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“Hands of Greece” Banner at Demonstration at Parliament

A Group of protestors outside the Parliament of Ontario at Queen\'s Park, demonstrate holding posters and banners. One banner reads “Hands off Greece”. Ομάδα διαδηλωτών έξω από to Κοινοβούλιο του Οντάριο στο Κουίνς Πάρκ, διαδηλώνουν κρατώντας πλακάτ και πανό. Ένα πανό γράφει "Κάτω τα χέρια απ\' την Ελλάδα".

“Political Struggles of Native Peoples”, H. Cardinal, J. Mohawk et al

Sound recording of speakers who participated in a panel discussion that was part of the Institute on Anthropology and Anti-Imperialism held in Toronto in 1972. Titled as Contemporary Political Struggles of Native Peoples, introduced by Richard Lee. Recorded speakers include John Mohawk, Tony Belcourt, Harold Cardinal and Philip Awashish. Other speakers on the panel included John Saul, Shelton H. Davis, Ben Magubane, Ernest Benedict, Paul Coe, Bernard Arcand, Howard Mitchell, Robert Vanlarope (sp?) and Boshe Richardson.

[0130] Dini Petty Show : Kytes - Street Teens

Consists of an episode featuring Kytes Street teens, Jeff Ince: former street kid, Melanie Wilson: former street kid, Dave Chant: former street kid, Rhonda Rossay: Career counsellor, Ned Dickens: theatre instructor, Thor: former street kid, and Dave Povsons.

[0135] Dini Petty Show : Phyllis Diller

Consists of an episode featuring Phyllis Diller: actress, musician, painter, comedian, sells anti-aging cream, and Dr. Sandy Pritchard: plastic surgeon.

[0164] Dini Petty Show : Hollywood Northwest

Consists of an episode featuring Alex Beaton - V.P. Cannel Films, Barry Weitz - Exec. Prod., "Passing thru veils", Ian Caddell - "Reel West" magazine, Michael Rechtshaffen - The hollywood reporter, Diane Neufeld - Dir., B.C. Film Commission, Stephen Cannell, Jim Byrnes - Actor "Wiseguy", and John H. Brennan - Actor "Bordertown." Filmed in Vancouver.

[0255] Dini Petty Show : The Beauty Myth

Consists of an episode featuring Judy Welsh - Model Agent, Jacqueline Hope - Model Agent, Naomi Wolf - Author - the Beauty Myth, Katherine Gilday - Film Maker - The Famine Within, Joan Jacobs Brumberg - Author - Fasting Girls, Karin Jasper - Psychotherapist.

[0270] Dini Petty Show : Comic Relief

Consists of an episode featuring Bil Keane - "The Family Circus", Brian Bassett - "Adam", Lynn Johnston - "For better or For Worse", Robb Armstrong - "Jump Start".

[0274] Dini Petty Show : Gemini Stars

Consists of an episode featuring Art Hindle: actor, "E.N.G.", Kennetii Welsh: actor, "Love and Hate", Stacie Mistysyn: actress, "Degrassi High", C. David Johnson: actor, "Street legal", Maria Topalovicii: Exec. Director, Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Al Waxman: Chairman, and Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Includes promo.

[0281] Dini Petty Show : From Bush Pilots to Wheat Circles

Consists of an episode featuring Hugh Smith: Bush Pilot, Jim Campbell: campbell air, Joe Thomusschewsky, Don Johnson: farmer, Grant Cameron: Wheat Circlce Investagator, Phil Kives: Mr. K-Tel, Barry McCarton: Historian, Doug Webber: Mayor of Churchill, and Brenda Birks: Manitoba Museum of Man & Nature. Filmed in Winnipeg.

[0284] Dini Petty Show : Runaways

Consists of an episode featuring Debbie Reynolds: Elizabeth Fry Society, "Raven": Prostitute, Lynn Karpetz: mother of murdered prostitute, Keith Cooper: Children's Home of Winnipeg, Riva Harrison: Winnipeg Sun, Bruce Hardy: North East Winnipeg family and children services. Filmed in Winnipeg.

[0292] Dini Petty Show : Psychic/Retail Slump/Lupus

Consists of an episode featuring psychic and palmist Anthony Carr, business critic Jerry White, Honey Agar the Founder of the Lupus Association and Dr. Barbara Walz-LeBlanc of the Lupus Clinic at Wellesley Hospital. Also includes interviews with Andrea Ou-Hingwan and Mark Purcell.

[0315] Dini Petty Show : Yuk Yuks/Fashion/Cliff Richards

Consists of an episode featuring Mark Breslin - Yuk yuk's komedy kabaret, Sherry O'Brien - Stand-up comic, Jermey Hotz - Stand-up comic, John Mackay - Fashion consultant, Bill Angst - Hair stylist, Barbara Alexander - Makeup artist, Cliff Richards - Singer.

[0328] Dini Petty Show : Dress for Attention/Home Decorating/Raymond Moody

Consists of an episode featuring Sergio Bebarros - Flambocant dresser, Hans Van Boven - Flambocant dresser, Jessica Johnson - Flambocant dresser, Anita Gorecky - Flambocant dresser, Lynda Colville-Reeves - Canadian House & Home, Brent Hackett - Provincial Wallcovering Ltd., Michael Rechtshaffen - Entertainment editor, CHFI.

