the film.

Dates of creation: 1976-2013, predominant 1992-2013
Extent: 48 cm of textual records. - 53 photographs : b&w and col. ; 35.5 x 27.5 cm or smaller. - 16 contact sheets : b&w ; 20 x 25 cm. - ca. 2300 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - 2 floppy disks : 9 x 9 cm. - 1 audiocassette

  1. Solidarity Song : The Hanns Eisler Story (1995): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 1995 documentary film Solidarity Song: The Hanns Eisler Story, written by Larry Weinstein and Thomas Wallner. Includes notes, correspondence, research material, sheet music, scripts, schedules, photographs, audio recordings, financial records, casting material, distribution records, promotional material, press and reviews, award and festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1993-2003
Extent: 20 cm of textual records. - 357 photographs : b&w and col. ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller. - 123 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - ca. 180 photographic negatives : b&w ; 10 x 12 cm or smaller. - 1 audiocassette. - 4 floppy disks : 9 x 9 cm

  1. Stormy Weather: The Music of Harold Arlen (2003): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 2003 tribute film Stormy Weather: The Music of Harold Arlen, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-produced by Weinstein, Daniel Iron, and Niv Fichman, as well as to the film's 2003 soundtrack of the same name released by Sony. Records include research and reference material, notes, correspondence, historic and contemporary photographs, proposals, treatments, budgets, casting and talent records, audition footage, archival footage, schedules, call sheets, sheet music, album mockups, audio mixes and other sound recordings, press and reviews, festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1991-2003
Extent: 36 cm of textual records. - 5 optical disks : CD. - 1 videocassette : MiniDV. - 22 photographs : b&w and col. ; 20 x 25 cm or smaller.

  1. Toothpaste (2002): Records pertaining to the 2002 short comedic film Toothpaste, directed by Larry Weinstein, starring Barbara Hannigan, Mark McKinney, and Doug MacNaughton. Includes notes, correspondence, proposals, scripts, budgets, agreements, sheet music, photographs, press and reviews, award and festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1992-2003
Extent: 5 cm of textual records. - 6 photographs : b&w and col. ; 25 x 20 cm or smaller. - 11 contact sheets ; b&w : 25 x 20 cm. - 2 optical disks : DVD

  1. Toscanini in His Own Words (2009): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 2009 TV movie Toscanini in His Own Words, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein and Harvey Sachs. Includes reference and research material, notes, correspondence, proposals and treatments, scripts, contracts and agreements, budgets, production schedules, promotional material, press and reviews, and other material. Also contains photographs, sound recordings and video recordings, including rushes, archival footage, and casting material.

Dates of creation: 1987-2009
Extent: 69 cm of textual records. - 93 optical disks : DVD. - 1 optical disk : CD. - 38 videocassettes : DVCAM

  1. Tuscan Skies: Andrea Bocelli (2001): Records pertaining to the 2001 TV special Tuscan Skies: Andrea Bocelli, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein and David Mortin. Includes correspondence, reference material, synopses, scripts, call sheets, lyrics, music cues, photographs, award and festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 2001-2002
Extent: 8 cm of textual records. - 1 photograph : col. ; 26 x 35.5 cm . - 44 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - 8 optical disks : CD

  1. The War Symphonies: Shostakovich against Stalin (1997): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 1997 film The War Symphonies: Shostakovich against Stalin, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein, David New, and Gemma van Zeventer. Includes notes, correspondence, research material, scripts, overviews, budgets, photographs, promotional material, interview transcripts, casting records, sheet music, award and festival records, press and other material.

Dates of creation: [ca. 1950]-2003, predominant 1994-2003
Extent: 40 cm of textual records. - 34 photographs : b&w and col. ; 45 x 30 cm or smaller. - 23 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - ca. 600 photographic negatives : b&w and col. ; 12 x 10 cm or smaller. - 10 contact sheets : b&w and col. ; 29 x 24 cm or smaller. - 2 floppy disks : 9 x 9 cm

  1. Wrath (2011): Records pertaining to the 2011 short film Wrath, directed by Larry Weinstein as part of Seven Sins film project. Includes correspondence, synopses, licensing agreements and other material.

Dates of creation: 2011
Extent: less than 1 cm of textual records. - 1 optical disk : DVD

  1. The 13th Man (2012): Records pertaining to the research and production of a short documentary, which was an episode in the series Engraved on a Nation, produced by Frantic Films, directed by Weinstein and broadcast on TSN. Focuses on the fan
    culture surrounded the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the 2009 Grey Cup loss to the Montreal Allouettes. Includes research material, detailed and annotated transcripts, casting records, correspondence and shot lists.

