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John Warkentin fonds

  • F0184
  • Fonds
  • [194-?], 1951-2023

Fonds consists of research notes, lectures notes, teaching material and an extensive collection of photographic slides used for research and teaching created or accumulated by John Warkentin.

Warkentin, John, 1928-

Accession 2023-007

Accession consists of a typescript manuscript, "Geographical Guide to Ontario," written by John Warkentin from the late 1980s to 1991, preceded by a summary of the project prepared by Professor Warkentin in March 2023. The manuscript is an impressionistic description of the province based on his field observations, emphasizing physical, urban, and rural landscapes of Ontario, its economic infrastructure, and interrelationships. The manuscript consists of 1,100 pages with 278 maps and 41 tables.

Egypt Migrations: a Public Humanities Project collection

  • F0733
  • Collection
  • 1964-2022

Collection consists of records accumulated by the Egypt Migrations project pertaining to the history and activities of Coptic immigrants in Canada and the Egyptian diaspora. It also consists of records documenting the administration, activities, and interests of the project.

Egypt Migrations: a Public Humanities Project

Pat Armstrong fonds

  • F0757
  • Fonds
  • 1970-2022

Fonds consists of records documenting Armstrong's academic and research career, as well as records pertaining to her role as an expert witness and CHSRF/CIHR Chair in Health Services and Nursing Research. Includes research materials, drafts of published works, correspondence, meeting minutes, speeches, grant applications, annual reports, conference materials, as well as some personal correspondence.

Armstrong, Pat

Oral histories

Series consists of oral histories conducted by Egypt Migrations. These interviews explore the experiences of first- and second-generation immigrants from Egypt. Records include video and audio oral histories, transcripts, photographs, and consent forms.

Speeches and Presentations

Series consists of finished and draft copies of speeches, conference materials, press releases and other promotional material, and some correspondence pertaining to Armstrong's involvement as a presenter for conference panels, keynote addresses, public presentations, and workshops.

Judith Cowan fonds

  • F0249
  • Fonds
  • 1960-2022

Fonds consists of: personal and professional correspondence, including letters and email exchanged with family and individuals involved in Canada's literary community such as Steven Heighton and David Helwig; essays written while Cowan was a student; correspondence, notes and drafts of her work as a translator; research notes and drafts of her short stories and novels; professorial records including tenure and promotion files, course evaluations, and other material that documents her career as a professor at l'Université de Québec at Trois-Rivières; correspondence and manuscripts relating to her involvement with the literary community in Québec; and examples of Cowan's work with digital photography. Accession 2007-052 includes photographs of Judith Cowan receiving the Governor General's Literary Award in 2004.

Cowan, Judith Elaine

York Region Alliance to End Homelessness fonds

  • F0767
  • Fonds
  • 1987-2022, predominant 1999-2011

Fonds contains records that document the York Region Alliance to End Homelessness relationships with community service agencies in York Region, its approach to securing funding and the partnerships developed through research projects, and its role in education and advocacy campaigns for people experiencing homelessness. The records include minutes from general meetings and sub-committees, funded and unfunded grant proposal research notes, surveys and correspondence. The fonds also consists of advocacy undertaken by YRAEH with other agencies and levels of government, membership lists, newspaper clippings and other media coverage, YRAEH publications including research studies, administrative records, educational projects and workshops, and publications related to human services in York Region and beyond. 

York Region Alliance to End Homelessness

Paul Axelrod fonds

  • F0224
  • Fonds
  • 1950-2021

Fonds consists of records pertaining primarily to Paul Axelrod's academic writing and career as a university professor and administrator. These records include personal and professional correspondence, draft manuscripts and articles, academic papers, course materials, audio recordings, photographs and other research materials.

Axelrod, Paul Douglas.

Stephanie Alexander_oral history_audio.m4a

Interview with Steph Alexander. Steph Alexander, 21, is a first generation immigrant, who was born in Alexandria and migrated to Canada with her family at 8 years old. In this interview she speaks about home, Canada and why they chose Toronto specifically, how family and the Coptic church played a huge role in settling and assimilate into Canadian culture. Interviewer is Karen Abdelsaid.

