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Canadian Speakers' and Writers' Service Ltd. fonds
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Canadian Speakers' and Writers' Service Ltd. fonds

  • F0280
  • Fonds
  • [193-]-2012

Fonds consists of records created and accumulated by the Canadian Speakers' and Writers' Service Ltd. over the course of over 50 years as a literary agency and management company for writers, public speakers, and actors.

The bulk of the records consist of client files which includes correspondence to and from clients; correspondence with publishers, media, sponsors of talks, radio and television producers; publicity material relating to clients including resumes, headshot photographs, schedules, travel arrangements; newspaper clippings; reader's reports; royalty statements; and contracts. There are also audio cassettes and video cassettes of interviews and recordings of the work of some CSWS clients. Notable clients include: Earle Birney, Arthur Black, Harry Boyle, Adrienne Clarkson, Sorel Etrog, Don Harron, Lynn Johnston, Paul Kligman, Mavor Moore, Lister Sinclair, Harry Somers, Ben Wicks, and Chris Wiggins.

There are also general correspondence files, business records (including office diaries for the period, 1951-1965), manuscripts (from clients and unsolicited), and print materials (publishers' catalogues, anthologies of plays, newsletters, copies of labour agreements between the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and ACTRA, and clippings). There is a series of records related to CSWS Ltd. founder, Matie Molinaro, documenting her early life in New York and her work as a war correspondent during the Second World War. Also included is a series devoted to records related to Marshall McLuhan and his estate, long-time clients of CSWS Ltd, which includes correspondence, contracts, notes, drafts, clippings, offprints, photographs, and ephemera.

Canadian Speakers' and Writers' Service Ltd.

"D" General

Nazla Dane 1963 E. Wilfrid Dean 1961 Charles M. Defieux 1962-1964 Joseph Delancey 1960 Abel Desaulniers 1961-1962 Laura Dene 1962 Gerard Dennis 1963 Alden Diehl 1961 William R. Digby 1958-1959 Dorothy (Mrs. Bruce) Dingman 1962 Mrs. Nellie Dodd 1960 Ann Vale Dodds 1964 Ruth Doehler 1960 Hugh Donnelly 1962 Arthur T. Doyle 1964 Nancy I. Doyle 1960 Simon Dresdner 1957, 1961 Mrs. Zori H. Drouin 1962 Mag Duncan 1957, 1964 Marilyn Dunlop 1963-1964 Lannard Alton Dunn 1958-1961

"H" General

Aubrey W. Hagar 1963, 1965 W. A. Hales 1960 Lester A. Halpin 1961 Wilbur Hamilton 1959, 1963 Ursula Hare 1961 Pamela (Mrs. D. S.) Harley 1960 J. G. Harris 1963 John Norman Harris 1961 Bill Hart 1957 Prof. W. B. Harvey 1958-1962 W. E. Haskins 1964 Fred Hassenbach 1963-1964 Sylvia Hawreliak 1962-1964 Maurice R. Hecht 1960-1961 Neil Hicks 1960, 1962 Foster Hilliard 1963-1964 W. J. Hilton 1962 Zdenko Hirschler 1964 Lois Hobart 1962 Joe Holland 1963 W. B. Holliday 1954, 1960-1961 Dr. C. W. Hopper 1962 A. G. Hornick 1963 Elaine Horst 1959 Norman Houghton 1964 Kathleen Houlahan 1961 Mrs. Norman (Ruth)Howard 1963 Raymond Hull 1960-1961 William P. Hulsman 1961

"M" General (3)

Forrest S. McFeat 1964 Oonah McFee 1964-1965 Florence M. McLaughlin 1961-1964 Winifred McLellan 1962 D. I. McLeod 1963-1965 Beryl McMillan 1961 John McMullen 1963-1964 Cecilia McRae 1962 C. R. Midghall 1964 Susan Miguel 1964 Lois (Mrs. C.D.) Milani 1959-1963 Roscoe R. Miller 1962 Barbara Milne 1959-1964

"O" General

Grace Oakley 1964 Anker Odum 1963-1964 Bern John O'Keefe 1964 Kathleen O'Connor 1960 Mrs. J.J. Olscamp 1964 Martin O'Meara 1957-1958 Peter Oomen 1958 Sidney Ord 1961 Alan Osler 1956, 1960 Francis Owen 1964 Frank Oxley 1961

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