Dates of creation : 2011-2012
Extent: ca. 32 cm of textual materials. – 8 optical disks : DVD

Sheet music and other material

Series consists of sheet music, scores, musical instruction books, and other related material created or compiled by Galloway over the course of his career.

Tom Harbron and Sarah Lillian Peace files

Series contains textual records created and accumulated by John D. Harbron's father, Tom Habron, and mother, Sarah Lilliane Peace, in their roles in the military as a doctor and dietician. Records in the form of correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, reports, and ephemera include documentation on promotion within the military, the medical corps and military hospitals, war and remembrance files, nutrition in military diets, and wartime food production in Canada.


Series consists of general, personal, and business correspondence documenting Wieland's work with the art community, social issues, and the honours she received for her work in art and film.

Toronto Telegram personality prints

Series consists of a series of photographic prints, news clippings and printed illustrations of individuals whose likeness was published in the Toronto Telegram. This could include birth, death, marriage, graduation announcements, as well as individuals documented by the newspaper at local events, celebrations, and political, social and organizational activities. Individuals can be ordinary citizens, celebrities, politicians, criminals, socialites, scientists, military personnel, nurses and medical staff, social workers, members of fraternal organizations, clergy and religious, social activists, protesters and others.

Toronto Telegram

Correspondence and subject files

Series consists of chronologically arranged subject files and/or scrapbooks that were maintained by Christie on an annual basis between the years 1913 and 1984. The material up to 1959 was maintained in bound scrapbooks following which they were maintained as loose material in file folders. In both cases, they contain clippings, reviews, programs, miscellaneous correspondence, photographs and ephemera that document Christie's personal and/or professional life. The early scrapbooks contain Christie's record of Baptism as well as report cards from Riverdale Collegiate and programmes related to his early acting career at Hart House Theatre while he was a student at the University of Toronto. Included are records of Christie's acting career in London, England where he acted as part of the company of the Old Vic among other companies and of his acting career in Canada where he was a long term member of the New Play Society and the Stratford Shakespearean Festival company.


Series consists of personal and professional memorabilia accumulated and maintained by Robert Greer Allen from his childhood to his retirement from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in 1990. These records include childhood photographs and a scrapbook, a short story published in a high school literary journal, his Trinity College yearbook, family artifacts, military manuals, a journal, broadcasting awards and other items pertaining to his career as a television producer, as well as items commemorating his retirement.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics teaching and other materials

Series consists of materials related to Madeleine Boss Lasserre’s career and interests as a music educator of children and adults in Toronto, Ontario. Most of the material was created between 1925 and 1977, while Lasserre was actively employed with the Margaret Eaton School and the Toronto Conservatory of Music. A small subset of the records were created outside of this time period. Records include: Dalcroze teaching and demonstration notes and diagrams; correspondence with colleagues and students; material pertaining to general early childhood education; and material related to the administration and promotion of courses in Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Series contains notes and notebooks, pamphlets, programmes, correspondence, and clippings, as well as photographs of Lasserre and other members of the Dalcroze and music communities.

Journals, diaries and notebooks

Series consists of journals containing Pocock's observations and ideas, diaries which were maintained to record important dates and/or appointments, and notebooks in which ideas and thoughts were kept in point form. Also included in the series are address books, sketch books, and account books and order books from Pocock's jewellery business.

Wiseman family files

The series consists of correspondence and other material that documents Wiseman's relationship to her family and, as such, contains copies of letters received by Wiseman as well as copies of letters sent by her to various members of her family including her husband, Dmitry Stone, her parents, Chaika and Pesach Waisman and her daughter Tamara Stone. It also contains medical records, marriage licenses, divorce papers, wills of various members of the family, photographs, memorabilia as well as collected correspondence exchanged between members of the Wiseman family but not necessarily about the author herself.

Activism files

Series consists of records created and accumulated by Scheier while involved with various socialist, social justice and feminist groups in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, including the Sparacist League, Students for a Democratic Society, the Trotskyist League of Canada, Women and Words, and the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL). Records in this series include draft speeches, articles and notes written by Scheier, correspondence, publications, research files, meeting agendas and minutes.

Financial records

Series consists of material that documents Wiseman's finances and, as such, includes income tax returns including statements of all annual expenditures as well as documents related to her banking, records related to the sale of her family's home and other records related to her parents' finances. It also includes contracts and agreements reached between Wiseman and the Canadian Broadcasting Company and various publishers and material related to the finances of various members of her family.

