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ARF : ECARP ; evaluation

File consists of materials related to a Public Service Announcement evaluation project, where surveyors canvassed the Portuguese community with questionnaires to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-drinking and driving PSAs and the Ethnocultural Alcohol-related Programme (ECARP) project. Documents include: a working document for the PSA evaluation project and ECARP; correspondence with the Addiction Research Foundation (ARF); a script for the evaluation survey in Portuguese and English; a project summary of the ECARP project, 11 October 1991; resumes and cover letters of candidates for the position of Project Assistant, March 1992; a shooting script for the ECARP PSA, 29 August 1991; grant proposals and project descriptions; and related material.

ARF-Ethno-cultural alcohol related programme

File consists of material related to the Ethno-cultural Alcohol-related Programme (ECARP) development project, including: an evaluation of the effectiveness of public service announcements, a script for a video narration on alcohol abuse, and a grant proposal for funding of community-based agencies serving the Portuguese and Italian communities in Metro Toronto, 26 February 1992.

Culture and alcohol abuse

File consists of a paper by D. Allodi, E. Do Couto, and I. Roma, titled, "Culture and Alcohol Abuse: A View from Within the Community," delivered at the 19th Annual H. Stancer Research Day, at the Department Of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, 17 June 1993.

Drinking and driving

File consists of material related to the Portuguese Drinking and Driving Community Action Group, including: fact sheets, meeting minutes, a membership list, an application to the Ministry of the Attorney General Community Action Grants program, and a letter of support.

Drinking and driving campaign

File consists of material related to the Portuguese Drinking and Driving Project. Records include: meeting minutes; photocopies of articles regarding alcohol, drugs, and traffic safety; a press release written in Portuguese, 2 December 1992; participant list; a project workplan; correspondence with Doctors Hospital, 22 September 1992; two photographs of an information booth of PIN.