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The series of correspondence and clippings relate to Pollock's many interests, particularly in Temple Sinai, the James Joyce Society, and travel. The manuscripts are of plays that he wrote and directed, including multiple copies annotated for different purposes. Published material consists of 9 volumes of Thom's Directory (1852-1950) and one volume of The Dublin Almanac and General Register of Ireland (1847). The 15 watercolour paintings are by Jane Golden.


Accession consists of scores and scripts pertaining to the production of 'The National Dream.'


Consists of records documenting Applebaum's work as a composer, and with numerous organizations including the Canada Council, SOCAN, the Ontairo Arts Council and CAPAC. Records include correspondence, musical scores, sound recording, audio-visual records, printed material, financial records, collected reports and other material. These records document the theatrical music composition process, as well as the roles of arts administration and advocacy, and together with the balance of the Applebaum fonds, support teaching and research in various aspects of film, theatre, and music studies.


Accession consists of certificates and awards honouring Applebaum, and posters from the Stratford Festival.

Accession 2004-051

Accession consists of teaching files for Ellenwood’s undergraduate and graduate level courses, files pertaining to the research and writing of his PhD thesis on André Breton and Sigmund Freud, academic files consisting of drafts of papers and talks delivered by Ellenwood at various conferences, translation files consisting of drafts of his translation work and publishing files that document his own writing efforts including correspondence, research material and drafts of "Egregore: The Montréal Automatist Movement".

Accession 2006-026

The accession consists of notes, edited manuscripts, and research materials related to various published and unpublished works by Hédi Bouraoui, including “La Tour CN,” “La Pharaone,” “Musocktail,” and “Bangkok Blues.” It includes personal and professional correspondence, as well as clippings about Bouraoui and reviews of his work. This accession also contains several sound and audiovisual recordings of poetry and novel recitals, conferences, and interviews.

Accession 1995-034

Accession 1995-034 consists of film elements and related textual and graphic records pertaining to Rhombus Media productions about music, dance and theatre.

Accession 2012-006

The accession consists of working drafts of Baldwin’s novel “The Selector of Souls” as well as drafts under various titles, including “Gateway of the World” and “The Unnamed”.

Accession 2008-056

Accession 2008-056 is an accrual to the Rhombus Media fonds and consists of master negatives of some of its finished works, together with textual, photographic, graphic and prop materials relevant to the film production process and the wider context of the company’s activities.

Accession 2000-048

Accession consists of photographs, books, correspondence and notes created and compiled by dance, choreographer, Paul James Dwyer.

Accession 2009-033

Accession consists of records created by Paul James Dwyer during his work with Dance Oremus Danse, including programmes from performances of dance, theatre, and classical music, notes and reference material on fundraising in the arts sector, and operating files for his dance company.

Accession 2002-033

The accession consists of additional material in the Stevie Cameron fonds including clippings, interview transcripts, correspondence, and research material related to her book ‘On the Take', as well as drafts of her book ‘The Last Amigo’.

Accession 1999-057

The accession consists of transcripts of interviews, court transcripts, government reports and other government documents, clippings, correspondence, drafts of manuscripts, orders in council, notes and other research material relating to Cameron's work as an investigative journalist including drafts of her books ‘On the Take’, ‘Blue Trust’, and ‘Ottawa Inside and Out’.

Accession 2000-012

The accession consists of research files and/or manuscript material relating to Rosie Perez, Simon Israel, Fletcher Challenge, the Westray Mine disaster, the Devine/Saskatchewan scandal, the Saturday Night/Firestone trial, Donald Ripley, and Alan Eagleson as well as Cameron's book ‘Ottawa Inside Out’.

Accession 2017-036

Accession consists of textual and audiovisual material related to Seth Feldman's an academic and professor of film studies, university administrator, film critic, and writer and presenter of radio documentaries, including syllabi, assignments, research files, publications, drafts, and taped interviews; and research materials relating to Feldman's work on Dziga Vertov.

Accession 2009-054

Accession consists of records created by Seth Feldman in the course of his activities as a professor of film studies, including research files, course files, copies of graduate theses and dissertations with which he was involved, correspondence with colleagues, notebooks, and material regarding his involvement with productions of TV Ontario and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Accession 2002-048

The accession consists of a letter to John Warkentin, school song lyrics, and correspondence between David Coombs and George Tatham.