Personal and family files

Consists of Herzberg's files related to his research on the memoir he wrote about his mother, astrophysicist Luise Herzberg. Records include research notes, book proposal, correspondence with relatives, colleagues, publishers, photocopies of certificates, translations, genealogical notes, photocopies of original diaries, letters, etc., working files and a few photographs.


The series consists of Ernesto Vinci's general professional correspondence with the editors of publications, broadcasters, publishers, festivals, governments and schools, and associations. There are also birthday and greeting cards to Vinci. Later accessions include some personal correspondence between Vinci and his wife, and friends.

Christie family files

Series consists of correspondence, yearbooks, family histories, photographs, collected memorabilia and ephemera related to Christie's immediate and extended family. Aside from more general files, it also contains groups of files specifically related to Chrsitie's father David Wallace Christie, to his ex wife Granier Mortimer Christie and to the Stacey family as well as ephemera in the form of identification cards, awards and certificates belonging to Christie and correspondence exchanged with Margot Christie while Christie was serving with the Canadian Army. There is also information regarding Christie's death including a series of journals kept by his caretaker towards the end of his life.

Correspondence and subject files

Series consists of Kulyk Keefer’s personal and professional correspondence, largely with other Canadian writers, as well as subject files pertaining to her literary career, including research materials, publicity materials, book reviews, newspaper clippings and magazine articles.

Gerry Clark research materials

  • S00436
  • Series
  • 1928-1930, 1940, 1941, 2003-2005, predominant 1928-1930
  • Part of Theresa Burke fonds

Series consists of records created and accumulated by Theresa Burke in her role as a producer for the CBC program The Fifth Estate. These records pertain to the family history of Gerry Clark, son of Sanford Clark, the Saskatchewan-born boy involved in the Gordon Stewart Northcott serial murders in California. The files in this series consist of copies of court transcripts from the 1929 murder trial of Gordon Stewart Northcott as well as copies of Northcott's prison correspondence and appeal documents. Other records in this series are interview transcripts and notes, correspondence, travel itineraries, production materials, newspaper articles, and notes pertaining to Burke's research about Gerry Clark, who was considered a possible suspect in the 1962 murder of Alexandra Wiwcharuk. The materials in this series may be connected to Burke's work as producer for Fifth Estate documentaries about Wiwcharuk's murder, "Death of a beauty queen" and "The girl from Saskatoon."


Series consists of personal and professional photographs taken or compiled by Galloway over the course of his life. Subjects include promotional photographs of Galloway and his various musical projects, gig photographs, travel images, photographs of family and friends, and other subjects.

Correspondence and subject files

Series consists of correspondence, minutes of meetings, press releases, broadsheets, newsletters, publications, manuscript notes, drafts of speeches delivered by Pocock as well as notes and drafts of other writings, memoranda and other material which documents Pocock's involvement with the peace movement, her activities as a refugee worker and, to a lesser extent, her career as a jewellery maker. Series contains files of material which document Pocock's activities with the American Friends Service Committee, the Canadian Council of Churches, the Canadian Friends Service Committee, the Inter-Church Committee for Refugees, the Peace Brigade, Project Ploughshares and Voice of Women.

Morley Callaghan files

Series consists of records pertaining to the writing of Morley Callaghan, particularly his short non-fiction writing, collected and re-published by Barry Callaghan in the Exile Editions monograph, A Literary Life : Reflections and Reminiscences 1928-1990 (2009). These records include newspaper clippings, short stories published in magazines and photocopies of radio scripts written by Morley from the 1930s to the 1980s, as well as word-processed copies of these materials, edited by Barry. Photocopies of the original typescripts for Morley's early unpublished novel, The Imposters, and for many of his short stories are part of the series, as are a manuscript for his novel, A Passion in Rome, and page proofs for an Exile Editions reprint of A Time for Judas.

John D. Harbron's books and published ephemera

Series contains records related to John D. Harbron as an author of several books: Communist Ships and Shipping (1962), Canada Without Quebec (1977), the Canadians: C.D. Howe (1980), the Longest Battle: the RCN in the Atlantic 1939-1945 (1993), Canadian Yesterday (2001).

A significant portion of records pertain to Trafalgar (1988) and This Is Trudeau (1968). Records include manuscript drafts, correspondence, research, photos, artwork, reviews, and notes on the production, promotion, and reception of the books.

John D. Harbron's audio cassette recordings

This series consists of audio cassette recordings containing personal interviews, reports, and presentations on topics related to Cuba and Latin America. An accompanying handwritten list by John D. Harbron contains notes about all of the recordings.