Ibrahim Soliman_oral history_video.m4v

Ibrahim Soliman, 71 years old, was born in Cairo in a Coptic family. He served in the Egyptian army. In 1994, concerned with the rise of violence against Christians, he moved to the U.S. There, he met his wife, a Brazilian woman, and moved to her country. Soliman found work as a priest at the local Antiochian Church, where he also learned how to paint religious icons.

J.L. Granatstein fonds

  • F0316
  • Fonds
  • 1914-2021

Fonds consists of research files, committee files (including minutes, memoranda, etc.), correspondence, professorial files (including notes, lectures, departmental business), financial records, publication files, printed materials, and other materials. Includes records related to the following publications: "The Politics of Survival: The Conservative Party of Canada" (1967), "Canada's War: The Politics of the MacKenzie King Government, 1939-1945" (1975, 1990), "A Reader's Guide to Canadian History 2: Confederation to the Present" (1982), "Bloody Victory: Canadians and the D-Day Campaign, 1944" (1984, 1994), "The Great Brain Robbery: Canada's Universities on the Road to Ruin" (1984), "Sacred Trust: Brian Mulroney and the Conservative Party in Power" (1985), "The Collins Dictionary of Canadian History" (1986), "How Britain's Weakness Forced Canada into the Arms of the United States" (1989), "A Nation Forged in Fire: Canadians and the Second World War" (1989), "Pirouette: Pierre Trudeau and Canadian Foreign Policy" (1990), "Mutual Hostages: Canadians and Japanese in World War II" (1990), "Spy Wars: Canada and Espionage form Gouzenko to Glasnost" (1990), "For Better or For Worse: Canada and the United States to the 1990s" (1991), "Dictionary of Canadian Military History" (1992), "The Generals: The Canadian Army's Senior Commanders in the Second World War" (1993, 1995), "Empire to Umpire: Canadian Foreign Policy to the 1990s" (1994), "Victory 1945: Canadians from War to Peace" (1995), "The Good Fight: Canadians and World War II" (1995), "Yankee Go Home? Canadians and Anti-Americanism" (1996, 1997), "Petrified Campus: Canada's Universities in Crisis" (1997), "The Canadian 100: the Hundred Most Influential Canadians of the Twentieth Century" (1997, 1998), "Trudeau's Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Pierre Trudeau" (1998, 1999), "Who Killed Canadian History?" (1998, 1999), "Prime Ministers: Rating the Prime Ministers" (1999, 2000), "Our Century" (2000), "Canada's Army: Waging War and Keeping the Peace" (2002), Hell's Corner: An Illustrated History of Canada's Great War (2004), The Last Good War: An Illustrated History of Canada in the Second World War, 1939-1945 (2005), Lessons Learned? What Canada Should Learn from Afghanistan (2011), The Best Little Army in the World: The Canadians in Northwest Europe, 1944-45 (2015, 2016), The Weight of Command: Views of Canada's Second World War Generals and Those Who Knew Them (2016), Trudeau's World: The Insiders on Foreign Policy, Trade, and Defence, 1968-84 (2017), the New Canadian Readings series, the CIIA Contemporary Affairs series, as well as numerous scholarly papers, newspaper articles, and editorials. Fonds also includes a collection of reproductions of photographs from other Canadian archival institutions, documenting Canada's role in the World Wars and other significant events in Canadian history.

Also includes records connected to Granatstein's activities with the Marlborough Avenue (Toronto) Ratepayers Association, the Social Science Federation of Canada, the Canadian Historical Association, the Senate Sub-committee on Veteran's Affairs (regarding the CBC's "The Valour and the Horror"), the Historica Foundation, the Dominion Institute, the Vimy Ridge Memorial Foundation, the Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation, the Conference of Defence Associations Institute, the Council for Canadian Security in the 21st Century, the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, the Canadian War Museum, the Royal Society of Canada, the Order of Canada, the Special Committee on the Restructuring of the Reserves, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's mini-series, Canada: A People's History; and oral history projects exploring the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party.

Granatstein, J. L.

Monica Shafik_oral history_video.mp4

Interview with Monica Shaik, 23 year old. This interview was with a first-generation immigrant, who was born in Sudan, lived in Egypt briefly, and moved to Canada at the age of three. In this interview, she spoke about why her family came chose to Canada, Coptic persecution in Egypt, and the importance of community when moving to a new country. Interviewer is Karen Abdelsaid.

