Printed material Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1999-043/003(42) Divided We Stand, Gary Geddes, ed. File
1999-043/003(43) MAO II, Don DeLillo File
1999-043/003(44) Afternoon Starlight, Charles Noble File
1999-043/003(46) The Wire-Thin Bride, poems by Cornelia Hoogland File
1999-043/004(03) Les Livres de Hogg, Barry Callaghan File
1999-043/004(07) Towards A Just Society, Thomas S. Axworthy, ed. File
1999-043/004(10) Technology and the Canadian Mind, Arthur Kroker File
2001-031/004(11) The Secular Grail : Paradigms of Perception / Christopher Dewdney File 1993
2001-031/005(01) The Skin of Culture : Investigating the New Electronic Reality / Derrick de Kerckhove File 1995
2003-043/002(16) Books Inscribed to Powe File 1985-1986, 1998-2000
1999-043/004(05) Europe and Other Bad News, Irving Layton File
1999-043/004(09) Federalism, Pierre Elliot Trudeau File
2001-031/004(13) Through the Vanishing Point : Space in Poetry and Painting / Marshall McLuhan and Harley Parker File 1968
2003-018/006(01) Books Inscribed by Their Authors File
1999-043/004(02) Stupid Boys Are Good To Relax With, Susan Swan File
1999-043/004(06) The Gucci Bag, Irving Layton File
2003-018/002(05) Trudeau's Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Inscribed File 1998
2003-018/005(01) Books Inscribed by Their Authors File
2003-018/002(04) Against The Current: Selected Writings, 1939-1996, Inscribed, 1996-1997 File 1996
1999-043/003(45) The Rainmaker, Senator Keith Davey File
1999-043/003(47) Passchendaele, Ted Platos File
1999-043/003(48) Technopoly, Neil Postman File
1999-043/004(01) Mister Sandman, Barbara Gowdy File
1999-043/004(04) Stone Blind Love, Barry Callaghan File
1999-043/004(08) Maggie & Pierre, Linda Griffiths with Paul Thompson; Poster, The Trudeau Era File
2001-031/004(12) La passion de Jeanne / Michelle Tisseyre File 1999
2001-031/004(14) 24 Hours in Cyberspace : Painting on the Walls of the Digital Cave File 1997