Early life and personal records

Series consists of records pertaining to Jim Galloway's early life in Scotland, as well as personal records created throughout his life. Records include notes, sketches and other documents from Galloway's early childhood education and tenure at the Glasgow School of Art, personal notes and correspondence, travel records, date books, passports and immigration records, and other material. Series does not contain records pertaining to Galloway's early musical projects in Scotland, which can be found in the Working Life and Photographs series.


The series consists of scrapbooks, arranged by subject and organized chronologically, for recitals and opera (1945-1977); additional scrapbooks are arranged alphabetically by subject (literature, war, world events).

Subject files

Series consists of records created and maintained by Rita Greer Allen pertaining to a wide range of subjects concerning her personal and professional interests, including research materials, newspaper clippings, correspondence, notes, notebooks, income tax returns, scripts, photographs, catalogues and brochures.

Writing and project files

Series consists of publications, presentation scripts, notes and other writings authored or co-authored by Eric Trist, bibiliographies of Trist's and others' works, and audio recordings of Trist and of conversations between Trist and Howard Perlmutter. Many of the publications in this series were used as source material for the book Social Engagement of Social Science: A Tavistock Anthology, edited by Trist (Tavistock, 1990). In such cases, this has been noted at the file level.

Artwork and related files

Series consists of pieces of art created by Rita Greer Allen, including illustrations and drawings from the 1940s as well as sketches, drawings and paintings from the 1970s and 1980s. Also included in this series are files maintained by Rita pertaining to her art practice, art research, exhibitions, art and pottery workshops and classes. The items in this series include sketches in charcoal, pastel, ink and pencil, watercolour paintings, mixed media collages, sketchbooks, notebooks and notes, art show booklets, pamphlets, newspaper and magazine articles, and postcards. Many sketches in this series were likely used in the creation of Greer Allen's figurative raku pottery and sculpture.

Biographical and administrative records

Series consists of biographical and administrative records pertaining to the life and achievements of Luigi Nasato. Includes: plaques and certificates; birth, marriage, citizenship, immigration and other governmental records; communion and educational documents; biographical statements and resumes; personal and professional correspondence; clippings and articles about Nasato and kin; Nasato's obituary; and other material.

John D. Harbron's articles, essays, and other writings

The series contains John D. Harbron's published and unpublished writings, including articles, essays and story proposals. Article clippings and correspondence are available from Business Week, as well as film scripts written for the National Film Board, speeches, editorials, and selected Thomson column clippings. Also included is the complete record of Dr. Harbron's column in The Miami Herald (1969-1999), the longest continuous column to date on Canada in American newspapers, concentrated on Canada's various relations with the USA, Latin America, and Canada-Cuban relations, and readers' correspondence. Articles written for Canadian newspapers, such as The Globe and Mail (1960s-1990s), The Financial Post (1950s-1970s), and The Toronto Telegram, also form part of this series. The series also includes articles written for Christian Science Monitor, the New York Times, and various other American newspapers. As well, the series includes several tear sheets of articles by Harbron from Spanish publications. The articles in this series cover a wide range of topics in Canadian business and politics, as well as international affairs, with articles about Europe, USA, Cuba and Latin America.


Series consists of personal and professional correspondence between Eric Trist and a number of individuals, as well as correspondence created or received by Beulah Trist about the life and work of Eric Trist.

Subject files

Series consists of records created and maintained by Robert Greer Allen pertaining to a variety of personal and professional subjects. The records in this series document his early short-story and creative writing, including items co-written with Rita Greer Allen in the 1940s, as well as his work as a sessional instructor of television writing at the University of British Columbia in 1953, the formation of his company Saturday Plays Limited, his finances and other personal subjects. Included are a number of CBC administrative and policy documents, work-related reference files and contact lists, press clippings, correspondence, photographs and memoranda.


Series consists of portraits and snapshots of Joyce Wieland, personal photographs of family and friends (i.e. Wendy Michener), photos used in the creation of her art pieces, photos of her finished artwork, and stills from film shots (The Far Shore). Some sketches may be found with the photos.


Series consists of photographs created and maintained by Pat Fleisher from the 1930s to the late 2000s. The photographs in this series were largely created by Fleisher, though some portraits of Fleisher and her family were created by others, and document Fleisher's work as an artist and as a magazine editor. Fleisher's art photographs were often taken on her travels and focus on the streets and scenery of cities around the world, particularly Toronto and New York. Many photographs in this series depict art galleries, artists and art shows, which were often taken for the purpose of publication in Fleisher's magazines. Also included in this series are personal photographs of Fleisher and her family.

