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Miscellaneous documents and the 1988 Dharan earthquake etc.

File consists of a bound book which contains: a report submitted by Dr. J. Donald Morin, a professor of opthalmology at the University of Toronto, describing his visit to Nepal in November 1985; a notice of designation as a charitable organization by Revenue Canada; advertisements soliciting donations for the GWA(C); mailing addresses and telephone numbers of managing trustees, 1982; minutes of annual general meeting of GWA(C), 20 November, 1978; correspondence with charitable foundations soliciting donations for the 1988 earthquake relief; submission for an earthquake disaster grant, August 1988; and news clippings and advertisements about the 1988 earthquake relief effort.

G.W.F. Council A.G.M. reports for meeting

File consists of: a report submitted for the annual general meeting of the Gurkha Welfare Fund Council (UK), detailing the construction projects of the GWA(C) in 2002/2003; a report by Colonel R.C. Rutherford, the Chairman of the Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada), summarizing the activities of the GWA(C); a photocopy of an award for Milau Gurung for outstanding studies in mathematics at Weatherford College; a photocopy of a Certificate of Service for Motibahadur Gurung issued at Gurung's retirement in 1992; meeting minutes of the Gurkha Welfare Fund Council, 8 May 2003; and a financial statement for the Gurkha Welfare Trust Foundation (USA) Inc. for the year 2002.

Photo album

File consists of photographs which show: a visit by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip circa 1980; Maj. Michael Burke on cruise ship and visit to Nepal, 1992; Maj. Burke on an earlier visit to Nepal; photographs of a formal dinner party with Gurkhas in Toronto circa 1973; the beginning of the Warrior's parade at the Canadian National Exhibition, 1973; a dinner event attended by Prince Charles, Field Marshal and Ellice and Rosa H. McDonald of Gurkha Welfare Trust (USA), 1992; photographs of Hon. Allan McKinnon, Hon. John Matheson, and Bill Kempling, M.P. taken at the Gurkha war cemeteries, in Rimini and Cassino, Italy. File also contains: a Christmas card from Maj. Burke to Carol Burke, written in Cyprus, 1955; a note written by Rosa H. McDonald about a dinner party in 1998; and a postcard from New Delhi, India, 3 April 1994;

Dharan Blind School

File consists of photographs of the Dharan Blind School which show: areas which need improvement such as in the dining room, washing place, and printing press; pupils in the classrooms; the dormitory; and exterior views of the staff quarters, the eye clinic building, the patient ward, the staff quarter's kitchen, the watchman house, and the vocational workshop.

Video cassettes : Kukri drills and "Gurkhas of Nepal"

File consists of video recordings of "The Gurkhas" documentary on "60 Minutes" (CBS) (16 min.) and footage of Kukri demonstrations by the Bando Kukri Drill Teams from Atlanta, Georgia, Connecticut, Washington, D.C. and Ohio, an individual Kukri drill competition, and a demonstration by the Chindit Cobra Company Drill Team (46 min., 30 sec.). File also contains a recording of "Gurkhas of Nepal" (1983), directed by Vic Sarin (26 min.).

Maps of Nepal

File consists of maps which show the locations of the Area Welfare Centres (AWCs) of the Gurkha Welfare Scheme and the cultural and administrative territories of Nepal.

Recommendations : production

File consists of production financing recommendations which provide detailed summaries and analyses of projects of the OFDC. File also includes a list of script readers and correspondence.

Highway 61

File consts of material related to the production, development, financing, and distribution of the film "Highway 61" (1991) directed by Bruce McDonald. Records include an analysis of the film's financing sources and a project case study evaluation which contains reports, budget reviews, foreign sales agreements, distribution agreements, photocopies of film reviews, and correspondence.

Marketing materials

File consts of marketing material for the OMDC and for programs supported by the OMDC including "The Great Ontario Book Break."
File also includes a press kit for the film "When Night is Falling" (1995) directed by Patricia Rozema and one-sheets for "Bollywood Bound" (2002) and "Westray" (2001).

Canadian Heritage Publishing Policy and Programs

File consists of a profile of the Ontario Book Publishing Industry, an agenda, and slideshow printouts related to a briefing session jointly held by the OMDC and the Canadian Heritage Publishing Policy and Programs, on 13 February.

