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Moving Image records

Series consists of video tape cassettes of the company's performances, rehearsals, television broadcasts, and an interview (performances and commercials). Included are performances of La valse, Bella, Hot house, Inching, Triptych, Memento, Ces plaisirs, Totem, and others. The videos come in half-inch and three-quarter inch VHS format, and half-inch Beta max format.

Graphic materials

Series consists of promotional photographs in black & white and colour, negatives, contact sheets, as well as personal photographs of Grossman and others. For the most part the photographs are related to performances of the Grossman Company.

Administrative and fundraising

Series consists of general correspondence with and information about other dance companies, etc. Included in the series are fundraising records, such as records of donations, corporate and foundation sponsorships and appeals, material from the Board of Director's Fundraising committee, samples of appeal letters, and related material.

Performance files

Series consists of material relating to individual venues and to larger tours, including contracts, applications for touring grants from the Canada Council, travel budgets, and other material.

Grant application files

Series consists of grant applications to the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the Metropolitan Toronto Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council, including general applications, funding for tours, targeted grants (Development workshops, Teacher training, Promotional video, specific purchases of equipment, etc). As well, there are applications for funds to the Ministry of Culture and Communications (Ontario) for tour monies, management development, money from the Half Back promotion, and applications for grants from the department of External Affairs (Canada) for offshore tours, the Department of Communications (Canada) for specific purcahses and related material.

Clipping files

Series consists of reviews, previews, and photographs of Danny Grossman Dance Company as well as notices of the Paul Taylor Dance Company and the Toronto Dance Theatre, two companies in which Grossman was a dancer prior to 1975.

Public engagement

Series contains documents generated from performances, including educational initiatives, performed primarily in Toronto and tours across Canada and the north-eastern United States. Also, includes work by other choreographers produced by the company. Series consists of programming targeting primary and secondary schools in the form of curricula, teaching materials, educational marketing kits, feedback forms. Majority of records refer to Noondance and Curriculum in Motion educational initiatives.

Documents include itineraries, newspaper clippings, correspondence, programs, press releases, grant applications, contracts, feedback/participant surveys, and lobby displays. Few choreographic notations appear in this series (those that appear are in the Benesh Movement Notation (BWN) style).

Additional material related to the company's public engagement can be found in the correspondence and organisational records series. Aside from lobby displays, research and creative material used to develop repertoires do not appear in this series.


Series primarily consists of letters, cards, and printed emails written to Danny Grossman on a personal nature from industry professionals and friends, family, mentors, and former company members. Some files are subject files containing only photos, newspaper clippings and/or works created by the individual.

Business correspondence is located in this series include letters of support, thanks, and congratulations for the company. Some letters written on behalf of the company are primarily letters of recommendation for dancers. Additional business correspondence is located in the organisation records series.

Organisational records

Series consists of records pertaining to administrative operations including development (correspondence, donor and marketing research, and grant applications), promotional material (programs, newspaper clippings, announcements, newsletters, magazine articles, press releases), and activism in the dance community through professional associations, government councils, and conferences (correspondence, transcripts, and speeches).

Additional business correspondence is located in the correspondence series. The public engagement series contains documents generated from organising to tours and documents from grants that funded specific repertoires.

Sound and moving image recordings

Series consists of sound and audio-visual recordings in a variety of formats that represents the actual musical output of Hoffert from his first recording in 1955 to more recent work including music written for televison news shows. It contains a complete set of Lighthouse albums on vinyl as well as many of their singles and test pressings of some of their albums. There is unedited backstage footage of the band from their 1982 reunion special and recordings of artists that Hoffert produced. There are recordings of film and television scores, concert music and live recordings as well as recordings made by Hoffert in his living room including a recording of a reading by Timothy Findley and Janis Rapoport accompanied by Hoffert on piano.

Daily diaries and e-mail files

Series consist of appointment books kept by Paul Hoffert from 1969 to 1993 that record daily appointment and other engagements. It also includes hard copies of Hoffert's e-mail correspondence arranged by subject that cover his personal life, his business and musical careers as well as his administrative and academic activities.

Books, articles and speaking engagement files

Series consists of copies of articles written by or about Hoffert as well as notes, drafts, contracts and other legal documents, correspondence with publishers, reviews, publicity material and other documents related to Hoffert's books "The Bagel Effect", "All Together Now" and "The New Client". It also contains drafts of Hoffert's unpublished autobiography and material related to speaking engagements including hard copies of Powerpoint presentations delivered by Hoffert at a number of conferences and symposia.

Research and company files

Series consists of material related to Hoffert's technological and theoretical interests including material pertaining to work begun at the National Research Council on music created using computer technology and carried out with a number of companies concerned with audio data and interactive technology. It contains business and research plans, copyright and legal materials, correspondence, reports, memoranda and other material for companies including McLeyvier, DHJ Research, Marquis Music, Time Out for Fun and the Cultech Research Centre, a project based at York University intended to investigate digital content use by residents in a housing development in suburban Toronto.

Music and entertainment business files

Series consists of copyright files kept by Paul and Brenda Hoffert related to their own work as well as to the work of artists that they produced. The files contain certificates of registration for the Canadian Copyright Office, Publishers Registrations forms and other legal documents related to the copyright of songs.

Lighthouse files

Series consists of material that documents Hoffert's involvement with the band Lighthouse from its inception to the present and contains musical scores and hand written lyrics for many of their songs including "Sunny Days". It also consists of photographs, press clippings, promotional material and legal records pertaining to the band.

Music scores

Series consists of original, handwritten compositions by Hoffert and musical arrangements written by him for other musicians. The files also include additional material that supported the writing of the respective musical project including screenplays, time and cue sheets, correspondence and other material and demonstrate Hoffert's work in various genres such as film, television, musical theatre and concert music.

Early career files

Series consists of material that documents the early music career of Paul Hoffert and includes clippings, reviews and programmes of his early performances as well as a number of composition notebooks from his studies with Gordon Delamont and his contact book for Toronton musicians, organized by instrument. It also includes a complete five-volume set of "Modern Arranging and Composing" written by Delamont.

Personal files

The series consists of correspondence, certificates, articles, contracts and other financial documents, clippings, newsletters, diaries, note books and photographs created and/or accumulated by John Smith and relating to his personal life and interests.

Business files

Series consists of correspondence received by John Smith during the course of his career as a director and producer and business records of Smith's company, Dunany Productions Inc., including copies of year end files.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation files

Series consists of telecast schedules, correspondence for the Children's Television Department (1982-1987), contractual agreements, files pertaining to the CBC's court case with the Supreme Court of Canada related to "The Boys of St. Vincent" and other material created and or accumulated by John Smith during the course of his work with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

National Film Board files

The series consists of advertisements, production files, press releases, newsletters, Committee 200 files, reports and staff related files created and or accumulated by John Smith and relating to his work with the National Film Board of Canada.


Series consists of scripts written by others and sent to John Smith in the course of his film making career presumably for his consideration as a director or producer.

Production files

The series consists of research files, time lines, successive drafts of scripts with revisions, casting lists, publicity films and other material relating to films produced and/or directed by John Smith including "The Boys of St. Vincent", "Dieppe", "Dangerous Minds", "A Cool Dry Place", "Random Passage" and "Prairie Giant : The Tommy Douglas Story" among others as well as numerous minor productions such as the award winning films as "Bargain Basement" (1976), "Revolution's Orphans" (1979) and "First Winter" (1980).

