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Don Simpson fonds
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Education theses and other material

Series consists of bound copies of Simpson's Masters and Ph.D. theses and other records collected during his years at school. His 1964 M.A. thesis was called "British radicals and the New Imperialism 1880-1886." His Ph.D. grew from his research for the Black community in Buxton, Ontario, which was working to build the country's first museum of Black Canadian history. Simpson completed this thesis in 1971 under the title "Negroes in Ontario from early times to 1870." The records in the series include yearbooks from Mimico High School, 1948-1952; souvenir football programmes and magazines, most of them for games between the Varsity Blues of the University of Toronto and the Western (UWO) Mustangs, for which Don was a fullback and a guard; a UWO student handbook; research proposals; clippings; American graduate school information and applications; and programmes and photographs of the Kappa Alpha Society, a fraternity to which Simpson belonged as an undergraduate.

Football souvenir programmes and magazines

File consists of the Gridiron News published by the University of Toronto Athletic Association as well as other programs featuring the London Lords, K-W Dutchmen, Toronto Beaches Football Club, Queen's Golden Gaels and Grey Cup.

Football souvenir programmes and magazines

File consists of the Gridiron News published by the University of Toronto Athletic Association as well as other programs featuring the London Lords, K-W Dutchmen, Toronto Beaches Football Club, Queen's Golden Gaels and Grey Cup.

Memoir personal reference material

Series consists of records Simpson brought together from amongst his records as key material to consult in preparing the manuscript of his memoir, A Canadian Odyssey. He also considered these records the best reference material for researchers on the themes covered in the manuscript: chapter 1, the African Student Foundation; chapter 2, Crossroads Africa; chapter 3, Black history in Canada; chapter 4, "Canada's racist roots"; chapter 5, Canada's journey to multiculturalism; chapter 6, the story of Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO); chapter 7, educating Canadians about Africa, the African Diaspora and international development; chapter 8, discovering the "Fourth World" of First Nations in Canada including the Justice Berger Commission on the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, the No Pipeline Now Coalition organized and facilitated by Simpson, and the Northwest Territories Special Committee on Education; chapter 9, Canada's International Development Research Centre; chapter 10, from educator to entrepreneur at the University of Western Ontario; chapter 11, 1990-2011, life at the Banff Centre and the creation of the Innovation Expedition; and the epilogue. The records in the series include newspaper clippings, articles, professional and personal correspondence, newsletters, memoranda, reports, IDRC trip reports, promotional and fundraising campaign material, brochures, speeches, research papers, project records, notes, government publications, books, contact files, meeting minutes, volunteer/student lists, curriculum resources, thesis research notes, secondary sources, and bibliographies. More recent records include research, planning notes, chapter drafts, and planning records for the public dialogues held on Canadian Black history and Africa (chapters 1 and 2).

Odyssey ch. 2 : 3-in-1 campaign

File contains records of the Board of Men, The United Church of Canada, and the 3-in-1 campaign of ASF, CUSO and Canadian Crossroads. The records include correspondence, speech cards, notes, "Bridge Builder" newsletters, conference brochures and booklets and two sets of meeting minutes of the 3-in-1 campaign committee.

Aboriginal peoples in Canada

Series consists of records relating to Don Simpson's involvement in various projects relating to Aboriginal people in Canada. Series contains general resource material, such as reports, articles, and brochures/information from various organizations. Series also consists of records relating to CBC Project North, a Native broadcasting system for the North, including notes, drafts, reports, correspondence, brochures, information sheets and other records. Series also consists of various records relating to land claims in the 1970s, most particularly Simpson's involvement with the Indian Brotherhood of the Northwest Territories, the Southern Support Group, and the Dene Nation's opposition to the construction of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline. Simpson served for 4 years as co-chairman (with Peter Russell) of the Southern Support Group of the Dene Nation and delivered a presentation to Mr. Justice Thomas R. Berger, Commissioner of the Mackenzie Valley Pipelines Inquiry in Yellowknife in April 1976. Records relating to land claim issues include copies of treaties and agreements, news clippings and media coverage, reports, correspondence, speeches, government publications, posters and buttons. Series also includes records relating to the activities of the Northwest Territories Education Task Force, a major research project in the 1980s, for which Simpson served as Director of Research. Records include reports, notes from meetings and community hearings, and other records.

