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Michael A. Gilbert fonds
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Win : tape

File pertains to an audio tape based on "How to Win an Argument", produced by Network for Learning. Records in this file are notes, outlines of "How to Win an Argument", an announcer's script, correspondence, and a signed ...

Computer columns

File pertains to a column entitled "The Computer Corner" written by Gilbert for the Writers' Union of Canada newsletter. Records in this file are copies of his columns, correspondence, and computer ads.


File consists of edit notes and draft excerpts from this piece of writing by Gilbert.

Phil. Student Assoc.

File consists of a letter pertaining to the formation of a Philosophy Club at York University and a list of officers chosen.

Canoe trip '85

File pertains to Gilbert's participation in a canoe trip on the Chapleau River in July 1985 organized by Canadian Nature Tours. Records includes brochures, maps and correspondence.


File consists of correspondence, memoranda, e-mail and a CV pertaining to Gilbert's promotion to full professor of philosophy at York University.

322 : old

File pertains to a course taught by Gilbert over several years, Argumentation Theory (PHIL 3220), previously Philosophy of Dispute. Items in this file are course outlines, reading lists, and correspondence pertaining to reproduction of Journal of ...

Letters rec. 1985-1993

File consists of correspondence received by Gilbert pertaining to professional and personal subjects. Correspondents include Libby Scheier, Richard Thomas Wright, Edward O. Phillips, George Payerle, Andreas Schroeder, Diane Guite, June Callwood, a...

"Gideon Finds the Truth"

File consists of a handwritten manuscript of this short story by Gilbert, as well as a clipping of the published story in NOW Magazine (Apr. 24-30, 1986 issue).


Item is an draft essay by Gilbert entitled "Why I Don't Like Truth".

Willard, C.

File consists of notes and correspondence exchanged between Gilbert and Charles A. Willard pertaining to Willard's visits to York University.


File pertains to Gilbert's study of karate and includes notes, reading lists and materials from Gilbert's karate class.


File consists of correspondence and a poem from Libby Scheier. Included is a photograph of Scheier.

OP [Office Party] : film

File pertains to a film made by SC Entertainment Corporation based on Gilbert's novel "Office Party", for which Gilbert wrote the screenplay. Records in this file are newspaper and magazine clippings, a cast list, a contract, a view...

Computer disks

Disks in this file consist of draft manuscripts for "First Aid", "Discovering Logic", "Buddy System" and "Cross Purposes" as well as computer backup files of notes, correspondence and other writing. Not all ...

Curriculum comm.

File pertains to Gilbert's involvement with the Department of Philosophy's Curriculum Committee. Records in this file are course lists and enrollment statistics, a list of faculty members, a description of courses in philosophy at York U...

Uptown [The Uptown Cookbook]

File consists of a proposal and excerpt for a written work by Gilbert entitled "The Uptown Cookbook: A Modern Guide to the Composition and Value of Fine Food".


File consists of correspondence, notes and newspaper clippings pertaining to Gilbert's visit to Israel in 1988 and involvement with PEN International.

310 : Crossley

File consists of photocopied book chapters from "What is Mathematical Logic?" by J.N. Crossley et al. and Gilbert's lecture notes on those chapters.

Agent - Colbert

File consists of a letter and a press release pertaining to The Colbert Agency Inc. Also included is a letter from Denise Bukowski of the Bukowski Agency declining Gilbert as a client.

Willard review

Item is the annotated manuscript of a book review written by Gilbert on Charles Arthur Willard's "A Theory of Argumentation".

Affirm. action

File consists of memoranda, an agenda and drafts pertaining to the development of a Department of Philosophy affirmative action plan.

CP [Cross Purposes]

File pertains to Gilbert's screenplay entitled "Cross Purposes" and his efforts to find an agent and sell the screenplay. Records in this file are correspondence, shipping invoices, receipts and a script synopsis.

Grad faculty

File consists of correspondence and a memorandum pertaining to Gilbert's graduate faculty membership at York University.


File pertains to a Department of Philosophy faculty recruitment process in 1990. Records include a memorandum and recruitment worksheets.


Item is a resume of Gilbert's wife, Diane Guite Gilbert.

220 curr.

File pertains to this course, PHIL 2200, Critical Reasoning, taught by Gilbert at York University. Records in this file are lecture notes, a make-up exam, assignments, and a course outline.

Presentation slides

File consists of Gilbert's PowerPoint slides (paper) and speaking notes for a presentation entitled "El pensamiento critcio real: la argumentacion en las modalidades no logicas".

Undergrad dir. 90/91

File pertains Gilbert's role as the Department of Philosophy's Undergraduate Director. Records in this file are grade statistics, notes, memoranda, and a course proposal.

Delimitation of arg.

File pertains to an article written by Gilbert entitled "The Delimitation of Argument", submitted for publication to the "Journal of Philosophy and the American Philosophical Quarterly" and presented at the Ontario Philosophica...

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