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Canadian Speakers' and Writers' Service Ltd. fonds
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Young, Scott

File consists of records related to journalist Scott Young as a client of CSWS Ltd.: correspondence about public appearances, clippings, biographical information, promotional photographs.

Writers: A-W

File consists of correspondence with the following individuals:
Atkinson, Jim;
Brooker, Deborah;
Cera, Mrs.Elizabeth;
Charles, David;
Cherrington, John A.;
Collins, Jay;
Conrad, Gayel A.;
Dees, James W.;
Donaldson, Clinton W.;
Draper, James A.;
Filey, Mike;
Forster, B.Y.;
Fox, Mr. James;
Gatti, Art;
Gregory, Don;
Hamill, Gary;
Hirschbach, Ernest;
Huggins, Patricia;
Kaloy, Dr. N.A.;
Mr. Kneale;
Lance, Jess;
Lembeck, Fred;
Lynch, Michael;
Magee, Charles;
Mead, H.C.;
Martin, Don;
Milani, Lois Darrach;
Mitchell, Phyllis;
Nicholls, T. Walby;
Renaud, Chris;
Rouse, Lawrence R.;
Phileo, Robert B.;
Shaughnessy, Thomas;
Simons, Gary;
Thibodeau, Helen;
Tremblay, Brian;
Toth, Mr. and Mrs. Robert;
Varsch, Drew A.;
Wallace, Ronald H.;
Whitehead, Gladys M.

Writers: A-S

File consists of correspondence with the following individuals:
Atkey, Mel;
Baggaley, Jon;
Degoraski, Stanislaw W.;
Donev, Stev;
Gaffin, Sy;
Holmes, Alex;
Keeling, S.G.;
Kirbel, Joel;
Marcuse, F.L.;
Marcuse, F.;
Mitchell, Phyllis;
Perret, Monsieur L.;
Rea, Charles;
Ross, Robert W.;
Silman, Chris;
Smolkowski, Will;
St. Pierre, Morris

Writers agreement

File consists of the 1988-1990 Independent Production Agreement for Writers. It is an agreement between the Writers Guild of ACTRA [Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists] and ACFTP [Association of Canadian Film and Television Producers], CFTA [Canadian Film and Television Association], NFB [National Film Board of Canada], and APFVQ [Association des producteurs de film et video du Quebec].


File consists of the by-laws for the Writers Guild of Canada; copy of the agreement between OECA [Ontario Educational Communications Authority] and OAAE [Ontario Association of Artists and Educators] covering rates and working conditions for writers for the period 1 January 1988 to 31 December 1988; August 1960 issue of the magazine The Writer.

Woodworth, John

File consists of records related to architect John Woodworth as a client of CSWS Ltd.: royalty statement for his book, "The Remodelling Game" and correspondence about updating and republishing the book.

Wilson, York

File consists of correspondence from CSWS Ltd. to Lela Wilson (daughter of York Wilson) and chapter summaries (chapters 1-15) for the book, "York Wilson: His Life and Work, 1907-1984" by Lela Wilson and Sandra Dyck (Ottawa : Carleton University Press, 1997).

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