Ahmed Ghaly_oral history_video.mp4

Interview with Ahmed Ghaly, 23, was born in Cairo and immigrated to Mississauga, Canada in 2008 because his parents wanted a better lifestyle and education. Ahmed shares memories of school, friends, and sports before and after migration. Even though he lives in Canada, all his peers are Egyptian or Arab and he still listens to Arabic music. He remains closely connected to his homeland and frequently visits Egypt. He wishes to move back one day. Interviewer is Sarah Al Naqeeb.

Egypt’s Migrants in Brazil

File consists of oral histories that explore explored the motivations, journey, challenges, and settlement of Armenian, Italian, Jewish, Muslim, and Coptic individuals in Brazil. Interviewees are first-generation immigrants from urban centers across Egypt who migrated in the second half of the 20th century. Interviews conducted by Diogo Bercito, a doctoral student at Georgetown University who joined Egypt Migrations as a summer intern in June 2021. Records include audio and video oral histories, transcripts, and consent forms. Records include audio and video oral histories, transcripts, consent forms, and photographs.

Ilana Radetich_oral history_video.mp4

Ilana Radetich, 71 years old, was born in Alexandria in a family of Italian and Yugoslavians origins. Her mother was Jewish, but Ilana was raised Catholic. She recalls the traumatic journey to Brazil in 1957, wearing all the clothes and jewelry she could. “Like a Christmas tree,” her grandmother had instructed her. With time, Ilana says, Brazil became her new homeland.

Anonymous 1_oral history_video.mp4

Anonymous, 30 years old, was born in Banha in a Muslim family. He worked as a poet and a journalist in Cairo. He left Egypt in 2014 after his disillusionment with the outcomes of the 2011 protests. In Brazil, he created a company to export coffee and black pepper. Covid, however, has hit him hard. Even with his current financial challenges, he says that Brazil is his true home.

Tareq Mesbah_oral history_video.mp4

Tareq Mesbah, 28 years old, was born in Mansura in a Muslim family. His parents worked as government employees and owned a farm. Mesbah decided to move to Brazil in 2017 in search of opportunities. Mesbah says he was also looking for a less conservative country. From the restaurant that he opened in São Paulo, he talks about his passion for Pharaonic history.

Clara Thomas Archives collection

  • F0486
  • Collection
  • 1750-2021

Collection consists of small groups of documents and items acquired from a variety of sources that have enduring research value.

York University Archives and Special Collections

Anonymous 1_consent form.pdf

Interview with Jacky Bekhit. This interviewee is a 28 year old first generation immigrant, who was born in Egypt, raised in Kuwait, and moved to Canada at the age of 15 in 2008. In this interview, she speaks about her experience living in several countries and the importance of her parents’ prioritization of their children's education.

Hussein Fathall_oral history_audio.m4a

Interview with Hussein Fatahallah, 24 year old. This interview is with a first-generation immigrant, who was born in Alexandria, Egypt, grew up in Dubai, and moved to Canada right before the revolution in 2011. In this interview, he spoke about the complexities of assimilating to a new culture and familial experience with back home. Interviewer is Karen Abdelsaid.

Lobna Hassan_oral history_video.mp4

Interview with Lobna Hassan, 22, is a first-generation immigrant. She was born in Cairo and moved to Toronto, Canada with her sister in 2011. During Egypt’s Revolution, Lobna talked about how unstable and unsafe it felt, and how that drove her parents to decide she continue her education in Canada. When Lobna first arrived, she felt nostalgic. As time passed in Toronto, she has come to learn how to be grateful for the opportunity of being where she is now. Interviewer is Sarah Al Naqeeb.

Markus Michel Zechariah_oral history_video.mp4

Interview with Marcus Zacharia, 35, is a first-generation migrant who hails from South West Egypt. He left Egypt in 2011 for Washington, DC and then Canada 2014, where he was offered a professional opportunity. After facing some struggles at first, he now finds Canada a multicultural and diverse society (something that he finds lacking in Egypt). He currently works to help settle immigrants and newcomers and is invested in building bridges with other communities around Canada. Interviewer is Sarah Al Naqeeb.