Miscellaneous work

Series consists of records and resources relating to various aspects of Don Simpson's work, including miscellaneous correspondence, speeches to various groups, overheads used at various presentations, photographs, theme files, various articles on human resource development, business and innovation, and other records. Series also includes several files organized by Simpson titled "Key leaders with whom Simpson has worked" which bring together material relating to particular individuals and organizations, including the Terra Nova Group, Richard M. Harley, International Management Development and Euro-Asia Centre, Elizabeth Rose, and the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund.

Family and genealogical records

Series consists of personal cards, letters, photographs and clippings collected by Simpson about his ancestors, his children and his close friends. The series also contains personal identification documents such as passports, and memorabilia from local travel and Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953. There are genealogical files on the Simpson clan created by Simpson's relative, Arthur Strange, as well as a DVD with resources on the Simpson and Cunningham families (the family of Don's paternal grandmother). The records in the series include material on the Craig Simpson Celebrity Classic, including a baseball hat, poster, programmes and planning records; Dave Simpson's business, Sonar Investment Corporation; as well as Christine Simpson's careers as a model and a sportscaster. There is a large Caravan '76 poster in the series. As well, there are records relating to Simpson's parents, Isabel Sproule Simpson (1904-1989) and George S. Simpson (1904-1967).

Education theses and other material

Series consists of bound copies of Simpson's Masters and Ph.D. theses and other records collected during his years at school. His 1964 M.A. thesis was called "British radicals and the New Imperialism 1880-1886." His Ph.D. grew from his research for the Black community in Buxton, Ontario, which was working to build the country's first museum of Black Canadian history. Simpson completed this thesis in 1971 under the title "Negroes in Ontario from early times to 1870." The records in the series include yearbooks from Mimico High School, 1948-1952; souvenir football programmes and magazines, most of them for games between the Varsity Blues of the University of Toronto and the Western (UWO) Mustangs, for which Don was a fullback and a guard; a UWO student handbook; research proposals; clippings; American graduate school information and applications; and programmes and photographs of the Kappa Alpha Society, a fraternity to which Simpson belonged as an undergraduate.

Personal correspondence and other material

Series consists of records collected by the creator under the heading "personal papers (speeches, reports, letters, etc.)." It is a melding of the personal and professional domains of Simpson's life, reflecting the fact that he did not keep these strictly separate. The series contains predominantly correspondence, most of it incoming letters, greeting cards and invitations, received from friends, professional and academic acquaintances, community and non-profit groups and business firms. Besides personal matters, the letters relate to conferences, writing, employment references and business matters. A large number of richly descriptive letters written to his wife, Marion, describes Simpson's work in Africa in the 1960s for Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) and his many trips to Southeast Asia and Indonesia for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). These trips involved meetings, conferences and site visits to schools. There are also files of outgoing letters from the University of Western Ontario's Althouse Faculty of Education, Office of International Education and Centre for International Business Studies; and records relating to Kanchar, Salasan, the Banff Centre and Triple i. Topics featured in the series include Canadian black history, the development of the Cross-Cultural Learner Centre, and consideration of development projects in Africa. Besides correspondence, the series contains many speeches, speech materials and some presentation materials. Most of these are from Simpson's innovation work in the 1990s, while others date from as early as the 1960s and include speeches delivered to community groups, associations, and the congregation of the Metropolitan United Church in London. Over the years Simpson assembled a vast global network of contacts, which is evidenced by the many business cards and contact files in the series. There are also a number of resumes sent to him by students and professionals. Other record types include day planners, clippings, articles, papers, reports, memoranda, personal essays and reflections, resource material for Kenya projects and for writing, newsletters and essays related to church and missionary activities, curricula vitae, passports, research notes from Simpson's thesis in the late 1960s, and speeches. Finally, the series contains some family material from the 1980s when Simpson and his wife represented their sons David and Craig as they received athletic university scholarships and were drafted into the NHL. Don was also involved with David in his investment corporation, Sonar; with daughter Janice and her consulting company, Cosult International; and in planning the Craig Simpson Celebrity Classic in 1989. There are fifteen miscellaneous photographs in the series, which are images of individuals, friends' Christmas family portraits, a headshot of Simpson for a 1980s biography, and one group shot of the team at the Banff Centre for Management.

Memoir personal reference material

Series consists of records Simpson brought together from amongst his records as key material to consult in preparing the manuscript of his memoir, A Canadian Odyssey. He also considered these records the best reference material for researchers on the themes covered in the manuscript: chapter 1, the African Student Foundation; chapter 2, Crossroads Africa; chapter 3, Black history in Canada; chapter 4, "Canada's racist roots"; chapter 5, Canada's journey to multiculturalism; chapter 6, the story of Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO); chapter 7, educating Canadians about Africa, the African Diaspora and international development; chapter 8, discovering the "Fourth World" of First Nations in Canada including the Justice Berger Commission on the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, the No Pipeline Now Coalition organized and facilitated by Simpson, and the Northwest Territories Special Committee on Education; chapter 9, Canada's International Development Research Centre; chapter 10, from educator to entrepreneur at the University of Western Ontario; chapter 11, 1990-2011, life at the Banff Centre and the creation of the Innovation Expedition; and the epilogue. The records in the series include newspaper clippings, articles, professional and personal correspondence, newsletters, memoranda, reports, IDRC trip reports, promotional and fundraising campaign material, brochures, speeches, research papers, project records, notes, government publications, books, contact files, meeting minutes, volunteer/student lists, curriculum resources, thesis research notes, secondary sources, and bibliographies. More recent records include research, planning notes, chapter drafts, and planning records for the public dialogues held on Canadian Black history and Africa (chapters 1 and 2).

African Canadian experiences

Series contains records pertaining to Simpson's work in relation to the experiences of African Canadians, including the 2005 book based on his doctoral thesis "Under the North Star: Black Communities in Upper Canada before Confederation (1867)" and, in particular, his work as Innovator-in-Residence at York University's Harriet Tubman Institute for Research on the Global Migrations of African Peoples. Projects Simpson was involved with at the Institute included the S.P.A.C.E. program (Spotlighting and Promoting African Canadian Experiences) and a major project involving public dialogues, the collection of Simpson's archives and Simpson's authoring of A Canadian Odyssey: A Personal and National Journey Towards Cross-Cultural Harmony. Records include planning documents, correspondence, writings, clippings, brochures and posters.

Environmental issues

Series consists of records relating to Simpson's interest in environmental issues, in particular the intersection between the environment and business and development. Series includes general records containing articles, clippings and other resource material on various issues, such as the ozone layer and climate change, and particular regions. These also include records relating to discussions of sustainable development at the Western Business School, including course outlines. Series also contains records relating specifically to sustainable development, in particular speech notes, research, articles, clippings, reports, bibliographies and conference material. Lastly, series consists of records relating to Simpson's work with the Canadian-based International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), including interview notes, minutes, reports and papers.

Social justice issues

Series consists of records documenting Simpson's involvement in two major issues: the Vietnamese Boat People and refugee crisis of the late 1970s-early 1980s, and the fight against modern-day slavery in the 2000s. In the late 1970s, Simpson chaired the Mission and Services committee of the Metropolitan United Church in London, Ontario. He led the congregation's efforts to support the many refugee families who settled in London and to raise funds to sponsor additional families. Records relating to this work include the text of speeches Simpson made to the congregation, reports, correspondence, news clippings, research, newsletters of the United Nations Refugee Agency, and memoranda. More recent records pertain to Simpson's mentoring support role with the Harriet Tubman Institute for Research on the Global Migrations of African Peoples at York University. The Tubman Institute worked with the Schulich Business School of York University and other international partners to form a coalition to deal with social injustices, such as forced labour, in the global supply chain. Simpson provided guidance during the planning of an international forum "Bearing Witness, Ending Slavery" which was to be held (but did not end up taking place) in Newport, Rhode Island, in April 2009. For the Tubman Institute, the project was related to its research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (a Major Collaborative Research Initiative, or MCRI). These records consist of correspondence, the MCRI proposal, an MCRI milestone report, a "Process planning memo," and other planning documents for the Newport event. Series also includes a "Critical issues document" on the proposed Cross Cultural Learner Centre on the African diaspora.