Personal correspondence and other material

Series consists of records collected by the creator under the heading "personal papers (speeches, reports, letters, etc.)." It is a melding of the personal and professional domains of Simpson's life, reflecting the fact that he did not keep these strictly separate. The series contains predominantly correspondence, most of it incoming letters, greeting cards and invitations, received from friends, professional and academic acquaintances, community and non-profit groups and business firms. Besides personal matters, the letters relate to conferences, writing, employment references and business matters. A large number of richly descriptive letters written to his wife, Marion, describes Simpson's work in Africa in the 1960s for Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) and his many trips to Southeast Asia and Indonesia for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). These trips involved meetings, conferences and site visits to schools. There are also files of outgoing letters from the University of Western Ontario's Althouse Faculty of Education, Office of International Education and Centre for International Business Studies; and records relating to Kanchar, Salasan, the Banff Centre and Triple i. Topics featured in the series include Canadian black history, the development of the Cross-Cultural Learner Centre, and consideration of development projects in Africa. Besides correspondence, the series contains many speeches, speech materials and some presentation materials. Most of these are from Simpson's innovation work in the 1990s, while others date from as early as the 1960s and include speeches delivered to community groups, associations, and the congregation of the Metropolitan United Church in London. Over the years Simpson assembled a vast global network of contacts, which is evidenced by the many business cards and contact files in the series. There are also a number of resumes sent to him by students and professionals. Other record types include day planners, clippings, articles, papers, reports, memoranda, personal essays and reflections, resource material for Kenya projects and for writing, newsletters and essays related to church and missionary activities, curricula vitae, passports, research notes from Simpson's thesis in the late 1960s, and speeches. Finally, the series contains some family material from the 1980s when Simpson and his wife represented their sons David and Craig as they received athletic university scholarships and were drafted into the NHL. Don was also involved with David in his investment corporation, Sonar; with daughter Janice and her consulting company, Cosult International; and in planning the Craig Simpson Celebrity Classic in 1989. There are fifteen miscellaneous photographs in the series, which are images of individuals, friends' Christmas family portraits, a headshot of Simpson for a 1980s biography, and one group shot of the team at the Banff Centre for Management.

Teaching lectures and other material

Series consists of records related to Don Simpson's years teaching at the University of Western Ontario (UWO); as professor of comparative education at the Althouse Faculty of Education, 1965-1967 and 1977-1980; and as Executive Secretary of the new Office of International Education, 1969-1972. There are also several files pertaining to his years as a high school teacher at Sir Adam Beck Secondary School (1957-1965). At Althouse, Simpson taught courses on international education, cross-cultural education and education in Africa. At the Office of International Education, he led the creation and operation of the Computerized Cross-cultural Learner Centre (CCLC), which supported integrated, individual-based learning. It was initially conceived of by Simpson in order to prepare CUSO volunteers for work in West Africa. Later, it was used to prepare government advisors and trainers going to the Third World, to prepare business people going to new cultures, and to educate Canadians about Africa, international development, and Caribbean, Black and Aboriginal communities in Canada. The records in the series include handwritten lecture cards, essays, articles, and other course materials; newsletters and bulletins; clippings; correspondence; and notes. Three large hardcover volumes contain the "documentary record of the years 1969-1974" of the Cross-cultural Learner Centre. These volumes, as well as several files on the CCLC, include proposals for the Centre, reports, minutes, essays, clippings, Centre newsletters, summaries, memoranda, assessments and calendars. In addition to the Native Peoples Resource Centre that was associated with the CCLC, the steering committees for Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Black studies, and "Canadian mainstream" are also documented. Also notable in the series are textual files and two posters on Canada's centennial and Expo67. Simpson was on the Education committee of London's Centennial Celebration Committee, and his brother-in-law, Brian Hawkins, was involved in the promotion of Expo67. Among other records, these files contain promotional material and photographic slides of the buildings planned for the Expo. Finally, the series contains materials from the course Simpson taught at Memorial University, Newfoundland, in the summer of 1978, when he helped with the creation of the Institute for Native Education.