School files and yearbooks

Series consists of lecture notes, yearbooks and other materials created and maintained by Rita Greer Allen during her high school and university education at East York Collegiate Institute, the University of Toronto, and Mount Allison University respectively in the 1930s and 1940s. Also included are notes prepared by Greer Allen for an English course she taught at Sir George Williams College in Montreal.

Matie Molinaro files

This series consists of records relating to CSWS Ltd. founder Matie Molinaro. The records in this series provide insight into Molinaro’s early life growing up in New York, her student days at Barnard College, and her work as a war correspondent during the Second World War. Types of records in this series include personal memorabilia, correspondence, writing samples, clippings, and biographical material.

Molinaro, Matie

John D. Harbron's research and resources about Cuba and Latin America

This series contains John D. Harbron's reseach and resources, including notes, reports, essays, various publications and newspaper clippings, covering topics related to Cuba and Latin America. Harbron's files concentrate on various aspects and the affairs relating to pre-revolutionary Cuba, revolutionary Cuba, and post-revolutionary Cuba, and Latin America. There are several files with research on Canada-Cuba and Canada-Latin America relations. The files in this series also contain correspondence, photographs, items from a trade development mission to Cuba, and information on Cuban exiles and armed forces, and Latin America's military forces.

Allan Grossman materials

Files in this series consist of materials belonging to Larry Grossman’s father, Allan Grossman. The materials were kept by Larry following his father’s death on 1 Sep. 1991. Includes: research notes, interview transcripts and promotional materials for the book by Peter Oliver "Unlikely Tory : the life and politics of Allan Grossman" (Toronto : Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1985); subject and clipping files; correspondence; appointment diaries; ephemera and photographs from special events in Allan's career and life.

Grossman, Allan, 1910-1991

Other William Packer files

Series consists of records created and accumulated by William Packer that are separate from the Crowe dispute files and as such pertain to his academic career both as a student and as a teacher, including his time spent at United College in Manitoba, University of Toronto, City of Toronto Board of Education, and Royal Military College. The records regarding United College mainly address salary negotiations and the emergence of the Canadian Association of University Teachers. The series contains correspondence, newsletters, bulletins, drafts for speeches and interviews, curriculum vitaes, transcripts, certificates, contracts, visas, licenses, permits, and ephemera.


Series consists of correspondence and cards received by Rita Greer Allen as well as copies of her outgoing correspondence and photographs. Much of the correspondence in this series is personal in nature, organized by the surname of the correspondent. Correspondents include Earle and Esther Birney, theatrical agent Elspeth Cochrane, Reva and Leonard Brooks, members of the Weyman family, Jack Shadbolt, Hugh MacLennan, Lady Susan Tweedsmuir, Charles Wassermann, and many others.

Academic and teaching material

Series consists of material documenting Lorch's academic career as a mathematician, including his work at the institutions of York University, the University of Alberta, Fisk University, Penn State College, Philander Smith College, City College of New York and Wesleyan University. Includes lecture notes, exam questions, student evaluations and assignments. Also includes lectures notes, teaching material and administrative records related to Lorch's academic exchanges in other North American and European institutions, his participation in conferences, and administrative involvement in professional organizations, committees and grant-funding bodies. Also includes some student material from his time as an undergraduate and doctoral candidate at Cornell University and the University of Cincinnati.

Academic and teaching files

Series consists of material that documents Coles' academic career at the University of Toronto and Cambridge University, as well as his years spent as a professor in the Department of Humanities at York University in Toronto. It includes copies of essays, as well as manuscript and typescript notes taken by Coles while he was a student. Included are notes taken by Coles while completing course work with Northrop Frye, advice from Frye regarding an academic career in 1964, his rough first draft of his M.A. thesis, and columns and reports for the University of Toronto Daily Press. It also contains course files related to Coles' work as professor. These files consist of course outlines, reading lists, lecture notes, clippings related to course material, correspondence related to his teaching and other material that documents the ongoing development and delivery of the courses Man in Search, Concepts of Love, Early Times : Literature and the Imagination of the Child, Myth and the Arts and Works & Days. Records also include annotated working copies of monographs used in his courses and certificates received pertaining to his academics and teaching.

Personal material

Series consists of financial records, correspondence,family photographs, stamps postcards and memorabilia accumulated by Lee Lorch for personal reasons. Also includes tributes and awards received by Lorch as well as his CV and published articles regarding his accomplishments and activities.

Diaries of Lloyd Mackenzie

Series consists of 69 bound journals kept by Mackenzie from 1935 to 2005 (excluding the years of 1942-1943), ephemera and two schoolroom photographs that include Mackenzie. The majority of the diaries consist of accounts of daily events, particularly international wars, revolutions, political events; the activities of celebrities, statesmen and royalty; natural disasters; and cultural and social issues. These entries include minimal personal opinion and are formatted similar to newspaper articles. Events of particular relevance to Mackenzie are often embellished with marginal illustrations and rubrication.