Knowledge management toolkits and other material

Series contains knowledge products (learning tools) created by Simpson as a partner in AXIA NetMedia and Innovation Expedition in the 1990s, as well as secondary resource materials and operational records documenting his work in knowledge management. The Innovation Expedition defined knowledge management as "a comprehensive approach for linking an organization's strategic plan, people skills, information base, operational (business) processes, and information and communication technologies." The records in the series include "travel guides" to aspects of the knowledge economy, workbooks, and basic and customized toolkits (compilations of a variety of resources to help people improve their knowledge, skills and personal competencies). Toolkits contain process maps, conceptual frameworks, success stories, how to's and other resources. Innovation Expedition's unique tools include Diagnostix(TM), group dialogues, "reflective resources," implementation tools, assessment tools, simulations, games, case studies, and challenge papers. In addition to workbooks, toolkits and travel guides, record types in the series include articles and papers, memoranda, correspondence, overhead transparencies, presentation slides (Microsoft PowerPoint print-outs), clippings, project progress tables and product lists, notes, drafts, and book chapters. The records also include project files and documents from partnerships with Bayer Healthcare, Textron, Alberta Economic Development, Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) and the Knowledge Works(TM) initiative in London, Ontario. Elements of AXIA's business highlighted in the records include the AXIA Performance Centre and its Design Centre; the "knowledge products project" of 1995; the Global Mentoring Team; AXIA's online assessment, mentoring and learning management systems -- KMAP and PDS; and the Renaissance Leadership Program piloted in 2008.

Transformation project records and other material

Series consists of records that document Don Simpson's work through the Innovation Expedition (IE), mentoring both public sectors and private organizations in their transformation processes. Transformation processes were usually an application of IE's Challenge Dialogue System and included such things as consultation; strategic planning; continuous improvement; leadership development; searching for innovations in systems, networks and operations; organizational integration; professional development; knowledge management; and personal mentoring. Tools used by Innovation Expedition in their projects included customized toolkits, presentations, workshops, retreats and conferences. Simpson mentored transformations in the agriculture sector, human resources sector, health sector, and departments of the Alberta government. He worked with Alberta's agriculture and food industry on AgSummit, a five-month consultation process for agriculture stakeholders addressing concerns, current issues and emerging opportunities. In the health sector, Simpson guided discussions of the future of health care and long term care, and was involved with international organizations including the Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED), Essential National Health Research (ENHR), Asian Health Research Forum and Coalition for Global Health Research. Africa-based health groups included AfriAfya, a consortium of health non-governmental organizations, for which Simpson has been a key advisor and supporter since its formation in 2000; AMREF, the African Medical Research Foundation; AfHRF, the African Health Research Forum; and the Triple A Health Alliance of AMREF, AfriAfya and Action Africa Help International (AAH-I). Work in Canada included collaborations with Educating Future Physicians for Ontario (EFPO) and the Centre for Global Health at the University of Ottawa. In government, Simpson worked with the Alberta Agricultural Research Institute and Alberta Economic Development. In the corporate world, he was a mentor and facilitator in the transformation work of Canadian Oxy Occidental Petroleum Ltd; AVCO Financial Services of Canada and later its parent company, Textron; Bayer Pharmaceuticals (formerly Miles Canada); Alberta Science Research Authority (ASRA); Maple Leaf Foods; and AVAC Ltd, which represents Alberta's "agri-value industry." A significant portion of the records in the series pertain to Simpson's project with Textron: a Fortune 100 company with divisions in aircraft, finance, automotive and industrial products, Textron engaged IE from 1996 to 1998 with developing and running leadership forums, a professional development program for its Internal Consultants, mentoring Director of Change Pat Tod, and creating the Textron Global Operations Improvement Centre (GOIC). The records in the series are comprised of the contents of resource, planning and program binders, articles, notes, correspondence, reports, memoranda, presentation slides (print-outs of Microsoft PowerPoint), overhead transparencies, newsletters, workshop packages and support materials, business plans, challenge papers, critical issues documents, IE "travel guides," toolkits and backgrounders. There are also the contents of many project or client binders created over the course of a project. These project records may consist of any or all of the following: client information, work-tracking records, meeting notes, invoices, budget materials, contracts, correspondence, internal memoranda and background information. In addition the series contains four sound recordings from the Bayer Health Congress in 1996, and a CD-ROM presenting the continuous improvement vision for Textron.

Mentoring presentation records and other material

Series consists of records documenting Simpson's mentoring work in the 1990s, through the mentoring group at the International Institute for Innovation (Triple i), then the Global Mentoring Team of Axia/Lifeskills International, and most recently, the Innovation Expedition. Simpson's work included projects with corporate, non-profit, government and individual clients such as James Orbinski of Doctors Without Borders. The records in this series include Powerpoint presentation print-outs, overhead transparencies, clippings, magazines, correspondence and memoranda. There are also knowledge products such as workshop manuals, toolkits, workbooks and "mind thumpers" of the Innovation Expedition -- concise learning resources focused on a particular topic. The second part of the series consists of theme files. These were resource files used by Simpson to create mentoring toolkits in the mid-1990s and cover\ business, economical and innovation issues such as education, change management, strategic planning and the new knowledge economy. The theme files contain articles, papers, reports, speeches, publications, clippings, toolkits, exercises and tools, presentations, overhead transparencies, notes, University of Western Ontario course syllabi and papers, memoranda, and cartoons. Some theme files relate to specific projects, such as AVCO and the Canada-Kenya Executive Management Program.

Learning and leadership development

Series consists of records relating to Simpson's efforts to promote learning and leadership development, including general resource material, toolkits, articles, and theme files.

Series also includes course descriptions, notes, correspondence, committee minutes and other records relating to Simpson's work at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Series also documents Simpson's efforts to develop the Centre for International Business Studies (CIBS) at the University of Western Ontario in the late 1980s, including preliminary plans, correspondence, program and conference material, resource material, speeches, and project records. In particular, many files relate to CIBS partnerships with Chinese educational institutions and the Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC) in Japan, in particular relating to their Corporate Communications Seminars.

Series also consists of correspondence, speeches, planning files and notebooks related to Simpson's term as Vice President and Director of the Banff Centre for Management in Alberta, including the Banff Centre's relationship with the Prosperity Secretariat.

Series also includes records relating to Axia's efforts at leadership development, via the School for Change Leaders/Agents and Athabasca University in the late 1990s.

International development

Series consists of records relating to Simpson's involvement with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) from 1972-1976, developing their program in education under the direction of Ruth Zagorin in the Social Sciences Division. Series includes minutes, reports, papers, notes, speeches, trip reports and other records documenting Simpson's work on international education projects for both adults and children, cooperation between private companies and educational institutions, and human resources development. Included in these IDRC records are those relating to Project IMPACT, one of IDRC's flagship projects. Project IMPACT was an action research project on the delivery of mass primary education, organized under INNOTECH, one of six regional centres operating under the umbrella of SEAMEO (Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization). The project was first tested in Indonesia and the Philippines and later tested in Jamaica, Liberia, Malaysia and Bangladesh. Records include correspondence, notes, workbooks (modules) used by students, progress reports, publications, planning documents and other records. Series also consists of records relating to Simpson's co-directorship of the Forum for International Activities (FIA), 1984-1987, a non-profit association of public and private organizations interested in advancing the Canadian capacity to respond to requests from other countries for human resource development support. Records include papers, correspondence and planning documents. The series also consists of conference materials, reports and correspondence relating to international health efforts, including meetings relating to creating a Canadian University Federation of International Health. Series also includes various general articles on international development issues, publications and brochures from other development organizations, and travel material and notes from trips.


