Marilou McPhedran fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
S00412 Canadian Women's Foundation files Series 1990-1992
S00415 Gerstein Centre files Series 1977, 1983-1997, predominant 1985-1994
S00416 Healthy City files Series 1988-1997
S00419 Liberty Health files Series 1995-1997
S00421 Master of Laws files Series 1997-2004
S00427 Subject files Series 1974-2008
S00432 Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) files Series 1982-2005
S00577 Articles and other writing Series 1995-2011
S00906 Global College (University of Winnipeg) files Series 2005, 2007, 2015
S00418 International Women's Rights Project files Series 1983, 1985-2006
S00422 Metropolitan Toronto Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children files Series 1974, 1980-2002
S00530 Ontario Medical Association v. Marilou McPhedran Series 1984-2006, predominant 2001-2006
S00429 T-shirts and buttons Series [ca. 1980-2006]
S00431 Women's College Hospital files Series 1990-1999
S00413 Charter of Rights Education Fund files Series 1982-1990, predominant 1982-1985
S00417 Homewood Health Care files Series 1996-1999
S00420 Mary Jane Mossman and the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies files Series 1987-1992
S00426 Speeches and speaking engagement files Series 1984-2014
S00409 Ad Hoc Committee of Canadian Women on the Constitution files Series 1980-2006
S00410 Asian Development Bank project files Series 1999-2004, predominant 2004
S00411 Canadian Firearms Program Advisory Committee files Series 1996, 2000-2006
S00414 Day planners of Marilou McPhedran Series 1973-2003
S00423 National Network on Environments and Women's Health files Series 1996-2004, predominant 2001-2003
S00578 Photographs and memorabilia Series 1973-2016
S00424 Posters and certificates Series 1985-2014
S00425 Sexual abuse prevention guide files Series 1973, 1981-2004
S00428 Task Force on the Sexual Abuse of Patients files Series 1983-2002
S00430 University of Waterloo and Pragma Council files Series 1992-2003