True Davidson fonds Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
1978-004/001(02) Accursed Parsonage File
1978-004/001(07) Autobiography by True Davidson File
1978-004/001(11) Business is Business File
1978-004/001(12) By This Sin, or The Last Infirmity File
1978-004/001(14) Canadian Nation File
1978-004/001(23) Dust File
1978-004/002(02) Family Tree File
1978-004/002(04) A Girl Should be a Lady by Bard Pentecost File
1978-004/002(06) Grown Ups are Funny File
1978-004/002(07) The Hero of Heaven File
1978-004/002(14) International Situation by Susan Finnie File
1978-004/002(17) Ladies Day at the C. N. E. by True Davidson File
1978-004/002(21) Made in Canada File
1978-004/003(04) Personality Plus File
1978-004/003(05) The Place Without the Name File
1978-004/003(11) Recognition File
1978-004/003(15) Secret Poison File
1978-004/003(18) The Smoking Snows by Bram Finnie and Joseph Frederick Gallant File 1940
1978-004/003(19) Star in the East File
1978-004/003(24) Take a Chance on Love File
1978-004/003(33) Young Idea File
1978-004/003(34) The Young One File
1978-004/003(35) Academic papers File
1978-004/004(03) Manuscripts File
1978-004/004(06) Unidentified, incomplete pieces of fiction and non-fiction File
1978-004/004(11) Dark Journey by "Rosemary Grant" (True Davidson) File
1978-004/004(14) Morning Coffee File
1978-004/005(03) Art for Arts Sake File
1978-004/005(09) La Claire Fountaine by True Davidson File
1978-004/005(10) Classical Tragedy File
1978-004/005(12) The Darkest Hour File
1978-004/005(14) Drink to Me, Death File
1978-004/005(18) Fascinating Figbars by True Davidson File
1978-004/005(23) House that Jack Built File
1978-004/005(27) Love Built the House File
1978-004/005(30) The Last Laugh File
1978-004/005(31) Modern Cinderella File
1978-004/005(40) Straight Furrow File
1978-004/005(48) Monologues File
1978-004/006(01) City Life and Cities File
1978-004/006(04) [Nalure or Nature?] File
1978-004/006(05) Book of Poems and Quotations re: Religion File
1978-004/006(07) A Dream File
1978-004/007(03) Poetry by Albert McKay File
1978-004/007(04) Poetry/Versus from the University of Toronto File
1978-004/007(06) Last writing of True Davidson while in the East General Hospital File 1978
1978-004/007(07) "It isn't the Value of the Gift that Counts: It's the Thought Behind It" File
1978-004/007(09) Correspondence Between Miss Dowst and Mrs. Clarke re: True Davidson's Poetry File May 1947
1978-004/007(12) Detective and Adventure Stories File
1978-004/007(14) Love Stories File
1978-004/007(16) Science Fantasy Fiction File
1978-004/008(01) Serious Story Ideas File
1978-004/008(03) Serious Story Ideas File
1978-004/008(12) History Research -Canadian -Georges Bugnet File
1978-004/009(05) Notes on William Kirby File
1978-004/009(07) Notes for Readings and Papers File
1978-004/009(13) Toronto for Tourists File
1978-004/009(16) True "Grit" Davidson: A Strong Voice for York East File
1978-004/010(03) Local Governments File
1978-004/010(05) Act of Dedication -Terminating the 25th Annual Conference of the Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities File June 1962
1978-004/010(07) CAAE Conference - Learning to Live in the City File 1964
1978-004/010(12) Brief to the Royal Commission - Section Two: "Whither" File 1964
1978-004/016(04) Toronto Telegram Photos of True Davidson and Others File
1978-004/016(05) Photos of 2 Children Playing Outside the House File
1978-004/016(06) Unidentified Photos File
1978-004/016(10) Unused Post Cards (Architecture, Art & Religion) File
1978-004/017(03) University of Toronto Sound Recording File 28 Apr. 1969
1978-004/017(07) York University Graduate Programme in English - Course Descriptions File
1978-004/017(08) Honour Roll Awards File 6 May 1977
1978-004/017(11) Current Literature Groups Led By True Davidson File
1978-004/017(12) Once upon a time in the village of Tuktoyatuk in Canada's Northwest Territories... File
1978-004/017(15) Reward Announcement for 19th Century Sword and Daguerreotype File
1978-004/017(20) The Canadian Flag, A General Guide Etiquette File
1978-004/017(21) Carl Shaefer: Retrospective Exhibition, Paintings from 1926 to 1969 - Catalogue & Letter 1976 File
1978-004/017(22) Old Paper Mill/Centre for the Arts - Diagrams File
1978-004/017(23) Old South Leaflets - Catalogue 1935 File
1978-004/017(24) The Order of Canada - Booklet File
1978-004/017(25) Religious Pamphlets File
1978-004/017(28) Streetsville Fair File [1940?]
1978-004/017(31) W. M. Jones Writings File
1978-004/017(32) Journal of Insurance Policy Matters File 1944-1952
1978-004/017(34) Last Will and Testament of William Grant Stickle (True Davidson's Cousin) File
1978-004/017(36) True's Book Collection: Das Oberammergauer Passionsspiel, Devon, Enclosure of the Zuiderzee and Enjoying England File
1978-004/018(04) True Davidson and Others at the Head Table of a Banquet File
1978-004/018(07) The Metropolitan School Board, Toronto File 1957
1978-004/018(09) Photos of True Davidson - Full Body Shot and Photos of True Getting a Make Over File 15 Feb. 1971
1978-004/018(15) Queen and Elgin St. House - Floor Plan File
1978-004/019(01) Scrapbook File 1965-1970
1978-004/010(20) Preliminary Integrated Summation (Phase 3) File
1978-004/010(29) 26th Annual Conference of the Association of Ontario Mayors and Reeves File June 1969
1978-004/010(32) Victoria University Convocation - Degree of Doctor of Sacred Letters Presented to True Davidson May 1971 File May 1971
1978-004/010(34) Draft List - Name/Position/Address File
1978-004/010(36) Bill Boucher Campaign - Alderman Ward Two, East York File
1978-004/010(46) Official Opening of True Davidson's Acres Home for the Aged File 21 June 1973
1978-004/010(47) East York Foundation Donations File 1973
1978-004/010(52) The Corporation of the Borough of East York Resolution File 18 Sept. 1978
1978-004/010(54) Reminiscences by True Davidson (Non-Fiction) File
1978-004/010(58) Clippings, Re: True Davidson and Her Poetry File 1931
1978-004/010(62) Newspaper Clippings, Re: True Davidson and Other Articles of Interest File 1951-1954
1978-004/011(02) East York Alert (Volume 1, No.1) File Dec. 1960
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