European Research Study

File consists of: a report created by the OFDC, "European Market Analysis," distributed 14 February 1996; a final report, "UK and European Film and Television Industry Market Analysis," distributed 8 May 2004; and a publication of the UK Film Council, "Three Years On: A consultation on our funding and policy priorities," distributed October 2003.

The Calling Card Program : general file

File consists of material related to the Al Waxman Calling Card Program. File includes: minutes for an orientation meeting, 21 January 2005; VIP lists for showcase screenings; project status lists; news releases; correspondence; meeting minutes; spreadsheets listing applicants to the programs; sample budgets; and related material.

Calling Card Program

File consists of: a computer disk labelled, "Market for shorts - Market 58 - Addenda; invitations for an event by Habitat New Media and for the screening of the short film, "You Might Be the Youngest," directed by Joshua Wilder, 2002; material related to a screening and broadcast of short films funded by the Al Waxman Calling Card Program, 28 November 2001 and 8 January 2002; material received from VCR Active Media Ltd.; and a guide titled, "Navigating the Market Place for Short Films," prepared by Rick Palidwor, 25 June 1998.

SDMI retreat

File consists of material related to Skills Development and Marketing Initiatives retreats, including agendas, Gantt charts, budgets, a document titled, "Producer Skills Matrix," program reports, calendars, and related materials.

Film & TV Export Fund

File consists of a chart which lists applicants to the OMDC Export Fund, (i.e. television and film production companies), including their funding request and the approved amounts.

Film Fund

File consists of spreadsheets containing information about approved applicants to the OMDC Film Fund (i.e. title, company, producer name and contact, amount requested, amount approved, total funding, and total budget). File also includes some correspondence.

Music Makes It

File consists of material related to Music Makes It, a co-production of OMDC and North by Northeast Music and Film Festival (NXNE). File includes an event program, unsolicited participant reviews, a final cost report, schedule, project task list, notes and correspondence, and an invitation list for a luncheon.

Music Makes It

File consists of material related to Music Makes It, a co-production of OMDC and North by Northeast Music and Film Festival (NXNE). File includes: a draft schedule, a draft and final version of an informational one-sheet, notes, budgets, and a final report for the Music Makes It Transmedia Summit, presented 28 July.


File consists of material related to the International Finance Forum at the Toronto International Film Festival, including: a record of approval for a request for funding; an independent consultant agreement between OMDC and Jan Nathanson, 9 June; correspondence; the IFF Final Report, submitted 4 November; schedules; information sheets regarding producers; draft budgets; and other related material.


File consists of material related to the International Finance Forum at the Toronto International Film Festival, including: a record of approval for a request for funding to support costs of IFF at TIFF; a list of attendees of a luncheon; a draft schedule; a projected budget; agendas; correspondence; an independent consultant agreement between OMDC and Larisa Gutmanis, 4 August; and speaking notes.


File consists of material related to the International Financing Forum at the Toronto International Film Festival, including: budgets and actuals; background information sheets; requests for approval; lists of confirmed attending producers; survey responses; correspondence; sponsor proposals; the final report presented by Jan Nathanson and James Weyman; a portal subscriber's agreement between Telefilm Canada and the companies; and correspondence with Astral Media Harold Greenberg Fund regarding sponsorship.


File consists of material related to the International Financing Forum at the Toronto International Film Festival, including: lists of attending participants; application forms; correspondence; a request for approval for a hospitality event; agendas and press releases; a sponsor proposal; a copy of an agreement between OMDC and 44 Union Productions Inc; and a request for proposal for a consultant to programme, produce, and deliver the OMDC IFF 2011.


File consists of material related to the International Financing Forum at the Toronto International Film Festival, including: records of approval related to request for funding to support the costs of IFF; a request for proposal for a consultant to programme, produce and deliver the OMDC IFF 2012; and correspondence.

TIFF & PLT final reports

File consists of: a draft of the final report on the International Financing Forum at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, prepared by Jan Nathanson and James Weyman; the budgets of the OMDC Producer's Lab Toronto; a final report on Producer's Lab Toronto prepared by James Weyman, March 2013; clippings; and related material.