Accession 2010-055

Accession consists of textual material and audiovisual material related to the production work of Mary Young Leckie of Screendoor Productions, including production materials, rushes, promotional material, scripts and correspondence regarding television and film projects such as "By Jeeves", "Prom Queen", "Spirit Bear", "Sanctuary", "Shattered City", "Burn: The Robert Wraight Story" and "Everest".

Accession 2012-044

Accession consists of archival material from Screendoor Productions, including production files and film elements.

Accession 2002-059

Accession consists of additional material in the Mary Young Leckie fonds including correspondence, memos, scripts and production files for various films, video cassettes, photographs, compact discs and other audio cassettes that document Leckie's work with Tapestry Pictures Inc.

Accession 2003-057

Accession consists of additional material in the Mary Young Leckie fonds including scripts, drafts, notes, research material, clippings, reviews, promotional material, contracts and production files related to her work on productions such as The Arrow, Blue Castle, Children of My Heart, Way of a Boy and Tagged. It also includes the creative and corporate development files of Leckie's company Tapestry Pictures.

Accession 1998-014 [poster collection]

Accession consists of posters accumulated by Issacs. A significant portion of the accession, over 200 posters, pertains to local interest including the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and local and international shows by artists such as Heather Cooper and Michael Snow. Toronto posters also announce events such as the 10th anniversary of the art collective, General Idea, at the CN Tower; an album-release party of the band, Parachute Club; and a call to arms on behalf of the fight against the Spadina Expressway. Many posters also promote local theatre productions including Keanu Reeves' performance in Brad Fraser's 'Wolfboy' in 1984 at the Theatre Passe Muraile and a series of Toronto Workshop posters by Theo Dimson. Other posters are a cross-section of Canada from the Montreal Olympics series, 'Artists-Athletes', and the 1973 Winnipeg Art Gallery exhibition, the Structure of Comic Books, featuring MArvel Comics characters as Nick Nury and Thor. There are 74 international posters, the largest groups are those from Paris in the 1950s and 1960s including a poster featuring George Bracqu's 'Theogonie.' There are also several gallery posters from Amsterdam, New York, Chicago and Minneapolis representing artists such as Jim Dine, Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenberg and Christo.

Accession 1999-020

Accession consists of artists correspondence, and correspondence and documentation for miscellaneous special shows.

Accession 2008-044

Accession consists of Barrett's records pertaining to his monograph, "Ernest Ibbetson - military artist and adventure story illustrator". Records include drafts, illustrations and correspondence with prospective publishers.

Accession 2001-034

Accession consists of Barrett’s published papers, drafts, presentations, grant and research files, teaching files, course notes and correspondence pertaining to his work as a York University professor and researcher. Also included are raw data and questionnaires from his studies on housing.

Accession 2012-027

Accession consists of copies of Drummond's poetic writings pertaining to Robert Burns' dinners, odes to York faculty and staff, and memorabilia from his days as an undergraduate student at York.

Accession 2011-020

Accession consists of 35 mm colour transparencies taken by Professor John Warkentin while working for the University of Maryland in Thule, Greenland, teaching courses in geography and history to personnel in the United States Air Force. The slides were taken between January and May 1957, and show local Inuit and Danes in the town of Dundas, physical geography of the area, Tuto camp with vehicles to traverse the ice cap, base facilities and activities, and buildings.

Accession 2000-029

Accession consists of material related to the administration of Winters College Fellows' Council.

Accession 2003-050

Accession contains correspondence, notes, and photographs pertaining to the the publication of “The Art of Geography: The Life and Teaching of George Tatham”.

Accession 2011-007

Accession consists of photographs of public art and monuments in Toronto taken by John Warkentin using 35 mm colour transparencies while conducting research for his book, “Creating memory: a guide to outdoor public sculpture in Toronto” (2010), as well as clippings from newspapers and magazines and government documents compiled by Professor Warkentin between 1984 and 2010 to provide contextual information for the book.

Accession 2002-026

Accession consists of material related to Isadora Duncan and to Dance Oremus Danse as well as professional correspondence, press kits, photographs, artist's portfolios and other material.

Accession 2010-027

Accession consists of programmes for events held by cultural organizations, including the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, dance and theatre companies, and photography exhibitions sent to or collected by Paul James Dwyer in connection with his work as founder of Dance Oremus Danse.

Accession 2011-015

Accession consist sof the records of P.J. Dwyer and Dance Oremus Danse, including correspondence, notes, and other documents relating to Dwyer's trip to Japan in November 2010 to give a performance and master class on Isadora Duncan for the Tokyo Dance Association of Advanced Professional Training Colleges, and programmes, newsletters, brochures, and other ephemera for cultural events held in Ontario.