Mackenzie also records more personal notes on his daily activities; his employment history, wages, housing and work environment; his socializing in taverns and cocktail bars; films and plays he attended; his efforts to improve his education; the progress of his various writing projects; the health and activities of himself, family members and friends; his relationships with other gay men; as well as detailed accounts of his travels abroad. He records important events and dates for other individuals, particularly his parents, his sister, and close friends.

Most volumes of the diaries contain a synopsis of the year's events in the final pages of the bound volume. Beginning in the early 1970s, Mackenzie begins to write more reflectively in his diaries and provides his own opinions and insights into the events he records. There are introspective entries on diary writing in the beginning of several volumes of diaries written after 1975, and the entry for March 7, 1972 contains a reflection on his lifestyle choices and his atheism.

There are also reflective and critical entries on Canadian and American politics, homophobia, generational conflicts within the gay community, American foreign policy, Quebec sovereignty and other major social and political events of the late twentieth century.

Local politics and economic change in an East Indian rice farming village (Guyana) : research materials

Series consists of records created and accumulated by Silverman primarily between 1969 and 1970, when she conducted field research in Bush Lot, Guyana, for her PhD thesis entitled “Resource change and village factionalism in an East Indian community, Guyana”. The results of this research were also published in her book, Rich people and rice: factional politics in rural Guyana, 1900-1970. This ethnographic and historical research examined local-level politics and the effect of economic resources on politics in Bush Lot, an East Indian rice-farming community on the coast of Guyana. These records document Silverman’s approach to research, which included casual conversation, participant observation, attendance at political events, formal interviews, primary source research and household surveys, and her process of aggregating the resulting data, as well as providing a comprehensive history of the village of Bush Lot and its inhabitants in the early- to mid-20th century. The records in this series are notes, copies of village council minutes and letter books, court documents, surveys and household questionnaires, government reports, census records, audio recordings, interview transcripts and notes, card indices and computer printouts, research reports, maps of Bush Lot and greater Guyana, correspondence, and a copy of Silverman’s PhD dissertation.

Personal files of Hans Mohr

Series consists of greeting cards, postcards, correspondence, personal notebooks, photographs and a guestbook from Ingeborg's art exhibits. Greeting cards express holiday and birthday messages, in addition to remarks on Mohr's 50th wedding anniversary and condolences on Ingeborg's death in 2004. The postcards were sent to Mohr from family and friends with images of European cities such as Dresden, Vienna, Edinburgh, Paris, and Athens, as well as Canadian cities such as Montreal and Vancouver. In addition, the series includes two handwritten personal notebooks by Mohr in German from the 1950s, two notebooks of early poetry, and handwritten correspondence between Mohr and his friends from when he travelled to Canada.

Life files

Series consists of files comprised of correspondence, articles, photographs, ephemera and other materials created, accumulated and grouped together by Jeanne Randolph and organized by date. These files pertain to Randolph's personal and domestic life, her activities as a writer, lecturer and critic, as well as her work as a psychiatrist.

Financial records

Series consists of contracts signed by Christie for engagements in theatre, television, radio and advertising as well as copies of Christie's income tax returns for the years 1937 to 1986.

Diaries and memoranda

The series consists of Ernesto Vinci's diaries for the period (incomplete), as well as memoranda, address books and related material.

General correspondence

Series consists of correspondence written and received by Lee Lorch in his capacity as a mathematician, scholar, social activist, father and spouse. Also includes some correspondence received by his wife, Grace Lorch.

Programmes of musical concerts

The series consists of programmes for concerts and recitals in several venues, as well as those for the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music concerts, Massey Hall, the Royal Alexandra Theatre, the Metropolitan Opera House (New York), and others.

Performances, concerts, exams

The series consists of programmes, pamphlets and notes for examinations, concerts and single performances, for the Faculty of Music, the Banff Centre, Dalhousie University musical auditorium, Royal Conservatory performance night, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Modern Library, Teatro Alla Scala, the New Music Concerts and others.

Day planners

Series consist of day planners used by Robert Greer Allen to record names, daily appointments and phone numbers pertaining to his personal and professional activities. Also included is an undated address and phone book.

