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Email 2023 II

File consists of printed messages and images sent from and to Judith Cowan.

Email 2023 I

File consists of printed messages and images sent from and to Judith Cowan.

Email 2022 III

File consists of printed messages and images sent to or from Judith Cowan.

Email 2022 III

File consists of printed messages and images sent to or from Judith Cowan.

Email 2022 II

File consists of printed messages and images sent to or from Judith Cowan.

Email 2022 I

File consists of printed messages and images sent to or from Judith Cowan.

Hassan Abozeid_oral history_video.mp4

55-year-old Hassan was born in the Philippines, and his parents' diplomatic career moved him between Egypt, Afghanistan, and the UK. Hassan discusses his experiences of migrating straight out of university to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain, nepotism in the workforce in the GCC, and maintaing roots at home.

Shereen Elshafei_oral history_video.mp4

37-year-old Shereen was born in Saudi Arabia, returning to Egypt at the age of 10 before migrating to Oman to work as a teacher at the age of 31. Shereen discusses the challenges of living abroad as a single woman, the importance of financial independence, and why parents shouldn't hesitate to let their daughters live abroad.

Ziad Gadou_oral history_video.mp4

27-year-old Ziad was born in Egypt, migrated with his family to Saudi Arabia at the age of five then to Oman at the age of 12, and now lives in the UAE. Ziad discusses memories of trips home to Port Said, anti-Egyptian racism in the Gulf, and the transformative experience of re-connecting with Egypt during his mandatory military service.

Hussein Fathall_oral history_audio.m4a

Interview with Hussein Fatahallah, 24 year old. This interview is with a first-generation immigrant, who was born in Alexandria, Egypt, grew up in Dubai, and moved to Canada right before the revolution in 2011. In this interview, he spoke about the complexities of assimilating to a new culture and familial experience with back home. Interviewer is Karen Abdelsaid.

Lobna Hassan_oral history_video.mp4

Interview with Lobna Hassan, 22, is a first-generation immigrant. She was born in Cairo and moved to Toronto, Canada with her sister in 2011. During Egypt’s Revolution, Lobna talked about how unstable and unsafe it felt, and how that drove her parents to decide she continue her education in Canada. When Lobna first arrived, she felt nostalgic. As time passed in Toronto, she has come to learn how to be grateful for the opportunity of being where she is now. Interviewer is Sarah Al Naqeeb.

Tatjana Sandrault_oral history_video.mp4

Tatjana Sandrault, 85 years old, was born in Alexandria in a Catholic family. Her family story gives testimony to the diverse communities that lived in Egypt in the first half of the twentieth century—her ancestors were Irish, Italian, and Yugoslavian. The Egypt she describes is one of exceptional opportunities for some until the 1950s, when many Europeans migrated.

Oral histories

Series consists of oral histories conducted by Egypt Migrations. These interviews explore the experiences of first- and second-generation immigrants from Egypt. Records include video and audio oral histories, transcripts, photographs, and consent forms.

Ahmed Ghaly_oral history_video.mp4

Interview with Ahmed Ghaly, 23, was born in Cairo and immigrated to Mississauga, Canada in 2008 because his parents wanted a better lifestyle and education. Ahmed shares memories of school, friends, and sports before and after migration. Even though he lives in Canada, all his peers are Egyptian or Arab and he still listens to Arabic music. He remains closely connected to his homeland and frequently visits Egypt. He wishes to move back one day. Interviewer is Sarah Al Naqeeb.

Markus Michel Zechariah_oral history_video.mp4

Interview with Marcus Zacharia, 35, is a first-generation migrant who hails from South West Egypt. He left Egypt in 2011 for Washington, DC and then Canada 2014, where he was offered a professional opportunity. After facing some struggles at first, he now finds Canada a multicultural and diverse society (something that he finds lacking in Egypt). He currently works to help settle immigrants and newcomers and is invested in building bridges with other communities around Canada. Interviewer is Sarah Al Naqeeb.

Ilana Radetich_oral history_video.mp4

Ilana Radetich, 71 years old, was born in Alexandria in a family of Italian and Yugoslavians origins. Her mother was Jewish, but Ilana was raised Catholic. She recalls the traumatic journey to Brazil in 1957, wearing all the clothes and jewelry she could. “Like a Christmas tree,” her grandmother had instructed her. With time, Ilana says, Brazil became her new homeland.

Egypt's Migrants in the Gulf

File consists of oral histories that explore the motivations, journey, challenges, and settlement of Egypt’s migrants in Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Alya Osman conducted the oral histories which sought the perspectives of first-generation immigrants from urban centers across Egypt who migrated in the second half of the 20th century.

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