Scope and content: Series consists of records documenting the work Simpson categorized as "strengthening and creating cultures of innovation." The series documents the founding and development of the Innovation Expedition, from its origins as the International Institute for Innovation or Triple i at the Banff Centre for Management, to its association with AXIA NetMedia from 1996 to 1999, and then its emergence as an independent company after 2000. The series consists of draft and final reports, concept papers, presentation diagrams and overhead transparencies, clippings, articles, book chapters, conference materials, booklets, brochures, toolkit elements, government publications, meeting and conference agendas, notes, speeches, correspondence, memoranda and newsletters. The records include general secondary resources on innovation including the following topics defined by the donor: innovations in education; measurement innovation; performance improvement toolkits; non-profit work; and understanding innovation. There are examples of innovation projects with which Simpson was involved, including the Science Council, IE's Global Innovation Congress, Textron, Banff Centre programmes, London Investment in Education Council (LIEC), Miles Canada (Bayer Pharmaceuticals), and EKS strategy of Germany. There are also several theme files which may have originated with the Mentoring records in S00508 but have been kept with this series as received by the donor; and collected reports, usually by the government, on Alberta. Records pertaining to the Alberta Roundtables and the Towards 2000 Together initiative include participant lists, working papers, final reports, preparatory readings and backgrounders on each roundtable issue. There is also material on the Premier's Conference on the Alberta's Economic Future in May 1992 (the culmination of the roundtables); and the Advisory Committee on Alberta's Economic Future (or multi-stakeholder advisory committee) of which Simpson was vice-chair following the roundtables. Records of the Triple i document its formation; strategic planning; initiatives and programs, including the genesis and launch of the Innovation Expedition; promotion; writings; and partners.

Aboriginal peoples in Canada

Series consists of records relating to Don Simpson's involvement in various projects relating to Aboriginal people in Canada. Series contains general resource material, such as reports, articles, and brochures/information from various organizations. Series also consists of records relating to CBC Project North, a Native broadcasting system for the North, including notes, drafts, reports, correspondence, brochures, information sheets and other records. Series also consists of various records relating to land claims in the 1970s, most particularly Simpson's involvement with the Indian Brotherhood of the Northwest Territories, the Southern Support Group, and the Dene Nation's opposition to the construction of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline. Simpson served for 4 years as co-chairman (with Peter Russell) of the Southern Support Group of the Dene Nation and delivered a presentation to Mr. Justice Thomas R. Berger, Commissioner of the Mackenzie Valley Pipelines Inquiry in Yellowknife in April 1976. Records relating to land claim issues include copies of treaties and agreements, news clippings and media coverage, reports, correspondence, speeches, government publications, posters and buttons. Series also includes records relating to the activities of the Northwest Territories Education Task Force, a major research project in the 1980s, for which Simpson served as Director of Research. Records include reports, notes from meetings and community hearings, and other records.

African development records

Series consists of records collected by Simpson under the heading "building relations between Africa and Canada." The records span the 1960s to the 1980s and include financial records and shipment receipts of the Hamilton Goodwill Africa Foundation; documentation of the formation, meetings and projects of The Sibley Foundation; reports, correspondence, memoranda and "trip envelopes" of the Canada Africa Business Advisory Group (CABAG); records related to Simpson's consulting company, Kanchar International Ltd.; records of his consultancy with the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF); correspondence from Canibex, a short-lived brokering subsidiary of Kanchar; and correspondence, memoranda, scripts, budgets and other records of Eden International Productions Inc., a film production company of which Simpson was a co-founder. There are a few files on Canadian Crossroads International and the African Students Foundation (ASF). As well, there is general material on Canada-Kenya activities, in particular the Canada-Kenya Forum for businessmen organized by Kanchar and CABAG. Other record sub-groups created by Simpson include "educating Canadians about African and international development," and "internationalizing the curriculum." The latter subset of records includes approximately 75 catalogue cards summarizing the films held by the Cross-cultural learning centre at the University of Western Ontario. "Trip envelopes" were packages that often included a mixture of records for projects of Kanchar, CABAG and Simpson's other consulting firm, Salasan. They contain letters, notes, and a set of photographs of pre-fabricated housing under construction in Kenya. Other types of records in the series include correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, articles, newsletters, studies, resumes, promotional and profile material on Kanchar, speeches, legal documents, meeting notes, surveys, financial statements, conference materials, seminars, and an oral history transcript of an interview with Simpson at UWO as an example of a model international business/cultural leader.

Cross-cultural education lecture notes and other material

Series consists of records pertaining to Simpson's work in cross-cultural education from the 1970s to the early 1990s, predominantly at the University of Western Ontario's Faculty of Education and the Centre for International Business Studies. The records include lecture notes, articles and readings, speeches, visual materials such as overhead transparencies, course syllabi, reports, teaching materials such as case studies and exercises, correspondence, clippings and student assignments. The subjects documented include teaching students of different cultures, First Nations thought systems and education, education in the developing world, and inter-cultural issues in international management. A number of subject files contain resources on ethnicity, I.Q., social class, compensatory education and language and their effect on learning and success. There are also a number of files inherited by Simpson, created by another professor at the UWO business school, Joseph J. DeStefano. Courses Simpson taught at the business school included "The culturally different child" and "Problems in cross-cultural management." He taught the latter course at UWO in the spring of 1989 and then in Germany at the Koblenz School of Business in the fall of 1989. The series also includes files from workshops Simpson ran in 1980 for CBC North managers following his report on "The use of radio and television for education purposes in the Canadian North -- what can be learned from the experiences of the Third World?"

Teaching lectures and other material

Series consists of records related to Don Simpson's years teaching at the University of Western Ontario (UWO); as professor of comparative education at the Althouse Faculty of Education, 1965-1967 and 1977-1980; and as Executive Secretary of the new Office of International Education, 1969-1972. There are also several files pertaining to his years as a high school teacher at Sir Adam Beck Secondary School (1957-1965). At Althouse, Simpson taught courses on international education, cross-cultural education and education in Africa. At the Office of International Education, he led the creation and operation of the Computerized Cross-cultural Learner Centre (CCLC), which supported integrated, individual-based learning. It was initially conceived of by Simpson in order to prepare CUSO volunteers for work in West Africa. Later, it was used to prepare government advisors and trainers going to the Third World, to prepare business people going to new cultures, and to educate Canadians about Africa, international development, and Caribbean, Black and Aboriginal communities in Canada. The records in the series include handwritten lecture cards, essays, articles, and other course materials; newsletters and bulletins; clippings; correspondence; and notes. Three large hardcover volumes contain the "documentary record of the years 1969-1974" of the Cross-cultural Learner Centre. These volumes, as well as several files on the CCLC, include proposals for the Centre, reports, minutes, essays, clippings, Centre newsletters, summaries, memoranda, assessments and calendars. In addition to the Native Peoples Resource Centre that was associated with the CCLC, the steering committees for Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Black studies, and "Canadian mainstream" are also documented. Also notable in the series are textual files and two posters on Canada's centennial and Expo67. Simpson was on the Education committee of London's Centennial Celebration Committee, and his brother-in-law, Brian Hawkins, was involved in the promotion of Expo67. Among other records, these files contain promotional material and photographic slides of the buildings planned for the Expo. Finally, the series contains materials from the course Simpson taught at Memorial University, Newfoundland, in the summer of 1978, when he helped with the creation of the Institute for Native Education.