Scripts and production files

Series consists of records created and maintained by Robert Greer Allen from his early days as a wartime radio scriptwriter for "Serviceman's forum" in the 1940s through his 40 years as a producer for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio and television drama. Though some scripts in this series were written by Robert, many were accumulated by him in his role as producer or executive producer for CBC programs including "General Motors theatre", "Ford startime", "Folio", "Festival", "Performance", "CBC summer theatre", "Seeing things" and others. Other records in this series include set photographs and drawings, videocassettes, correspondence, memoranda, notes, and assorted production materials, such as filming schedules and requisition forms.

Artist files

Series consists of materials pertaining to the artistic life and career of Luigi Nasato. Includes drawings, sketches, paintings, technical drawings, art objects, and other material created or compiled by Nasato, including extensive artwork related to his role as a mosaicist for various churches in and around Toronto, Ontario. Series also includes: notes on art history and artistic technique created by Nasato as both a student and professional artist; product catalogues and price lists; invoices and other financial documents; and other material.

Clippings, prints, and reproductions

Series consists of clippings, art prints and art reproductions compiled by Luigi Nasato for reference or inspiration over the course of his career. Primarily includes graphic material collected from various English-language and Italian serial publications.


Series consists of photographs collected by Archie Alleyne. Material includes personal and professional photographs of Alleyne and his colleagues; photographs collected of various jazz musicians in history; and photographs of emerging artists.

Artwork and memorabilia

Series consists of records created and maintained by Pat Fleisher from 1940 to 2007. The records in this series pertain to Fleisher's production of paintings, drawings and photographs and her accumulation of personal memorabilia relating to her life, work, and art shows. Files in this series include photographs, portfolios, CVs and artist statements, newspaper clippings, a sketchbook, a scrapbook, and an art appraisal.

Writing and research files

Series consists of records created and maintained by Pat Fleisher between 1940 and 2008. The records in this series pertain to Fleisher's creative and freelance art writing. These records include Fleisher's early poetry and fiction, personal memoirs, and article drafts for freelance and magazine projects. Also part of the series are files consisting of background research for Fleisher's non-fiction writing, which include newspaper and magazine articles, artist bios and CVs, as well as correspondence and notes relating to her freelance and creative writing.

Writing and research files

Series consists of recordings pertaining to Doob’s research and scholarship interest in medieval studies, dance, and medicine. Series contains interview transcripts and notes, manuscripts, notes, drafts and publications, lectures, grant applications, research-related photographs, and reference material including dance programmes.

A significant portion of the series pertains to the National Ballet of Canada including research material for over thirty repertoires; interview material with Rudolf Nureyev, Celia Franca, Karen Kain, Erik Bruhn, James Kudelka, Rex Harrington, Dominique Dumais, and Glen Tetley; and the manuscripts of Karen Kain and Rex Harrington’s autobiography drafts.

Series also includes the draft manuscript of ‘Nebauchadnezzar’s Children: Conventions of Madness in Middle English Literature,’ and research material related to labyrinths in the middle ages and Chaucer.

John D. Harbron's correspondence

This series consists of John D. Harbron's personal correspondence from during his professional career as a journalist, author, and academic. This series also contains correspondence received from family and friends. Included are letters on naval and defence affairs, Latin American affairs, letters-to-the-editor, as well as photographs and newspaper clippings.

Photographs and albums

Series consists of photographic prints and negatives, with some accompanying textual records, created or compiled by Luigi Nasato over the course of his life and career as an artist. Primarily includes photographs of works of art, some of which were created by Nasato himself, as well as family and travel photographs. Series also contains computer printouts of works of art, as well as postcards and other graphic material.


Series consists of personal and professional correspondence with leading scientists, mathematicians and education specialists from across Europe and North America. As Wittenberg did not maintain copies of his letters, for the most part the series only contains the incoming letters. The series includes correspondence with scholars such as Paul Bernays, Alexander Calandara, Tatiana Ehrenfest Afanasyeva, Ferdinand Gonseth, Ahron Katchalsky (Katzir), Thomas Kuhn, Imre Lakatos, Georges Polya, Michael Polanyi and many other colleagues and acquaintances. There are several files pertaining to Wittenberg’s involvement with councils, associations and other initiatives that aimed to promote mathematical and scientific education across Canada and North America. The series also contains materials of more personal nature pertaining to matters such as trips, children schools, post-Holocaust restitution claims, and involvement in Canadian Jewish community life.