Accession 2018-049

Accession consists of records pertaining to the history and activities of St Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church in Toronto, including photographs documenting the role of Father Marcos A. Marcos and an article written by Father Marcos entitled "The Copts of Canada". Other records in this collection include event programs, pamphlets, booklets, photographs of special visits, and issues of church newsletters "Hosanna", "The Way", "The Word of Life", "The Building", and "Cathedral". Also included is a copy of a site plan of St. Mark's.


Accession contains administrative records of the Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee and Cultural Affairs, papers relating to Applebaum's career as a composer and administrator, audio tapes of music by Applebaum, and video tapes of the 'Arthur Miller Special'.


Accession consists of scores, correspondence, papers, speeches and reports, scripts, subject files and clippings predominantly pertaining to Stratford and CBC productions, and the Federal Cultural Policy Review Committee and Cultural Affairs.


Accession consists of correspondence, programs and musical scores for several Stratford productions, annotated copies of a number of Shakespeare plays, audio recordings of performances of Applebaum's works and recordings of CBC radio programs on which Applebaum was featured as a guest.

Accession 2000-076

The accession consists of committee minutes, committee searches, subject files, and materials related to Victorian Studies and the Centre for Research of Latin America and Caribbean

Accession 2008-004

The accession consists of manuscripts and drafts of Baldwin’s monographs “English Lessons and Other Stories,” and “We Are Not in Pakiston,” as well as some editing correspondence for the latter.

Accession 2001-002

Consists of records of writer and Dean of Fine Arts at York University, Seth Feldman. Includes research materials and drafts for book on Soviet filmmaker Vertov and research materials, audio cassettes, and draft scripts for two 'Ideas' programs on CBC Radio: Dogs and We, The Animals.

Accession 2002-019

Consists of records pertaining to Seth Feldman's documentary "Hunting for Robin Hood", part of the CBC's Ideas programme, including research material, drafts, and scripts.

Accession 1998-035

The accession consists of correspondence, notes and speeches, publications and ephemera relating to the founding of York University, particularly relating to McLaughlin College. Also consists of 5 audio cassette tapes of interviews with the founding members of McLaughlin College.

Accession 1995-028

Accession consists of Bruce Allen Powe's diaries, personal correspondence and correspondence, writings, and other files relating to provincial Liberal politics (1960-1965), journals, his M.A. thesis and research files. There are manuscript drafts for his works "The Ice Eaters," "Expresso 67," "The Mounties Always Gets His," "Killing Ground," "The Last Days of the American Empire", "The Aberhart Summer", and other writings along with related correspondence. Also included are manuscripts for reviews, essays, articles, and press clippings of reviews on his published works. In addition, there is some personal correspondence and World War II papers and military service memorabilia.

Accession 1995-008

Accession consists of day books (1970-1988); chronological day files (1973-1977); speeches (1968-1973) delivered while working for the CBC and the CRTC; personal administrative files and correspondence while chairman of the CRTC and during his tenure at the Banff School of Fine Arts.

Accession 2015-015

Accession consists of records pertaining to Keith Ross Leckie’s work as a writer and/or director for television dramas and documentaries. These records document the various stages of development for projects including “Searching for Romero” (unfinished), “Edenshaw”/”Haida” (not produced), “The Force” (not produced), and “An Officer and a Murderer” (produced for Lifetime and HBO Canada in 2012). Textual records in this accession are proposals, treatments, interview selects, assembly notes, budgets, funding applications, draft scripts, outlines, notes, correspondence, research materials, contracts and court transcripts. Also included are video recordings (VHS, DVCPRO, MiniDV and DVD) pertaining to these projects.

Accession 2007-007

Accession consists of correspondence, reports, photographs, notebooks, and other documents created or received by Mary Young Leckie pertaining to her children's education and financial affairs, real estate, her mother's memorial in 2003, her comments on scripts for "Everest" by Keith Ross Leckie, and images of various film productions.

Accession 2001-059

Accession consists of records pertaining to Barrett’s book, “Disease and Geography: the History of an Idea”. Records include correspondence, book proposals and prospectus, drafts, and reviewers’ comments.

Accession 2002-047

Accession consists of Barrett’s lecture notes, correspondence and supporting materials for his York University course Geography 346, Medical Geography, as well as course notes, syllabi, exam questions and student grades for other courses taught by Barrett at York University. Accession also includes undergraduate papers written by Barrett, hand-drawn maps for his BA thesis, and Atkinson College Geography Department newsletters.

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