Electronic, sound, and moving image records

Series consists of two unidentified minicassettes, one microcassette, ten compact discs, three DVDs, 47 VHS videocassettes, and one Betacam SP videocassette. Digital files include presentations, reports, business plans, and other material. Recordings include Maclean's TV episodes, and programs such as Agenda, Medical intelligence, OMNI news, The Pierre Berton show, Back story, and other Rogers Media-produced series.

Notebooks and planners

Series consists of 174 bound notebooks with Lewis's handwritten notes, twelve daily planners, and one address book. The notebooks appear to be related to Lewis's reporting research while following Canadian politics, and reporting on political figures, candidates, and elections, and include his observations, research, and quotes. The planners include working and scheduling notes, and some loose documents tucked inside the books.

Personal files and speeches

Series consists of correspondence, notes, ephemera, address books, files pertaining to family and friends, legal documents, unpublished work, and published articles by or about Robert Lewis. Many of the drafts, edits and final versions of speeches written and given by Lewis are included in the series.

Research, reports and other files

Series consists of research files, reports and various other material including journal, newspaper and magazine articles, consumer and marketing information, maps, and miscellaneous reports, as well as political campaign flyers and pamphlets.

Rogers Media files

Series consists of records from Lewis's work as vice president of content creation at Rogers Media Inc., including correspondence, notes and research files, meeting minutes, strategic planning files, corporate and budget documents, content development planning and reports, audience research files, press clippings, annual reports, and five optical discs containing textual records.

Maclean's files

Series consists of records from Lewis's work as a reporter and editor with Maclean's magazine, including clipped articles, correspondence, notes, article drafts, and research files. The research files are generally of a political nature, including notes and other research material regarding the Canadian government, Pierre Trudeau, federal political parties and the federal election, as well as clippings, notes and research about the RCMP and the McDonald Commission. Files also include notes, documents and clippings regarding the Royal Commission on Newspapers. More general files include clippings, notes, publication planning files, correspondence, readership reports, and other editorial material. Files related to Lewis's managerial role include correspondence, staffing and personnel files, strategic, operational and budgetary planning files, and files documenting his move from Maclean's to Rogers Media. The series also contains a puzzle that was part of a Maclean's treasure hunt contest.

Early career and Time files

Series consists of records from Lewis's early journalism career as a reporter with The Montreal Star and Time Magazine. Records include photographs, research notes, reports, drafts, internal and interoffice memoranda, correspondence, news releases, magazine and newspaper clippings, and other material.

Image files

Series consists of miscellaneous images created or compiled by Larry Weinstein for a variety of projects over the course of his career.


Series consists of manuscript notebooks and diaries created and compiled by Larry Weinstein over the course of his career.

York PhD and general correspondence

Series consists of general correspondence created or compiled by Larry Weinstein between 1980 and 2014, as well as material pertaining to an honorary doctorate awarded to Rhombus Media principals Niv Fichman, Larry Weinstein, Barbara Willis Sweete, and Sheena MacDonald in 1998.

General press, master class files and other material

Series consists of press, correspondence, and other material related to the career of Larry Weinstein, Rhombus Media and other subjects not falling within the purview of any specific project. Also includes records pertaining to master classes, juries and workshops in which Larry Weinstein was a participant.

Pending and unproduced project files

Series consists of files pertaining to incomplete, pending or cancelled projects. Includes research materials, notes, correspondence, proposals, agreements, synopses, scripts, financial records, insurance records, mutual releases, location material, audio and video recordings.

Completed project files

Series consists of production files pertaining to completed film and music projects created by Larry Weinstein. Projects are as follows:

  1. All that Bach (1985): Records pertaining to the 1985 TV movie All That Bach, directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes scripts, credits, reviews, music cues, and photographs.

Dates of creation: 1985
Extent: less than 1 cm of textual records. - 10 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm.

  1. Beethoven’s Hair (2005): Records pertaining to the production, release, and reception of the 2005 documentary film Beethoven's Hair, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-produced by Weinstein, Jody Shapiro, and Jessica Daniel. Also includes records related to the interactive new media site of the same name (, a project produced collaboratively by Rhombus Media and Xenophile Media. Records include notes, correspondence, reference and research material, proposals, scripts, treatments, applications, agreements, cast and crew records, music and interview recordings, video recordings, award and festival records, press and reviews, photographs, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1984-2009
Extent: 24 cm of textual records. - 54 photographs : col. ; 15 x 21 cm or smaller. - 24 optical disks : CD. - 2 optical disks : DVD. - 6 videocassettes : VHS

  1. Burnt Toast (2005): Records pertaining to the 2005 television opera Burnt Toast, a series of comedic shorts written and directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, correspondence, proposals, overviews, scripts, budgets, call sheets, sound recordings, set drawings, schedules, cast and crew records, storyboards, sheet music, promotional material, festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 2003-2006
Extent: 14 cm of textual records. - 2 photographs : b&w and col. ; 25 x 20 cm. - 1 optical disk : CD

  1. Concerto! (1993): Records pertaining to the 1993 television series Concerto! co-directed by Larry Weinstein, Niv Fichman, and Barbara Willis Sweete. Includes schedules, minutes, synopses and other material

Dates of creation: 1992
Extent: 3 cm of textual records

  1. Devil’s Delight (2010): Records pertaining to the 2010 short film Devil's Delight, for which Larry Weinstein was the executive producer. Includes notes, correspondence, reference material, synopses, funding applications, agreements, casting records, and schedules.

Dates of creation: 2009
Extent: 3 cm of textual records

  1. For the Whales (1989): Records pertaining to the 1989 documentary For the Whales, directed by Larry Weinstein, featuring artists such as John Cage, Margaret Atwood, Bill Reid, and others. Includes notes, interview transcripts, sheet music, photographs, reviews and other material.

Dates of creation: 1989-1990
Extent: 4 cm of textual records. - 2 photographs : col. ; 12.5 x 17.5 cm. - 48 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Greta Kraus [198-?]: Records pertaining to the 1980s Arts Council short Greta Kraus, created by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, reference material and photographs.

Dates of creation: [198-?]
Extent: 1 cm of textual records. - 1 photograph : col. ; 10 x 15 cm

  1. Hong Kong Symphony: Heaven-Earth-Mankind (1997): Records pertaining to the 1997 documentary Hong Kong Symphony: Heaven-Earth-Mankind, directed by Larry Weinstein and featuring a performance by cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Includes notes, correspondence, scripts, proposals, photographs, press, and festival records.

Dates of creation: 1997-1999
Extent: 3 cm of textual records. - 73 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Inside Hana’s Suitcase (2009): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 2009 documentary Inside Hana's Suitcase, directed and produced by Larry Weinstein. Includes research and reference material, correspondence, production notes, scripts, budgets, proposals, agreements, schedules, casting records, interview transcripts, promotional and educational material, press and reviews, film festival records, and other material. Records also include photographs and video recordings pertaining to the film, including stock and raw footage, dailies, and animation samples.