Thought Leadership Conference : Southeast Media Network

File consists of material related to the OMDC and Southeast Media Network (SEMN) "Thought Leadership" programme, a two day workshop and discussion forum to exchange best practice and encourage peer-to-peer exchanges, held in June 2010 in the South East of England. File includes a project proposal, an informational one-sheet on SEMN, and a summary of "The Digital Britain Final Report," presented on 17 June to the British Parliament by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Sport and the Minister for Communications, Technology, and Broadcasting.


File consists of material related to Weyman's attendance of the Berlin International Film Festival. File includes: material received at the festival, an expense claim form for the OMDC, a spreadsheet list of Ontario producers attending the festival, correspondence, a report on travel submitted to the OMDC Industry Department, itineraries and travel documents, meeting schedules, the Berlinale Co-production Market Programme, and other related material.


File consists of material related to Weyman's attendance of the Berlin International Film Festival. File includes: a record of approval giving Weyman and Karen Thorne-Stone, President and CEO of OMDC, permission to attend the festival, itineraries, and program information about the European Producers Club Co-production Forum.


File consists of material related to Weyman's attendance of the Norwegian International Film Festival. File includes: material received at the festival such as programs and marketing material, a list of participants, itineraries, correspondence, and contact lists.


File consists of material related to Weyman's attendance of the Berlin International Film Festival. File includes material related to the organization of two events at the festival: the Ontario Producers Dinner, which promoted the Ontario industry and cross-cultural exchange, held at the Canadian Embassy on 11 February; and the Producers Lab Toronto Reunion Dinner, which reconnected participants of the Producers Lab conference held in Toronto in September. File includes records of approval; meeting notes; budgets; critical paths; schedules; a final report on the Producers Lab Toronto co-production exchange; a report on attendance at the Berlin International Film Festival, February 2006; correspondence and other received material; guests lists for the dinner; and a programme for the festival.


File consists of material related to Weyman's attendance of the Cannes Film Festival. File includes:a screening guide, invoices, correspondence, contact lists, guest lists, information on accommodations, insurance, and registration, a daily schedule, and related material.


File consists of material received during the UK TV Co-production Mission to London and Manchester, England.

BRD044 : Ryerson "Mini-Pitch"

File consists of material related to Assignment #3: "Mini-pitch: Alternate Production Financing & Strategy." File includes final assignments and adjudication breakdown sheets for the groups who pitched the programs titled, "Healing Hands," "Off the Top," and "Laughing All the Way."

BRD044 : case study material

File consists of case study assignments, completed by BRD 044 students, on the film "External Affairs (1999) directed by Peter Moss, and the television show "Drop the Beat," (2000).

BRD044: planning and admin notes

File consists of notes, presentation slides, emails, information sheets for Ryerson faculty, teaching notes, and a completed group assignment.

BRD044: prep material

File consists of: press release material for the 11th Annual Independent Television Proposal Competition ("The Pitch"); the results of a faculty evaluation questionnaire; a to-do list to prepare for the competition; correspondence; contact lists of members of the film and television industry; notes; and other material. File also includes a CD-ROM containing the 2002 guide for the Canadian Film and Television Producers Association.

Ryerson contract info

File consists of material related to Weyman's appointment as an instructor in the Ryerson School of Radio and Television Arts, including: correspondence, the course description and syllabus, copies of collective agreements of the Canadian Union of Public Employees #3904, and letters of recommendation.

BRD044 : "The Pitch" class notes : masters

File consists of the master copies of material distributed to students, including: film one-sheets; course assignment descriptions; lecture speaking notes; clippings; sample budgets; reproduced pages from the Canadian Film and Television Producers Association 2002 Guide; an information package on the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit, created by the OMDC; and other materials. File also includes graded student assignments.

S. misc.

File consists of two lists which detail the names and number of shares of all stockholders of Gold Operators Inc. in 1935 and 1936. and correspondence between Robert and Arnold Hoffman and several stockholders.