Scripts and work files

Series consists of records pertaining to Rita Greer Allen's career as a freelance researcher, screenwriter, producer and broadcaster for Canadian radio and television between the 1940s and the 1970s. The records in this series include scripts written by Rita, research materials, notes, newspaper clippings, interview transcripts, correspondence, photographs and production materials used in the creation of and pertaining to programs for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio and television and for the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). Also included in this series are manuscripts for Greer Allen's chapter written for the Marion Woodman book "Leaving my father's house: a journey to conscious femininity"(1993). Programs documented in this series include "As children see us", a CBC radio program; "Barometer rising", a CBC radio adaptation of Hugh MacLennan's novel that was later written as a television script; educational radio plays for in-school listening, created for the Departments of Education of the Provinces of British Columbia and Ontario in co-operation with the CBC and for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC); CBC television programs "CBC Thursday night", "Of all people", and "Take 30"; original television drama "The raku fire" (1976); as well as many one-off drama adaptation or documentary projects for radio and television. Many radio scripts written in the 1940s were co-authored with Rita's husband, Robert Greer Allen, and correspondence and writing by Robert appear in some files in this series.

Business files

This series consists of records created and accumulated by CSWS Ltd. in relation to management of the day-to-day operations and business of the agency. Files include: correspondence (inquiries, invitations); union files (ACTRA, Writers Guild of Canada, Writers Guild of America); template contracts/agreements for writers, actors, and speakers; mailing lists; information about conferences, seminars and book fairs; and subject and clippings files, primarily on the topic of copyright.

Also included are the office’s Diaries and Day Books from 1951-1965, which provide a daily record of incoming and outgoing correspondence, phone calls, and notes about day-to-day business.

Katherine Packer files

Series consists of records created and accumulated by Katherine Packer, including personal letters from William Packer, her diploma from the University of Michigan, transcripts, and personal correspondence.

Published material

Series consists of draft articles, correspondence and reference material related to Lorch's published mathematical research as well as his numerous letters-to-the-editor, speeches and published articles on such subjects as academic freedom; racism, sexism and discrimination in academia; the civil rights movement; the international mathematical community and anti-Soviet bias in the Western scientific community. Also includes some material reviewed and edited by Lorch.


The series consists of personal photographs of Vinci and family and friends. Also included are photographs of Vinci and students at Banff and several unidentified photographs.


Series consists of correspondence sent and received by Robert Greer Allen pertaining to his personal life and to work-related topics. Correspondents documented in this series include writer Earle Birney, theatrical agent Elspeth Cochrane, Rita Greer Allen, British television executives Cecil Clarke and Michael Berry, and others.

Early career files

Series consists of material that documents the early music career of Paul Hoffert and includes clippings, reviews and programmes of his early performances as well as a number of composition notebooks from his studies with Gordon Delamont and his contact book for Toronton musicians, organized by instrument. It also includes a complete five-volume set of "Modern Arranging and Composing" written by Delamont.

Personal files

Series consists of date books, diaries, report cards, personal memorabilia, biographical and genealogical material and notebooks.

Letters and reports

The series consists of reports and correspondence with the Banff School, music festivals, the Royal Conservatory, and related bodies.

Personal and professional files

Series consists of material created by Archie Alleyne in his professional roles as a musician and memoirist, and through his involvement with projects such as Evolution of Jazz Ensemble and the Syncopation Series, and his personal collection of material which reflect his interest in music and African-Canadian history.


Series consists of correspondence with other philosophers, individuals, several educational institutions as well as learned societies (Hegel Institute of America), publishers, and letters of recommendation.

Social activism material

Series consists of files of correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles and reference material related to Lee and Grace Lorch's activities as social activists and community organizers. These include detailed legal case files and correspondence transferred from law firms who represented Prof. Lorch in various court cases in the 1950s regarding charges laid by the House Committee on Un-American Activities and his dismissal from Penn State and Fisk University. Also includes material regarding Grace Lorch's case against the Boston School Board in 1944-1945 and her activities during the Little Rock Crisis of 1957.

Also includes subject files and correspondence accumulated by Prof. Lorch in later years regarding various subjects including racism, sexism and political discrimination in academia; political prisoners and academic freedom; mandatory retirement; socialist movements in Latin America and Africa; the civil rights movement; peace efforts and nuclear disarmament; Chile ; Cuba ; The German Democratic Republic (GDR) ; Lituania; South Africa; the USSR; Vietnam; First Nations rights in Canada; Canadian socialist organizations and unions; and his research on the first African-American to receive a PhD (in physics) in the United States, Edward Alexander Bouchet (1852-1918).

Also includes correspondence, meeting minutes and reports from various committees, local events, societies and community organizations in which Lorch was active.

Education and professorial files

Series primarily consists of teaching material including her lecture notes, syllabi, student assignments, course readings, reference material, and course evaluations. Material also contains reports, newsletters, agenda packages, and correspondence pertaining to her administrative roles at York University and a small amount of personal memorabilia and ephemera from her undergraduate and graduate studies.

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