Dates of creation: 1995-2012
Extent: 54 cm of textual records. - 58 optical disks : DVD. - 6 optical disks : CD. - 3 videocassettes : VHS. - 103 videocassettes : DVCAM. - 1 photograph : b&w ; 8 x 13.5 cm

  1. Joaquin Rodrigo: Shadows and Light : Joaquin Rodrigo at 90 (1993); Concierto de Aranjuez (1993): Records pertaining to two films directed by Larry Weinstein on the life and music of Joaquin Rodrigo: Shadows and Light : Joaquin Rodrigo at 90 (1993) and Concierto de Aranjuez (1993). Includes notes, correspondence, scripts, photographs, press, festival and award records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1987-2007
Extent: 16 cm of textual records. - ca. 150 photographs : b&w and col. ; 22 x 29 cm or smaller. - ca. 450 photographic negatives : b&w and col. ; 10 x 12 cm or smaller. - 10 contact sheets : b&w ; 30 x 24 cm. - 140 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Making Overtures: The Story of a Community Orchestra (1985): Records pertaining to the 1985 short documentary film Making Overtures: The Story of a Community Orchestra, directed by Larry Weinstein. The film was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary short in 1986. Includes scripts, reviews, credits, and music cues.

Dates of creation: 1985-1986
Extent: less than 1 cm of textual records

  1. Manuel de Falla: Master Peter’s Puppet Show; Nights in the Garden of Spain; When the Fire Burns [198-?]: Records pertaining to three films created in the 1980s by Larry Weinstein about the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain, Master Peter's Puppet Show and When the Fire Burns. Includes notes, correspondence, reference material, outlines, photographs, promotional material, reviews, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1989-[ca. 1991]
Extent: 7 cm of textual records. - 29 photographs : b&w and col. ; 16.5 x 12 cm or smaller. - 20 photographic negatives : b&w ; 35 mm. - 153 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Mozartballs (2006): Records pertaining to the 2006 TV movie Mozartballs, directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, correspondence, research materials, proposals, stock footage records, cast and crew records, sheet music, audio recordings, interview transcripts, press and reviews, festival and workshop records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1994-2009
Extent: 10 cm of textual records. - 1 optical disk : CD

  1. Mulroney: The Opera (2011): Records pertaining to the musical film Mulroney: The Opera, directed and co-produced by Larry Weinstein. Includes agreements, lists, and press.

Dates of creation: 2009-2011
Extent: ca. 84 cm of textual records. – 2 cm of set designs. -- 60 film reels; 35 mm. – 52 optical disks : DVD. – 9 optical disks : CD.

  1. My War Years: Arnold Schoenberg (1992): Records pertaining to the 1992 film My War Years: Arnold Schoenberg, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein and Thomas Wallner. Includes research and reference material, correspondence, scripts, music cues, credits, photographs, press and reviews, award and festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: [ca. 1907]-2003, predominant 1991-2003
Extent: 16 cm of textual records. - 81 photographs : b&w and col. ; 29 x 25 cm or smaller. - 444 photographic negatives : b&w and col. ; 10 x 12 cm or smaller. - 210 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. The Radical Romantic: John Weinzweig (1990): Records pertaining to the 1990 TV documentary The Radical Romantic: John Weinzweig, written and directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, correspondence, reference material, scripts, photographs, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1987-2013
Extent: 4 cm of textual records. - 7 photographs : col. ; 10 x 14.5 cm. - 66 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Ravel (1987): Records pertaining to the 1987 documentary Ravel, written and directed by Larry Weinstein. Includes notes, correspondence, outlines, budgets, scripts, reference material, photographs, festival records, press, and other material. Also contains some material related to the 2001 film Ravel’s Brain.

Dates of creation: 1975-2001
Extent: 8 cm of textual records. - 124 photographs : b&w and col. ; 30.5 x 24 cm or smaller. - 26 contact sheets : b&w ; 25 x 20 cm. - ca. 625 photographic negatives : b&w and col. ; 10 x 12 cm or smaller. - ca. 225 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. Ravel’s Brain (2001): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 2001 film Ravel's Brain, written and directed by Larry Weinstein and co-produced by Weinstein, Pierre-Olivier Bardet, and Niv Fichman. Includes notes, correspondence, research materials, scripts, treatments, agreements, fundraising records, interview transcripts, schedules, call sheets, travel records, drawings, prop and costume records, casting and location material, sheet music, audio recordings, photographs, promotional material, festival records, press and other material.

Dates of creation: 1993-2003
Extent: 18 cm of textual records. - 60 photographs : b&w and col. ; 16 x 24 cm or smaller. - 75 photographic negatives : col. ; 35 mm. - 53 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - 3 optical disks : CD. - 1 videocassette : VHS

  1. Satie and Suzanne (1994): Photographs pertaining to the 1994 film Satie and Suzanne.

Dates of creation: [ca. 1994]
Extent: 4 photographs : b&w ; 17.5 x 12.5 cm. - 3 photographic negatives : col. ; 12 x 10 cm. - 60 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm

  1. September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill (1994): Records pertaining to the production, release, and reception of the 1994 tribute film September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein and David Morton, as well as to the film's 1997 soundtrack of the same name released by Sony Classical. The film and soundtrack feature performances by Lou Reed, Teresa Stratas, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave, William S. Burroughs, and others. Records include reference and research material, notes, correspondence, outlines, casting records, sheet music and song lyrics, set drawings, mockups, promotional material, festival records, licensing agreements, distribution records. File also includes sound recordings and photographs taken while on the set of the film.

Dates of creation: 1976-2013, predominant 1992-2013
Extent: 48 cm of textual records. - 53 photographs : b&w and col. ; 35.5 x 27.5 cm or smaller. - 16 contact sheets : b&w ; 20 x 25 cm. - ca. 2300 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - 2 floppy disks : 9 x 9 cm. - 1 audiocassette

  1. Solidarity Song : The Hanns Eisler Story (1995): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 1995 documentary film Solidarity Song: The Hanns Eisler Story, written by Larry Weinstein and Thomas Wallner. Includes notes, correspondence, research material, sheet music, scripts, schedules, photographs, audio recordings, financial records, casting material, distribution records, promotional material, press and reviews, award and festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1993-2003
Extent: 20 cm of textual records. - 357 photographs : b&w and col. ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller. - 123 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - ca. 180 photographic negatives : b&w ; 10 x 12 cm or smaller. - 1 audiocassette. - 4 floppy disks : 9 x 9 cm

  1. Stormy Weather: The Music of Harold Arlen (2003): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 2003 tribute film Stormy Weather: The Music of Harold Arlen, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-produced by Weinstein, Daniel Iron, and Niv Fichman, as well as to the film's 2003 soundtrack of the same name released by Sony. Records include research and reference material, notes, correspondence, historic and contemporary photographs, proposals, treatments, budgets, casting and talent records, audition footage, archival footage, schedules, call sheets, sheet music, album mockups, audio mixes and other sound recordings, press and reviews, festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1991-2003
Extent: 36 cm of textual records. - 5 optical disks : CD. - 1 videocassette : MiniDV. - 22 photographs : b&w and col. ; 20 x 25 cm or smaller.

  1. Toothpaste (2002): Records pertaining to the 2002 short comedic film Toothpaste, directed by Larry Weinstein, starring Barbara Hannigan, Mark McKinney, and Doug MacNaughton. Includes notes, correspondence, proposals, scripts, budgets, agreements, sheet music, photographs, press and reviews, award and festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 1992-2003
Extent: 5 cm of textual records. - 6 photographs : b&w and col. ; 25 x 20 cm or smaller. - 11 contact sheets ; b&w : 25 x 20 cm. - 2 optical disks : DVD

  1. Toscanini in His Own Words (2009): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 2009 TV movie Toscanini in His Own Words, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein and Harvey Sachs. Includes reference and research material, notes, correspondence, proposals and treatments, scripts, contracts and agreements, budgets, production schedules, promotional material, press and reviews, and other material. Also contains photographs, sound recordings and video recordings, including rushes, archival footage, and casting material.