Odyssey ch. 2 : Hamilton Goodwill Africa Foundation

File includes several miscellaneous letters, a travel itinerary called "To Africa" for a "goodwill tour" made in 1960 by Hamilton residents, a report of "the impressions and recommendations of The Hamilton Goodwill Africa Group - results of African experiences, 1960," and an invitation to the 3rd annual dinner of the HGAF.

Don Simpson fonds

  • F0592
  • Fonds
  • [190-?]-2011

Fonds consists of records documenting the personal and professional experiences of Don Simpson from the 1950s to 2011 in countries around the world. Records include correspondence, notebooks, reports and toolkits, speeches, resource material, memorabilia and other records relating to his activities in a wide range of educational, social justice, development, government and business innovation organizations. Topics covered include international education and cross-cultural understanding; international development and health; the rights of Canada's Aboriginal peoples; the history of African-Canadian communities; environmental issues; innovation in business and the non-profit sector; human resources development; and economic development from Alberta to China and Africa. Fonds also consists of personal correspondence, family photographs and memorabilia relating to Simpson's personal and family life.

Simpson, Donald G.

African development records

Series consists of records collected by Simpson under the heading "building relations between Africa and Canada." The records span the 1960s to the 1980s and include financial records and shipment receipts of the Hamilton Goodwill Africa Foundation; documentation of the formation, meetings and projects of The Sibley Foundation; reports, correspondence, memoranda and "trip envelopes" of the Canada Africa Business Advisory Group (CABAG); records related to Simpson's consulting company, Kanchar International Ltd.; records of his consultancy with the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF); correspondence from Canibex, a short-lived brokering subsidiary of Kanchar; and correspondence, memoranda, scripts, budgets and other records of Eden International Productions Inc., a film production company of which Simpson was a co-founder. There are a few files on Canadian Crossroads International and the African Students Foundation (ASF). As well, there is general material on Canada-Kenya activities, in particular the Canada-Kenya Forum for businessmen organized by Kanchar and CABAG. Other record sub-groups created by Simpson include "educating Canadians about African and international development," and "internationalizing the curriculum." The latter subset of records includes approximately 75 catalogue cards summarizing the films held by the Cross-cultural learning centre at the University of Western Ontario. "Trip envelopes" were packages that often included a mixture of records for projects of Kanchar, CABAG and Simpson's other consulting firm, Salasan. They contain letters, notes, and a set of photographs of pre-fabricated housing under construction in Kenya. Other types of records in the series include correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, articles, newsletters, studies, resumes, promotional and profile material on Kanchar, speeches, legal documents, meeting notes, surveys, financial statements, conference materials, seminars, and an oral history transcript of an interview with Simpson at UWO as an example of a model international business/cultural leader.

Odyssey ch. 2 : miscellaneous material for chapter 2

  • 2010-020/129(10)
  • File
  • 1960-1971, 2009 (originally produced 1960-1971, 1988)
  • Part of Don Simpson fonds

File contains reports on Crossroads, letters, a biography of Rev. James Robinson, and a transcript of the interview with Simpson done at the University of Western Ontario in 1983.

CUSO : orientation : churches & Peace Corps

File contains programme brochures and booklets describing service opportunities and elements of the U.S. Peace Corps; outlines of CUSO orientations, youth forum, articles, newsletters and letters received by Simpson.