Moha ElGendy_oral history_video.mp4

Moha Elgendy, 69 years old, was born in Cairo in a Muslim family. She migrated to Brazil in 1975 with her husband, an agronomist. At that time, there was a high demand for such professionals in Brazil. They lived in the state of Goiás, in the mid-west. Moha narrates her struggle to adapt to a new, less conservative culture—and also her feeling of belonging there.

Tareq Mesbah_oral history_video.mp4

Tareq Mesbah, 28 years old, was born in Mansura in a Muslim family. His parents worked as government employees and owned a farm. Mesbah decided to move to Brazil in 2017 in search of opportunities. Mesbah says he was also looking for a less conservative country. From the restaurant that he opened in São Paulo, he talks about his passion for Pharaonic history.

Research Files

Series consists of research notes, correspondence, reports, meeting notes, speaking notes for presentations, and grant applications pertaining to Armstrong’s role as either Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator of the following grant-funded, large-scale research projects: “Voices from the Ward” (1992), “Managed Care vs. Managing Care” (1998-2001), “Long-term Care Workers and Workplaces: Comparing Canada and Nordic Europe” (2005-2006), “What Does Quality Health Care Mean to Women? A National Study” (2010-2012), "Nurses at Risk: Exploring gender and race in workplace illness, injury and violence” (2008-2011), “Re-imagining Long-Term Residential Care: An International Study of Promising Practices” (2010-2017), “Healthy Aging in Residential Places” (2012-2015), "Changing Places: Paid and Unpaid Work in Public Places" (2018-2021). This series also consists of research documents pertaining to Armstrong's work on smaller research projects including books, book chapters, articles, and reports.

Accession 2022-024

Accession consists of an issue of The Globe (Toronto), 1 July 1867; annotated manuscript of an unfinished science fiction story, “Non-lieu,” written in the 1990s; a copy of Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage annotated with Judith Cowan’s teaching notes for Québécois students; and correspondence sent by email and surface mail, 2021.

Egypt’s Migrants in Canada: Past and Present

File consists of oral histories that explore the motivations, journey, challenges, and settlement of individuals and groups in Ontario, Canada. Interviewees are first- and second-generation immigrants from Cairo and Alexandria. Interviews conducted by Karen Abdelsaid and Sarah Al Naqeeb from York University as part of their undergraduate public history student placements. Records include audio and video oral histories, transcripts, and consent forms.

Nelly Fanous_oral history_audio.m4a

Interview with Nelly Fanous, 64, is from Israel and emigrated to Canada in 1980. She married into a Coptic family who descend from Egypt. The Fanous family are very well known in Palestine because her husband’s grandfather was a scribe for the Coptic Church in Egypt, and he was sent to Palestine to write copies of the Bible. Her husband’s uncle, who lived in Egypt, was a well-known iconographer for the Coptic Church. In this interview, Nelly talks about reasons for leaving Israel for Canada, her connections with Israel, her experiences settling in Canada, and her relationship with the Coptic Church. Interviewer is Sarah Al Naqeeb.

André Toueg_oral history_video.mp4

Andre Toueg, 72 years old, was born in Cairo in a Jewish family. His family hailed from countries like Libya, Syria, Italy, and Spain. They migrated to Brazil in 1958 due to Gamal Abdel Nasser’s policies against the Jewish community. Toueg narrates his life in São Paulo, where he joined local youth Zionist movements and found new identities. He never went back to Cairo.

Silvana Tinelli_oral history_video.mp4

Silvana Tinelli, 83 years old, was born in Alexandria in a Catholic family of Italian and Yugoslavian origins. She narrates her migration to Brazil in 1957, when she was 17, as an adventure of her youth years. When she went back to Alexandria and saw her childhood home, Tinelli thought everything there looked like a miniature, if compared to the dimensions of Brazil.

Tatjana Sandrault_oral history_video.mp4

Tatjana Sandrault, 85 years old, was born in Alexandria in a Catholic family. Her family story gives testimony to the diverse communities that lived in Egypt in the first half of the twentieth century—her ancestors were Irish, Italian, and Yugoslavian. The Egypt she describes is one of exceptional opportunities for some until the 1950s, when many Europeans migrated.

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