Dates of creation: 1987-2009
Extent: 69 cm of textual records. - 93 optical disks : DVD. - 1 optical disk : CD. - 38 videocassettes : DVCAM

  1. Tuscan Skies: Andrea Bocelli (2001): Records pertaining to the 2001 TV special Tuscan Skies: Andrea Bocelli, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein and David Mortin. Includes correspondence, reference material, synopses, scripts, call sheets, lyrics, music cues, photographs, award and festival records, and other material.

Dates of creation: 2001-2002
Extent: 8 cm of textual records. - 1 photograph : col. ; 26 x 35.5 cm . - 44 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - 8 optical disks : CD

  1. The War Symphonies: Shostakovich against Stalin (1997): Records pertaining to the production, release and reception of the 1997 film The War Symphonies: Shostakovich against Stalin, directed by Larry Weinstein and co-written by Weinstein, David New, and Gemma van Zeventer. Includes notes, correspondence, research material, scripts, overviews, budgets, photographs, promotional material, interview transcripts, casting records, sheet music, award and festival records, press and other material.

Dates of creation: [ca. 1950]-2003, predominant 1994-2003
Extent: 40 cm of textual records. - 34 photographs : b&w and col. ; 45 x 30 cm or smaller. - 23 photographic slides : col. ; 35 mm. - ca. 600 photographic negatives : b&w and col. ; 12 x 10 cm or smaller. - 10 contact sheets : b&w and col. ; 29 x 24 cm or smaller. - 2 floppy disks : 9 x 9 cm

  1. Wrath (2011): Records pertaining to the 2011 short film Wrath, directed by Larry Weinstein as part of Seven Sins film project. Includes correspondence, synopses, licensing agreements and other material.

Dates of creation: 2011
Extent: less than 1 cm of textual records. - 1 optical disk : DVD

  1. The 13th Man (2012): Records pertaining to the research and production of a short documentary, which was an episode in the series Engraved on a Nation, produced by Frantic Films, directed by Weinstein and broadcast on TSN. Focuses on the fan
    culture surrounded the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the 2009 Grey Cup loss to the Montreal Allouettes. Includes research material, detailed and annotated transcripts, casting records, correspondence and shot lists.

Dates of creation : 2011-2012
Extent: ca. 32 cm of textual materials. – 8 optical disks : DVD

Accession 2000-050

Accession consists of audio cassettes containing interviews with First Nations Elders and others pertaining to Poslun’s research.

Accession 1989-020

Accession consists of research files, clippings, correspondence, and audio tapes of interviews with First Nations Elders collected and prepared by Michael Posluns. Accession also includes copies of Askwesasne Notes, 1969-1977. Some materials relate to international Indigenious rights and to American Native movement activities.

University photographs

Series consists of photographic prints and negatives of the campus, campus events including convocations, graduation photos, faculty and staff taken over the years by the photography staff of the Department of Instructional Aid Resources (DIAR), which during the 1990s became part of the Instructional Technology Centre (ITC). The photography service was discontinued in 2003.

Research and writing files

Series consists of material that documents Tenney's ongoing academic and professional interest in the field of music including material that documents his years as a professor of music at York University. It includes research material consisting of clippings, notes, drafts of articles and other material related to the the work of fellow composers such as John Cage, Edgard Varese, Harry Partch as well as Conlon Noncarrow. It also contains material that documents his interest in musical theory including drafts of articles written by Tenney as well as material related to his books "META-HODOS : a phenomenology of 20th century musical materials and an approach to the study of form" and "A history of 'consonance' and 'dissonance.'"

Musical performance files

Series of consists of programmes, clippings, promotional material and/or audio recordings of Tenney performing his own compositions or performing work by others. It also includes material related to performances of Tenney's compositions by other ensembles with, in many cases, James Tenney conducting.

Musical scores

Series consists of copies of drafts and completed copies of Tenney's musical scores in various formats including manuscript and computer generated form. Among the compositions included in the series are "Poem for flute," "Sonata for 10 wind instruments," "Canon for bass quartet," "Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird," "Quiet fan for Erik Satie," "Essay # 3 for string orchestra," "Quintext," and "Changes : 64 studies" among others.

Correspondence files

Series consists of personal and professional correspondence including copies of letters received by Tenney from friends and colleagues including Carolee Schneeman, Lionel Nowak, John Pierce, Morton Feldman, John Cage, Steve Reich, Warren Burt, Phil Corner, Malcolm Goldstein, Edgard Varese, Stan Brakhage, Peter Garland and Gayle Young, among others. It also includes correspondence generated in his various professional capacities at educational institutions such as Yale University, the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and Bennington College as well as correspondence, which documents his relationship and work with Bell Telephone Laboratories in developing programs for computer sound-generation, the Institute for Studies in American Music, the Canadian Music Centre and musical organizations or institutions.

Subject files

Series consists of records created and maintained by Robert Greer Allen pertaining to a variety of personal and professional subjects. The records in this series document his early short-story and creative writing, including items co-written with Rita Greer Allen in the 1940s, as well as his work as a sessional instructor of television writing at the University of British Columbia in 1953, the formation of his company Saturday Plays Limited, his finances and other personal subjects. Included are a number of CBC administrative and policy documents, work-related reference files and contact lists, press clippings, correspondence, photographs and memoranda.

Scripts and production files

Series consists of records created and maintained by Robert Greer Allen from his early days as a wartime radio scriptwriter for "Serviceman's forum" in the 1940s through his 40 years as a producer for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio and television drama. Though some scripts in this series were written by Robert, many were accumulated by him in his role as producer or executive producer for CBC programs including "General Motors theatre", "Ford startime", "Folio", "Festival", "Performance", "CBC summer theatre", "Seeing things" and others. Other records in this series include set photographs and drawings, videocassettes, correspondence, memoranda, notes, and assorted production materials, such as filming schedules and requisition forms.


Series consists of personal and professional memorabilia accumulated and maintained by Robert Greer Allen from his childhood to his retirement from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in 1990. These records include childhood photographs and a scrapbook, a short story published in a high school literary journal, his Trinity College yearbook, family artifacts, military manuals, a journal, broadcasting awards and other items pertaining to his career as a television producer, as well as items commemorating his retirement.

Day planners

Series consist of day planners used by Robert Greer Allen to record names, daily appointments and phone numbers pertaining to his personal and professional activities. Also included is an undated address and phone book.


Series consists of correspondence sent and received by Robert Greer Allen pertaining to his personal life and to work-related topics. Correspondents documented in this series include writer Earle Birney, theatrical agent Elspeth Cochrane, Rita Greer Allen, British television executives Cecil Clarke and Michael Berry, and others.

Travel files

Series consists of records created and maintained by Rita Greer Allen that document the extent of her travels, primarily outside of Canada and mostly undertaken in the 1960s and 1970s. These records include correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, research materials, maps, notes, itineraries, stamps, brochures and pamphlets, postcards and airplane tickets. A number of Greer Allen's trips to Europe and Asia documented in this series were taken with the Canadian Women's Press Club.

Subject files

Series consists of records created and maintained by Rita Greer Allen pertaining to a wide range of subjects concerning her personal and professional interests, including research materials, newspaper clippings, correspondence, notes, notebooks, income tax returns, scripts, photographs, catalogues and brochures.