Mentoring presentation records and other material

Series consists of records documenting Simpson's mentoring work in the 1990s, through the mentoring group at the International Institute for Innovation (Triple i), then the Global Mentoring Team of Axia/Lifeskills International, and most recently, the Innovation Expedition. Simpson's work included projects with corporate, non-profit, government and individual clients such as James Orbinski of Doctors Without Borders. The records in this series include Powerpoint presentation print-outs, overhead transparencies, clippings, magazines, correspondence and memoranda. There are also knowledge products such as workshop manuals, toolkits, workbooks and "mind thumpers" of the Innovation Expedition -- concise learning resources focused on a particular topic. The second part of the series consists of theme files. These were resource files used by Simpson to create mentoring toolkits in the mid-1990s and cover\ business, economical and innovation issues such as education, change management, strategic planning and the new knowledge economy. The theme files contain articles, papers, reports, speeches, publications, clippings, toolkits, exercises and tools, presentations, overhead transparencies, notes, University of Western Ontario course syllabi and papers, memoranda, and cartoons. Some theme files relate to specific projects, such as AVCO and the Canada-Kenya Executive Management Program.

Theme file : negotiation

File includes book, "Getting to yes : negotiating agreement without giving in," by Robert Fisher and William Ury.

Odyssey ch. 6 : Alan Rix

File contains an annotated bibliography on foreign students and Canadian foreign policy; a Young World Mobilization Appeal newsletter; notes on the history of Canadian Service for Overseas Students and Trainees; and March, 1966 minutes of Friendly Relations with Overseas Students at the University of Western Ontario.

Odyssey ch. 2 : miscellaneous publications

File includes a brochure on the African-American Institute, a "Christianity and crisis Christian journal of opinion" issue on Africa, a Student Christian Movement of Canada newsletter, an edition of Africa Report magazine, a reprinted Maclean's article on African leadership and a 1961 booklet published by the American Council for Nationalities Service titled "Americans Abroad: questions you'll be asked about your country" with a foreword by President John F. Kennedy.

Odyssey ch. 1 : Judd Buchanan

Simpson's note: "This file features the involvement in [the] start-up of ASF of Judd Buchanan, who later became a cabinet minister in Trudeau's cabinet (Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development).

Odyssey ch. 3 notes

File contains key letters, articles, clippings and historical sources isolated by Simpson for consultation in preparing this chapter. Simpson annotated some items with explanations.

Key documents on Expo '67

File includes a letter regarding the London South Secondary School ambassadorship, a clipping about students at Central Secondary School, two brochures on Expo '67 and a fact sheet on the "universal and international exhibition" in Montreal.

Miscellaneous work

Series consists of records and resources relating to various aspects of Don Simpson's work, including miscellaneous correspondence, speeches to various groups, overheads used at various presentations, photographs, theme files, various articles on human resource development, business and innovation, and other records. Series also includes several files organized by Simpson titled "Key leaders with whom Simpson has worked" which bring together material relating to particular individuals and organizations, including the Terra Nova Group, Richard M. Harley, International Management Development and Euro-Asia Centre, Elizabeth Rose, and the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund.

African Canadian experiences

Series contains records pertaining to Simpson's work in relation to the experiences of African Canadians, including the 2005 book based on his doctoral thesis "Under the North Star: Black Communities in Upper Canada before Confederation (1867)" and, in particular, his work as Innovator-in-Residence at York University's Harriet Tubman Institute for Research on the Global Migrations of African Peoples. Projects Simpson was involved with at the Institute included the S.P.A.C.E. program (Spotlighting and Promoting African Canadian Experiences) and a major project involving public dialogues, the collection of Simpson's archives and Simpson's authoring of A Canadian Odyssey: A Personal and National Journey Towards Cross-Cultural Harmony. Records include planning documents, correspondence, writings, clippings, brochures and posters.

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