Brownell Exploration Group

File consists of correspondence related to the Brownell Exploration Group, a syndicate which comprised of a group of claims in Joannes Township, Quebec. Primarily includes correspondence between Robert Hoffman and George F. Brownell, regarding exploration of Rouyn, Quebec and a zinc deposit near Kingston, Ontario, 1924-1926; correspondence between Brownell, Hoffman, and Olaf Boe, of Norway, regarding the Brownell Exploration group; memos of work done in the Joannes Township in 1924; and a hand-drawn sketch which illustrates the Wright-Hargreaves mine, near Kirkland Lake, Ontario, undated.

List of items in our files dealing with pellet value

File consists of two letters to John Costello to Robert Hoffman, relating to the development of mines near Larder Lake, Ontario, 1943, and two hand-written notes, entitled "Gold Mining Finance" and "Episode of Kaplan Oaks," which were likely early drafts of sections of Hoffman's book, Free Gold: The Story of Canadian Mining.

Brokers slips : syndicate participation

File consists of records pertaining to the securities of Gold Operators (Canada) Ltd., including account statements, receipts, and correspondence, from A.E. Ames & Co. Incorporated Investment Securities, Imperial Bank of Canada, J.R. Timmins & Co., R.A. Hutchison & Co. Barrett, Sequin & Co., Tom & Barnt; Earl M. Robertson & Co., J.R. Stratton & Co., Duncanson, White, & Co. and Dan Cushing, Ltd. File also includes correspondence with the Doodad Prospecting Syndicate regarding the purchase of units.

Thompson-Lundmark Gold Mines Ltd. : reports and prospectus

File consists of drill logs sent to Robert Hoffman by D.R. Wilson, the manager of Thompson-Lundmark Gold Mines Limited, 1949; and the prospectus of Thompson-Lundmark Gold Mines Limited, which names Arnold Hoffman as a mining executive and director of the company, 1938.

Syndicate Options Limited

File consists of records related to stock purchases and investments of Syndicate Options Ltd. including legal agreements, ledger account balances, stockholders lists, and correspondence.

Pershon : Lee (general)

File consists of correspondence with Alan C. Lee, mining engineer at Pershon Gold Mines Ltd. The letters reveal the mine's progress and include assay reports, 1945-1946. The file also includes an unrelated file: typed pages titled "Diary of R.D. Hoffman" which include physical and technical descriptions of Coniaurum mine, 1935.

Thompson, P.A.

File consists of correspondence with P.A. Thompson, a Montreal-based mining investor and partner of Quincy A. Shaw Jr.

C. misc.

File consists of meeting minutes of the directors and shareholders of Gold Operators (Canada) Limited from September 1936, October 1936, January 1937, March 1937, April 1940, April 1945, and April 1948. File also contains miscellaneous correspondence, including letters from John and Katherine Churchill (formerly Canfield), regarding the transfer of stocks to Cass Canfield.

Arrowhead : Butterfield report

File consists of geological reports on the Arrowhead property completed by Robert Hoffman, H.M. Butterfield, W. F. James, and Donald J. Russell. File includes vertical cross-sectional diagrams depicting the "A" vein and the "B" vein of the Arrowhead gold mine. The diagrams indicate sample locations.

Thompson-Lundmark R.D.H. : notes and letters

File consists of the journal notes, telegrams, and sketches made by Robert Hoffman. Several telegrams and notes are written in code and deciphered. File includes a map of the Waco claims near Thompson Lake, Northwest Territories, and unlabeled drawings of mine shafts.

Joanne Syndicate : Arrowhead

File consists of: photographs depicting mining structures, log cabins, camps, and drill holes; newspaper clippings about the Arrowhead mines; correspondence regarding the Joanne Syndicate, 1930-1932; drawings of a mine held by Masara Consolidated Mines Corp.; payment agreements from Masara Consolidated Mines Corp.; and cheques to Gold Operators (Canada) Ltd.

Wright-Rouyn : Fenell, Porter, McLean, and Davis

File consists of correspondence between Arnold Hoffman and Fennell, Porter, McLean, & Davis, a law firm representing Gold Operators (Canada) Ltd. The subjects of the correspondence are taxes and stock transfers related to Wright Rouyn Gold Mines Limited. File also includes the minutes from two Wright Rouyn Gold Limited directors meetings, 22 February 1946 and 19 November, 1945.

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