Scripts and work files

Series consists of records pertaining to Rita Greer Allen's career as a freelance researcher, screenwriter, producer and broadcaster for Canadian radio and television between the 1940s and the 1970s. The records in this series include scripts written by Rita, research materials, notes, newspaper clippings, interview transcripts, correspondence, photographs and production materials used in the creation of and pertaining to programs for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio and television and for the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). Also included in this series are manuscripts for Greer Allen's chapter written for the Marion Woodman book "Leaving my father's house: a journey to conscious femininity"(1993). Programs documented in this series include "As children see us", a CBC radio program; "Barometer rising", a CBC radio adaptation of Hugh MacLennan's novel that was later written as a television script; educational radio plays for in-school listening, created for the Departments of Education of the Provinces of British Columbia and Ontario in co-operation with the CBC and for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC); CBC television programs "CBC Thursday night", "Of all people", and "Take 30"; original television drama "The raku fire" (1976); as well as many one-off drama adaptation or documentary projects for radio and television. Many radio scripts written in the 1940s were co-authored with Rita's husband, Robert Greer Allen, and correspondence and writing by Robert appear in some files in this series.

School files and yearbooks

Series consists of lecture notes, yearbooks and other materials created and maintained by Rita Greer Allen during her high school and university education at East York Collegiate Institute, the University of Toronto, and Mount Allison University respectively in the 1930s and 1940s. Also included are notes prepared by Greer Allen for an English course she taught at Sir George Williams College in Montreal.

Day planners and expense books

Series consists of day planners maintained by Rita Greer Allen and documenting her appointments, telephone numbers, and other personal information. Also included in the series are expense books kept by Rita pertaining to her management of household and professional expenses.


Series consists of correspondence and cards received by Rita Greer Allen as well as copies of her outgoing correspondence and photographs. Much of the correspondence in this series is personal in nature, organized by the surname of the correspondent. Correspondents include Earle and Esther Birney, theatrical agent Elspeth Cochrane, Reva and Leonard Brooks, members of the Weyman family, Jack Shadbolt, Hugh MacLennan, Lady Susan Tweedsmuir, Charles Wassermann, and many others.

Audio recordings

Series consists of audio recordings, created and maintained by Rita Greer Allen, pertaining to her broadcasting and interview work for television and radio programs, particularly the CBC television show "Take 30", conducted in the 1960s and 1970s. Also included in this series are audio cassette recordings regarding Greer Allen's personal interests in Jungian psychology and spirituality, recorded in the 1980s and 1990s.

Artwork and related files

Series consists of pieces of art created by Rita Greer Allen, including illustrations and drawings from the 1940s as well as sketches, drawings and paintings from the 1970s and 1980s. Also included in this series are files maintained by Rita pertaining to her art practice, art research, exhibitions, art and pottery workshops and classes. The items in this series include sketches in charcoal, pastel, ink and pencil, watercolour paintings, mixed media collages, sketchbooks, notebooks and notes, art show booklets, pamphlets, newspaper and magazine articles, and postcards. Many sketches in this series were likely used in the creation of Greer Allen's figurative raku pottery and sculpture.

Wadata family videos

Series consists of home movies from a Japanese-Canadian family including footage of a boy in a cub scout uniform, a visit to a farm in Cooksville, Ontario, and games of catching mochi balls at community picnics in Toronto.

Wadata family

Professional and personal records

Series primarily consists of Dini Petty’s professional records pertaining to her show including audience member waiver contracts, binders listing episode information and promotional photographs of Dini Petty with various guests including local, Canadian and international celebrities, public figures, journalists, actors, musicians, artists, politicians and performers. Additional professional records include her work as a journalist and on-air personality at CITY TV, promotional photographs, news clippings and magazine articles, CVs, promotional material; production tapes for documentaries on incest, "Having a Baby" and other news casts and television documentaries; her children’s book "The Queen, The Bear and the Bumblebee"; script and production material related to Petty's one woman show, contracts and tapes of Petty's work on Pear's shampoo commercials; and poetry; and plaques, awards and tributes.

The series also includes personal records pertaining to her family, memoirs, and her training as a helicopter pilot, biographical information, and legal documents.

Sound recordings

Series consists of audio recordings of bissett's poetry readings as well as recordings of bissett's musical activities with his band The Luddites.

Material by or about others

Series includes copies of poems written by other writers and submitted to blewointment press where bissett acted as editor for many years. It includes poetry by Canadian authors George Bowering, Dorothy Livesay, Robert Priest and Al Purdy, among others. There are also copies of publications from blewointment by many of these writers as well as newspaper clippings, copies of popular magazines, literary journals, and related material that documents bissett's ongoing personal and professional interest in Canadian poetry.

Professional papers

Series consists of typescript and manuscript drafts of poems written by bissett, many of which include original bissett drawings or sketches in the margins. There are also copies of bissett's published works including 'Pomes for yoshi,' 'Space travl,' 'Wuns I saw it raining frogs' and others, art work by bissett including sketch pads, paintings, loose sketches, drawings and doodles as well as material exhibited in galleries. The series also includes posters and flyers publicizing new bissett publications, bissett readings or art exhibitions. There are also several examples of publications that contain reviews of bissett's poetry and/or interviews with him as well as anthologies in which either his poetry or art was published. The series also contains financial records related to bissett's professional life and work including book contracts, grant applications and reports to the Canada Council and to the Ontario Arts Council.

Personal papers

Series consists clippings, note books, journals, photographs, publications, ephemera and other material which documents bissett's personal life and interests including his material that documents his years as an undergraduate at the University of British Columbia. It includes collected memorabilia such as buttons and name plates, identification cards and expired passports, a vest worn by bissett when giving poetry readings, tee shirts designed by bissett and a rattle used in poetry readings.

Correspondence files

Series consists of personal and professional correspondence including letters received from friends, writers, bookstores, publishers, art galleries and others including Margaret Atwood, Earle Birney, George Bowering, The League of Canadian Poets, b.p. nicol, P.K. Page, Al Purdy, James Reaney, Books in Canada, Bantam Books, Coach House Press and McClelland & Stewart, among others.

"The Truth shows up" research files

Series consists of records created or accumulated by Harvey Cashore and used in the writing of his 2010 book, "The Truth shows up : a reporter's fifteen-year odyssey tracking down the truth about Mulroney, Schreiber and the Airbus scandal." These records, organized and interfiled by date, document the extent and scope of Cashore's research into the Airbus affair which began while he worked in Ottawa as the research associate to investigative journalist John Sawatsky during the 1980s, and continued into the 1990s and 2000s while authoring two books on the Airbus affair and producing several award-winning documentaries on this topic for the CBC's "The Fifth Estate" television program. The series includes: records pertaining to the activities and finances of German businessman Karlheinz Schreiber and his accountant, Giorgio Pelossi; a complete record of Schreiber's Zurich bank accounts, including code-names and rubriks, into which millions of dollars of secret Airbus commissions flowed in and out; Schreiber's personal handwritten daytimers from 1987 to 1996 describing key players in the affair and meetings in Canada and Germany; hundreds of interviews with politicians, bureaucrats, air industry executives, "spin doctors," and other insiders, accompanied by verbatim transcripts; a meticulous record of dozens of interviews with Karlheinz Schreiber conducted over 12 years; documents from a lawsuit brought by Schreiber against Cashore and the CBC in 1996 and 1999 (Schreiber would later pay CBC's legal costs); records pertaining to former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's 1996 lawsuit against the Canadian government; and testimony from the 2007 House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics and the 2009 Oliphant Commission. The files in this series include correspondence, memoranda, research notes and chronologies, interview notes and transcripts, government documents obtained through access to information requests, court documents and transcripts, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs, and audio cassettes. Also included in the series are manuscripts for "The Truth shows up."

Music Gallery office files

Series consists of roughly chronological files containing financial statements, season reports, contract with performers, sales reports, grant applications, correspondence with outside organizations, programming proposals, publicity material including press releases, programs, media contact lists, clippings, photographs, and other material related to the activities and the performances of the Music Gallery.

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