[0368] Dini Petty Show : Danny Kaye/Fashion/Suicide

Consists of an episode featuring Danny Kaye; Kirk McMahon- "A Tribute to Danny Kaye"; Walter Cavalieri- Suicide Prevention counsellor; John MacKay- Fashion Expert; Donna Grober- Brettons. Includes promo.

[0374] Dini Petty Show : Rick Hansen/Lazarus and the Hurricanes/Ann B. Davis

Consists of an episode featuring Rick Hansen0 Wheelchair athlete; Tracy Ferguson- Wheelchair basketball player; Jeremy- Wheelchair basketball player; Sam Chaiton- Co-author, "Lazarus and the hurricane"; Terry Swinton- Co-author, "Lazarus and the Hurricane"; Rubin "hurricane" Carter- Wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years; Ann B. Davis- Actress.

[0381] Dini Petty Show : Zappacosta/Little People/Jimmy Stewart

Consists of an episode featuring Alfie Zappacosta- Singer/Songwriter; Nathan Conner- 19 yr-old "Little person"; Lorna Brooks- Mother of "Little person"; Stephanie Brooks- 8yr-old "Little person"; Ruth Brouse- "Little person" 3'9"; Donnie Brouse- "Little person" 4'8"; Jimmy Stewart- Actor.

[0390] Dini Petty Show : Marc Cohn/Bouncing Back/Cooking

Consists of an episode featuring Marc Cohn- Singer/soug writer; Graham Cumingham- Charted Accountant; Steven Parker- Started his own Greeting Card store; Ruth Greenwood- Started her own Wholesale business; Bonnie Stern- Culinary Expert.

[0493] Dini Petty Show : On Set In L.A.

Consists of an episode featuring Dini visiting and interviewing stars of Disney Studio television productions. Includes inteviews with"Dinosaurs" creator and executive producer Michael Jacobs and co-executive producer Brian Henson; Mayum Bialik of "Blossom"; Connie Ray and William Schallert of "The Torkelsons"; William Ragsdale and Ken Hudson Campbell of "Herman's Head". Master and sweetened master tape(s). Filmed on sets in Los Angeles.

[0561] Dini Petty Show : Women in Sports

Consists of an episode featuring previously broadcast clips re: women in sports. Includes interview and demonstration by amateur boxers Jenny Reid and Terese Robitaille; interview with figure skater Katrina Witt and interview with goalie Manon Rheaume, the first woman to play in junior hockey.

[0610] Dini Petty Show : Patti Duke

Consists of an episode featuring Patti Duke in a full hour interview re. her experience as a child actor, her bipolar disorder and her memoir "Call Me Anna".

[0611] Dini Petty Show : Kids Kidnapped by Cult/Weight Watchers

Consists of an episode featuring interviews with mother Judith Seymour and Montreal-based Info-Cult spokesperson Mike Kropveld re. religious cult the Northeast Kingdom Church, based in Clark's Harbour, Nova Scotia and Seymour's efforts to regain custody of her son being kept there by her former common law husband. Also includes interview with founder of Weight Watchers, Jean Nidetch, including a testimony from audience member Jeff Gray.

[0616] Dini Petty Show

Consists of Canada Day Special episode featuring previously aired clips of Dini Petty Show episodes taped around Canada. Includes clips from episodes filmed in Halifax, Montreal, Edmonton, Regina, Banff, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. Includes guests Earle McRae (founding director of Elvis Sighting Society), Vancouver real estate agent Andrea Eng, architect Jin Cheng, alderwoman Garole Taylor re. Asian immigration and housing in Vancouver; clips from "The Heart of Quebec" interview with children's film producer Roch Demers, entertainer and writer Pauline Julien, cartoonist Terry Mosher on francophone culture; unemployed fish plant worker Pat Ferguson, United Mine Workers rep Joe Burke and Al McDonald of CFB Summerside on economic depression in the Maritimes; financial advisor Brian Costello on recession issues in London, Ontario; retail analyst John Winter on cross-border shopping; Debbie Reynolds of the Elizabeth Fry Society and Lynn Karpetz (daughter was a murdered prostitute) on street kids; Theresa Stephenson on 'Chili for Children' program in Winnipeg; Fred Caswell (heart recipient), Heather Fisher (liver recipient) and Sally Galsworthy (donated daughters organs) on transplants; Andrew Morton ("Diana: Her True Story") on Princess Diana; Toronto police horse 'King', George Smith an Alzheimer's patient; John C. Charyk, Lorna Jarvis and Eugene Kush (town fool) of Hanna, Alberta; three unidentified female impersonators; "Mr. Tomorrow" futurist Frank Ogden; transsexual activist Angela Wensley; National Ballet School performers, music performers Luba, Jim Corcoran, Jean Marc [of band La Bas?], Daniel Lavoie, Colin James, Rita McNeil, The Rankin Family, Michelle Wright, George Fox, impersonator Andre Phillipe Gagnon, Celine Dion and local activists Jim Taylor ("Save Canada" billboards) and Agnes Potts and Connie Micallef ("Canadian First" t-shirts) .

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